How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

How to Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

Owning small boobs can be devastating.

Actually, having any boob size is satisfactory, as commonly preached. But can we just stare at reality for once?

As they preach contentment every here and there, how many males amidst these preachers would go after a lady with small boobs? Like I don?t say there ain?t men who prefer small boobs. But at least, I?ve never met one.

Another thing I realized was how concerned ladies tend to find shortcuts to breakthrough by using bigger boobs pills and various means of self-medications to increase their boobs? size. But as today is concerned, we?ve gone wide in researching truest and realistic approaches to harmlessly increase your boobs. how to get bigger breasts in a week, How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery, How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally, Certain women are allergic and sensitive such that they develop irritation and rashes.

Though, it?s actually not a bad idea to desire bigger boobs. Enhancing them to be ginormous for aesthetic use is not a negative idea, actually. If anyone wants to grow a little more, they ought to also be careful about how they increase their boobs, while being so deep into the process.

The Surgery Means to Get Bigger Boobs

You undergoing a surgery actually inspires your intuitions at the very first thought, but is it recommendable? Surgeries may seem inconvenient.

In fact, the most irritable factor of them is that they are artificial and majorly fake. Everyone may actually detect if boobs are fake or natural. They just have that aesthetic look to them through this process. Naturally growing your breast is a much better idea than anything else. Yes, it does takes the time you might say but we all know that natural ways are purely safe and cause no harm to the human body.

Hands down, to answer how to increase your boobs without surgeries and all other questions regarding how to get bigger boobs naturally, how to get bigger breasts in a week the following highlights will help you out,

How do You Eat?

Your meal timetable actually plays a big role at everything whether it is losing or gaining fat. Your diet will definitely tell you how your body will turn up. When you control the diet and select a nutritional or balanced one will help you on a prolonged term basis.

Unfortunately, you?ll be much more vulnerable to add weight. Fortunately, you can escape this vulnerability when you regard regular exercise. I don?t see anything stressful or awful in exercise. Remember you?d want to keep to that sexy ?8? figure. So, it?s like conceiving two benefits at a time: increasing your boobs without surgery, and getting you in a sexier shape.

Sincerely speaking, your chest, hips, belly legs, and every part, will increase. That exercise will actually help you. Asides from this even, certain exercises increase the size of boobs.

Nevertheless, forget about weight gain, when you put into an important priority this exercise.

An awesome solution is to exercise cut those extra fats lose. Increasing the calorie intake by consuming fatty things like dairy products cheese, sweets, and likes. will get you that weight.

You can consider estrogen-containing food ? Estrogen is well known to be the one helpful for women?s hormone. The more estrogen you eat, the larger your breasts will also be.

This is why when you hit your puberty, you gain breasts as the estrogen level heightens. You can eat kidney, lima, fenugreek seeds, beans, lentils, apple chickpeas, cherries, plums,, rice, barley, wheat, beets, sage, oregano, clove, yogurt, carrots, cucumbers, and cheese.

Consume phytoestrogen containing food ? Phytoestrogen is another hormone for the females. It actually boosts the level of estrogen in your body. It specifically targets the breast tissues. You should eat flax seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, cashews, green beans, winter squash, raspberries, peaches, strawberries, and drink green tea, black tea, white wine, and red wine.

Exercises Will Naturally Increase Your Boobs

We already pointed at the consequences of taking fatty meals. Weight gain sucks. Although your breast respectively grows with this fatness, it isn?t necessary you get fat.

1. Try Breast Enhancement Products

Using breast enlargement products are one of the most common practice to increase your breast size.

The goal of these breast enlargement products is to increase the production of hormones that can enlarge your breasts.

These hormones include:

estrogenprogesteronegrowth hormoneinsulin-like growth factor

Increasing these hormones in your body can stimulate your breast growth.

increase breast size


Here is a study where 46.7% of women successfully saw an increase in their breast size by applying an insulin-like growth factor.

