How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors? | Tips & Tricks 2020

How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors? | Tips & Tricks 2020

It is every cannabis growers dream to be the proud cultivators of marijuana plants with big sticky buds. The buds of the plant are where the highest concentration of THC is found and are the part that growers really want to get right to ensure you receive a good personal stash.

Grow Big Cannabis Buds OutsideJust as with every other living thing, you need to feed your cannabis plants with the right nutrients in the right proportions. You will need to focus on nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous and potassium. We recommend a product on Amazon that offers the right amounts of all of the nutrients mentioned above by FoxFarm to grow larger buds, the product has over 100 great reviews from people that have actually used the product.

To get bigger buds outdoors, it is necessary to provide the plants all the conditions they need to grow. The sunlight has an essential role to help the plants grow in excellent conditions. These plants often need a warm temperature from their first stage. But if they are grown outdoors, they have access to direct sunlight and fresh air, which make them develop successfully.

Let?s get right to it and find out how you can grow the biggest buds possible when growing cannabis outdoors.

  1. Prune Your Marijuana Plant

One good way to help your marijuana plants develop larger buds when growing weed outdoors is through pruning the plant. Now, you might think that pruning your weed plant, or cutting off certain parts of it, would be counterproductive.

The more buds there are growing further down the weed plant, the further they are from the canopy, and the canopy, or the top of the plant, the less light the lower parts of the plants will get. Therefore, the lower sections of the plants will have small buds growing during the flowering time, but because most of the light is being blocked by the canopy, they never really mature and get large or potent.

2. Feed Your Marijuana Plants for Bigger BudsYou must ensure your marijuana plants receive enough Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) at varying stages of the growth cycle. Typically, your plants need more N during the vegetative stage, and more P and K during flowering.

When you add the right amount of P, you help the buds fully develop and become denser. If you?re using soil as a growing medium, add a layer of worm castings or bat guano to boost P levels. You can also add a compost tea mixture to the soil during flowering. This process increases mycelium in the soil, which ensures your plant absorbs a higher percentage of nutrients.

3. Start in SpringThe plant has a lifecycle. It will grow tall in spring and the first half of summer.

Once the summer solstice has passed, the female plants will grow less but put its energy into flowers (smokeable buds).

In Australia and South Africa for example, Spring is in October. In Germany and The USA it is late March.

4. Light Cycle

To grow bigger buds outdoors the cannabis plants have to receive the best temperature conditions from the beginning. They should get the appropriate sunlight hours daily. When growing marijuana outdoor, the weather may effect you a lot. So some time you can take your plant indoor, when marijuana growing indoor, there is a lot you can do with the lighting to speed up their bud growth. The intensity of the grow lights for weed is the big part of it ? the more intense the light, the bushier the plants will become (as opposed to tall, skinny, and weak).

The way to increase light intensity is not complicated at all. You simply need to move the lights closer to the plants. The light should be directly hitting the buds themselves to get the maximum growth possible.

Best Marijuana grow lights recommended

Relassy 300W LED Grow Light Panel

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You need to but the right grow lights to enable your plants to grow indoors. If you want a light that can cover a large surface, try the Relassy 300W LED Grow Light Panel. It features auto on and off function so you can set the lighting time for 4, 8 or 12 hours.

Having this grow light provides a full spectrum which means that your plants will get full light. It features UV light to minimize plant diseases, disinfection and sterilization. Eventually, you will get a high yield.

The light features a nice design since it is thin and foldable. You will enjoy using it because it is an improvement of the traditional heavy design grow lights. Its foldable design makes it easy to carry and save more space.

Tmlapy 2500W COB LED Grow Light

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Light intensityThis is the number one factor that affects your plant growth, especially flowering plants. The COB LED has a stronger light output than other light types, even the traditional LED grow lights.

Light spectrumLED grow lights, including COB LEDs, are known for their widest spectrum wavelengths. Some bulbs also include 12-color spectrum colors, including IR

Heat OutputModern technology allows these COB LED grow lights to produce strong light output while controlling the heat emitted.

ConclusionAchieving big buds is something that takes time, so you shouldn?t get complacent if your first harvest isn?t quite what you anticipated. Going through the steps of pruning your plants, feeding them the correct nutrients, ensuring maximum light exposure, your harvest will go a long way in helping you to achieve huge, dense and juicy buds.


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