How to Get Tidal Free Trial 6 Months 2020

How to Get Tidal Free Trial 6 Months 2020

As one of the most famous HIFI streaming music services, Tidal now offers over 60 million tracks and tons of exclusive videos to the subscribers.

Before becoming full members, users are allowed to experience Tidal services for free. Tidal provides a 30-day free music trial to every new account. When the free trial expires, users need to pay a $9.99 subscription fee for Premium service or $19.99 for HIFI service each month.

However, there is a little-known tip that can extend Tidal free trial to 6 months. In the following sections, I would like to share it with you in detail.

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Step 1. Get Tidal 30-day Free Trial

It is easy to apply for the 30-day free Tidal trial. Check this simple guide if you don?t know about it.

1. Go to

2. Click the obvious ?Start Free Trial? on its main page.

3. Register a new account.

4. Choose the subscription plan you need.

5. Type in your credit card?s info or use your PayPal.

Now you have registered a new Tidal account. Just start your music journey with Tidal HIFI free trial in the next 30 days.

Step 2. Get Tidal 6-Month Free Trial

If you are satisfied with Tidal HIFI streaming, why not try to extend the free Tidal trial to 6 months? What you need is a simple but the best Streamer for Tidal, which can get rid of all the restrictions from Tidal music and convert Tidal songs to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. without quality loss. The converted Tidal files are saved locally for offline playback without the need for subscribing to Tidal.

1 Add Tidal music to the Tidal Converter

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Download and turn on the Tidal Converter. The Tidal desktop app will auto-open as well. Pick the song or playlist you need in Tidal. Copy and paste the link of your selection to the search bar in the converter. Click the plus icon to import the tracks.

2 Change output format for Tidal songs

Open the menu icon on AudFree? s interface. Then hit ?Preferences? > ?Convert? to open the setting window. Now reset the output format to FLAC or WAV, bitrate to 24 bit, sample rate to 96000 Hz to keep the best quality of Tidal music.

3 Get Tidal music free trial for 6 months

Tap the ?Convert? button on the main page. Wait until the conversion automatically accomplishes. Then hit the folder icon to locate the local folder and check the converted Tidal songs.

Now you are able to listen to Tidal music for free forever not just 6 months only.


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