So with that, the two ways of increasing these hormones are:

a. Applying Breast Enlargement Creams

The first method of increasing estrogen and progesterone in your body to increase your breast size is applying breast enhancement cream on your breast.

These creams are made from plant extracts like Pueraria Mirifica, which contain a high amount of phytoestrogen.

Phytoestrogen is a plant compound that is chemically similar to estrogen, and when absorbed into your body, it can enlarge your breasts.

Breast Enhancement Cream

One of the best selling cream in the market today is IsoSensuals Breast Enhancement Cream.

Rated at 4.5 stars from more than 1000 customer reviews, this cream is made of 100% natural ingredients, and is proven to increase breast volume and feminine curves.

Another reason for its popularity is that it is also known to increase the firmness of your breast.

So on top of increasing your breast size, it will also help you shape your breast more beautifully.

So with that, here?s how to apply breast enhancement cream:

Take a warm shower to open up your pores.Spread a little amount of cream on your fingertips.Gently massage your breasts in a circular motion.Massage for one minute, twice a day. b. Taking Breast Enhancement Pills

The second method of increasing your breast size is by taking pills that contain estrogen and progestin.

These hormones also exist in birth control pills, and thus why they often increase the size of your breasts.

Taking these supplements twice a day will help increase the estrogen level in your body, thus promoting your breast size increase.

BreastActives is one example of many other breast-enhancing pills.

breast enhancement


Because on top of the pill, you also get a breast enhancement cream and a breast enlargement exercise program that will help you maximize your breasts? potential growth.

So if you want to go full out to get bigger breasts, BreastActives is by far your best option.

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However, if this feels like too much work for you, there are other options down below.

2. How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

If you want to go even more natural, these naturopathic options are for you.

a. Using Breast Enlarging Herbs

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There are different types of plant supplements and herbs purported to stimulate breast growth, which can be purchased either online or at the local stores in your area.

These herbs include:

FenugreekFennel seedsPueraria mirifica

Some naturopathic herbs may cause issues if you?re currently taking certain medications.

So I recommend you to talk to your physician before starting a course of these plant supplements.

b. Trying Boobs Massage For Bigger Boobs

Trying Boobs Massage For Bigger Boobs

Massaging your breasts with the correct technique is likely to promote slight boobs growth.

When massaging your boobs, it is important you use special oils or creams meant to encourage growth.

Since this technique is affordable and relatively safe, feel free to try it at will. (How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally)

Another benefit of breast massage is that you can also achieve a relaxed, content state of mind.

c. Looking into Natural Creams or Oils

stretch mark prevention oil

In addition to herbal supplements claiming to have the capacity of enlarging boobs, there are breast enlargement creams, oils, and lotions that claim the same effect.

It is also advisable that before applying any of these solutions, you consult your physician so that you can be advised about the most effective, vulnerable methods of achieving breast enlargement goals.

3. Using medications to Get Bigger Boobs

Certain types of medications are believed to have the potential of increasing breast size.

For ladies who want to avoid an unplanned pregnancy and desire for larger breasts at the same time, birth control pills often can be an appropriate solution for both issues.

Note that boobs? growth is normally considered a common side-effect of most hormone-based birth control pills.

Most of the birth control pills have estrogen i.e. female sex hormones that can stimulate slight breast growth.

However, birth control pills are associated with several demerits which include, nausea, mood swings, headaches, and weight gain. (How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally)

Other types of medications that can aid in the process of increasing breast include:

a. Looking into Estrogen Therapy To Get Bigger Boobs

estrogen therapy

A naturally occurring sex hormone referred to as estrogen may be prescribed to ladies because of many reasons.

For example, it can be prescribed to relieve the various troublesome signs of menopause.

One of the few demerits linked with estrogen includes a person experiencing mild breast enlargement.

b. Progesterone Therapy

This natural occurring sex hormone can also be prescribed for a variety of reasons.

For instance, it can be prescribed to stop the overgrowth of the uterine lining in ladies who are consuming estrogen.

Progesterone just like estrogen can cause mild breast enlargement.

Consider the advice of a doctor before taking this product as it is also associated with various demerits including; joint pain and vaginal irritation.

c. Increasing Breast Size with SSRIs

SSRIs i.e. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors is an antidepressant that can generate moderate breast growth as a side- effect.

Though SSRIs are complication-free and thus relatively safe when compared to other types of antidepressants, it is still not ideal to consume them without cause.

This means you have to seek the advice of a doctor before taking SSRIs.

Some of the side effects you are likely to experience if you take SSRIs include headache, nausea and reduced libido. (How To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally)

4. Exercising Regularly and Adjusting Your Diet

woman jogging

Exercising more often and ensuring you adhere to a good dietary routine will make your body benefit in many ways.

Generally, there are certain workouts that can make a person?s breasts look bigger.

It is advisable that when attempting to increase the size of your breast with exercise, you develop a habit of visiting the gym more often and doing some moves which target your place of concern.

For instance, you can choose to do multiple workouts with light sets of weight. It ideal you try out weighted cross-punches as well as chest presses.

If you are experiencing any trouble while exercising, it is important you ask the gym instructor to guide you through.

The following are other types of workouts you should perform while at the gym if you want to achieve appealing breast growth results quickly.

a. Doing Push-ups To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Doing Push-ups To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

Push-ups will not only exercise your triceps but also strengthen pectoral muscles, which are located below your breasts.

Doing many push-ups at once will easily strain your arms. It is appropriate you begin by doing 3 or 4 sets of ten push-ups daily.

Once you become a push- up expert, extend the sets to 5 or 6.

b. Lifting Dumbbells To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

Lifting Dumbbells For Boobs Enlargement Without Surgery

This workout will also aid in strengthening your pectoral muscles.

This will require you finding some dumbbells which are heavy and can create an impact.

However, the dumbbells should not be too heavy to the extent that they can cause strain.

c. Doing the Wall Press To Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

wall press

This is simply another version of push-up and is meant to work pectoral muscles and upper arms.

While performing it, you will be required to stand about 2 feet from any wall.

Ensure your arms are straight towards the wall and the palms pressed properly against the wall.

Lean toward the wall till your elbows are well bent while ensuring you maintain your legs in their initial position.

Repeat 12 wall presses 3 times for more effective results.

Adjusting your diet is also another appropriate trick you can use to enlarge your breast.

Here are the various factors you should try achieving when trying to enhance breast growth.

a. Gaining Some Weight To Get Bigger Boobs

If you want to increase the size of your boobs naturally, it is important you look for tricks that will see you gain weight.

Your breasts will likely fill out along with your thighs, stomach, as well as other parts of the body, which easily tend to gain weight than the rest.

To gain weight quickly, increase your intake of calories and focus on consuming fattier food products like sugary foods such as cookies.

Obviously, it is a fact that gaining some weight when attempting to increase breast size is not an appealing solution.

b. Eating Foods Containing Estrogen

breast enhancing fruit

As prior discussed, this female hormone has the potential of increasing the size of breasts.

Here are the various types of foods you should consider consuming, which are rich in estrogen.

Fruits: plum, cherry, grapefruit, and pomegranateVegetables: alfalfa sprout, beet, kale, and green beanNuts: peanut, walnut, and pistachioGrains: wheat, barley, and riceSoy Products: soy milk, soy yogurt, soybean, and tofu

5. Giving Your Breast a Visual Boost

Practicing good posture is a recommended idea that can assist in enhancing breast growth.

Some ladies usually discover that their breasts appear small than they are actually when they have slouched or slumped posture.

When practicing a good posture, stand up straight or straighten up, hold your head upward and gently push out your chest as you walk.

Here are the other ideas that can help in giving breasts a visual look;

a. Wearing Correct Bra Size To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

Wearing a Bra which is either too large or too small will certainly make your breasts appear smaller than they are. It is always essential you wear a bra that will allow your breasts to fit. Avoid the types of bras that will make your breasts flatten or hang loosely. (how to get bigger breast in a week)

b. Using a Push-up or Padded bra To Get Bigger Breast In A Week

push up bra

A well-padded bra will certainly make your breasts appear perkier.

On the other hand, push-up bras will lift your breasts.

Be informed that a push-up bra will offer you an opportunity of having genuine-looking breasts without requiring to go under the strenuous effort required in carrying out workouts.

While looking for push-up bras, consider purchasing a product that does not only look comfortable but one that makes your chest appear exactly how you need it to be.

Push-up bras with extra padding will increase the size of your breasts by several cups. (How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery)

It is essential you size up either one or two cups or consider three sizes bigger.

c. Avoid Stuffing Your Bra

Using cloth or tissue to artificially increase the size of your breasts is quite uncomfortable, most especially if the products used to make you sweat or irritate your skin. (how to get bigger breast in a week)

Stuffing your bra can give your breasts a lumpy or uneven appearance.

6. Staying Smart To Get Bigger Breast In A Week

Do not rush into using pills when attempting to make your breasts appear bigger. Despite

the fact that there are some types of pills, which have the capacity of enhancing the size of a person?s breasts, you should not consider using them if your motive is to just have bigger breasts.

If you?ve begun being sexually active recently or are experiencing difficult periods, consult your physician so that you can be informed if it is ideal to use the birth control pill.

According to research, taking the pill during tender age can make a person experience some unpleasant side-effects like longer periods and mood swings.

Definitely it?s not worth using the pill just to make your breast appear bigger.

Other essential characteristics you require having include,

a. Having Patience To Get Bigger Boobs


If you are a young lady, your breasts might not have attained yet full-sized growth. Puberty is a factor that affects people differently. While you may feel your breasts have reached full size in matters pertaining to development, they can naturally grow well later in life.

b. Being Wary of Scams

You?ll see many adverts for supplements, pills, and injections, which are intended to increase the size of breasts.

However, there are very few supplements and pills being sold in the market recently, which have been proved to work naturally, and which are not associated with any side effects. (How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery)

It is better you take your time first and research before considering any product being offered for sale.

If necessary, visit any area based doctor before taking any so-called breast enhancement pills or supplements.

7. Apply Makeup

breast enlarging makeup

You probably often use make-up to add pleasing contours to your chin and/or cheekbones.

However, you may not be aware that you can as well use make-up to shape your cleavage.

This affordable albeit temporary, technique for attaining a larger look normally is very easy to do.

Here are the various processes involved in this technique.

Getting dressed with the top and bra you opt to wear. Ensure your cleavage, as well as chest area, is visible.Creating a cleavage shadow using dark bronzer. You will require applying dark bronzer in between your breasts. Load your brush and carefully sweep it in an upward motion from the center of the chest, up and out till you create a v-shape between the breasts.Applying any light-colored face powder on the top half side of your breasts. Finish with a make-up sponge to properly blend the edges using the bronzer.

Other Ways

If you really want the proper growth of these boobs, it is important to select your appropriate brassiere size. Bra size plays a crucial role in controlling, making and sagging your breast toned and firm.

Nevertheless, massaging will really go a long way in increasing your boobs. So, you can massage your breasts at least once a day, as it?s another confirmed strategy that increases the boobs. In fact, asides that it increases blood circulation, which leads to an easy flow of hormones, it increases the breasts? size.


Upon all the listed confirmations, your diet still plays a vital role in determining the success of this adventure. We become what we eat. For instance, you can?t be consistent with exercise and not eat enough proteins. One could be vulnerable to dislodged or odd shapes. Yes, this happens due to a poorly balanced diet.

As you practice the above, have it in mind to be consistent. Because it wouldn?t be that easy at first. But when you keep on pushing ahead, you?ll reach the peak. So, enjoy the ways you can naturally increase your boobs, how to get bigger breasts in a week, without spending much money on surgery.

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