How to eat a girl out — The Ultimate Guide

How to eat a girl out — The Ultimate Guide

Just as much as you love your blowjob, women crave the oral pleasure as well.

How to eat out a girl and get her toes curling, legs shaking with pleasure? Now, the art of oral pleasure is more than just the three T?s ? tips, tricks and techniques. True, they?re quite handy and fun to learn and employ. Incorporate emotions and much gusto in it and you?re certified to make her melt. Cunnilingus or fellatio is always about the pleasure of both parties and not just for the receiving end. Women cannot climax as fast as men ? but a little cunnilingus can greatly help.

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It?s crucial for men to learn how to eat a girl out, just as it?s important for women to learn the art of fellatio. It takes two to tango. You can?t be self-centered and focus more on your pleasure alone. Some men go about it just so they?d get the same favor from her. While there are those who truly enjoy eating a girl out, and are adept at performing cunnilingus. If you still haven?t mastered the art of oral pleasures, anytime is always the good time to start learning ? and practicing!

Women101 ? only about a fourth of the female population achieve orgasm through penile penetration; the rest prefer to get pleasured through cunnilingus. If men can easily get stimulated for about five seconds; women needs to get ?warmed up? first to avoid any pain and discomfort before you do any stimulation to her nether region.


As mentioned, women need to be warmed up. They don?t do the whole ?wham-bam-thank you ma?am? routine. It may come off as too much of a chore for you, but preparing your woman can save you time later. If you tease her slow and long, she will be so aroused, she?d literally be begging for you to let her off. The time you spend preparing her is inversely proportional to the time you will spend between her legs.

If you try to hurry things up, the more she?ll have a hard time reaching for her orgasm; and feeling self-conscious, will resort to faking it just to get it over with and to save your ego. Try some shower foreplay with her. This will take her mind off things and will ease her concern about whether she?s clean enough down there.

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Don?t grope or pounce on her. Rather, tease her genitals. Indulge in some tongue play with her while slowly moving a thigh between her legs and grind in, moving it up and down. The overall vibration offers greater arousing effect than using a finger or two. The indirect contact with the clitoris and vagina can get her really warmed up. Nibble your way to her collarbone her chest, down to her skirt as a teasing prelude. If she starts grinding her skirt to your face, it?s a sure telling she?s dying to get out of her knickers. Cue for you to start breathing and licking her through her undies. By doing this, you are ensuring an explosive reaction once you do get down on her clitoris.


Before we get ahead, if you don?t know what a clitoris is, then you seriously lack the consideration for female pleasure. It?s a wonder you even get any at all. Moving on. To locate a woman?s clitoris, use her inner lips, or the labia minora, as a guide. Lick, kiss, and nibble starting from the bottom until they come together towards the top. The fleshy horizontal fold above that is her clitoris. This little epicenter, is the most sensitive area. Some clitorises jump out while others do hide and needs for you to pull the clitoral hood back just to get to the love button. A gentle lick on it is enough to send a woman close to orgasm. Focusing on her clit, make light and slow circles around it. Alternately strike it and then move on with your earlier slow circle tongue movements around the clitoris.

The trick to eating out a girl is to not indulge in too much licking as this can actually be painful for her and can cause irritation. Use variance ? nipping, sucking even breathing on her exposed clitoris can bring her to the edge. Don?t focus on her vagina only, pay adoration to her inner thighs by slightly nipping them and using your hands to rub them.

Mind you, these are just the basics. There are more advanced techniques that you can master in order to mold the best way to eat a girl out which you can pick from almost everywhere ? magazines, porn movies, instructional materials, even bar room conversations.

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MORE ON EATING PUSSY ?- How to eat a girl out!

Eating her out involves more than just your tongue and her vagina ? it?s her whole body actually. There?s no universal way on how to orally satisfy a woman, but picking up guides and techniques always help.

How to eat a pussy, how to go down on a woman, how to perform oral sex, how to eat out a girl, how to eat hair pie and so on. Call the act whatever you want, but nothing is more erotic and more satisfying than it. Seeing a woman melt because of your sexual prowess is enough to inflate any man?s ego. The vagina is the essence of sex, the home of the clitoris, the source of pleasure, the center of her sexual universe. If you don?t know how to eat a pussy, then it?s about godamn time you learn how if you ever want to continue getting some. Seriously, it?s even a wonder you?re getting any if you don?t know how to likewise give pleasure to your woman.

If you know how to eat a pussy, songs could be written about you. More, statues erected to your likeness and college dorms named after you. No more lonely nights alone wanking and jerking to last year?s issue of Penthouse. Just like what one of the girls in ?Sex and the City? said, ?If a man can do that well, he doesn`t need to do anything else.? Damn right.

Show me a girl who doesn?t love getting her pussy showered with love. And if you?re one of those still new in this form of pleasure, or just want to pick up new techniques of orally pleasuring her, I can help you with that.

First off, you must be able to determine a Volvo from that of a vulva, an oven hood from a clitoral hood. If you can?t, grab your HS Biology book and flip to the reproductive health chapter. Refresh on the anatomy of the female organ and when you?re done, then you can get back to me and find out exactly how to eat a pussy. To simplify things, let?s approach it in a do and don?t kind of way.

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DO remember that no two persons are the same. One woman?s honey may be poison to another, hence the no universal way of orally pleasuring women. Instructions are okay, might work, but key element is still communication. Keep talking to her, ask her what she wants, if she likes what you?re doing or not. If she likes it, then go on with what you?re doing; if she says otherwise, don?t worry, just lower the notch a bit or gradually shift technique.

DON?T immediately dive her vagina as soon as you got her naked. Take the slow, sweet and torturous path ? trust me, it?ll all be worth it. Always start with her neck and shoulders. Kissing, licking, caressing down to her chest, spending few extra time on her breasts. Play with her nipples, I can?t express enough how sensitive they are. Give adoration to the insides of her thighs, her claves and including her feet. When you do reach her vagina, she?ll be so eager and aching for your tongue.

DO enjoy yourself down there and make sure to take your time. Key to pleasuring her is when you do it with gusto. Show her how turned on you are and how much you love eating her out. Savor it ? the taste, the smell, the glory of it all. Rub your thumbs all over the soft folds of her flesh. You can alternate between licking, caressing, kissing and sucking. It?s not an ice pop that?s in any danger of melting, so no need to hurry. Be thorough and slow ? she?ll appreciate it.

DON?T jump her guns by immediately going for her clitoris. Just because men are result-oriented, you should go ahead and make her cum fast. The art of cunnilingus is not about the orgasm, but the whole experience of it ? the journey towards the orgasm. Lick the inside and outside of the pussy lips first, or the labia minora, using broad, flat strokes of the tongue. Lick the insides of her vagina. You can also stiffen your tongue and tongue-fuck her hole. The whole point is, play with her pussy. When you see that she?s getting wild, make her wilder by focusing on her clitoris then. Go ahead and knock yourself out.

DO try and experiment with different positions. Things become stale and boring because of repetition. Remember, diversity and variance is what keeps the whole sex act hot and consuming. So don?t hesitate experimenting with your partner. If you?re the kind of lover who keeps her guessing what?s next, what?s new and what?s different, then you?re most likely the top of her hit list of people she?ll always look forward making love to.

There?s really no downside to giving a woman oral pleasures ? no mystery, no taboo as well. To be her best lover, just remember to kiss, lick and suck your heart away.

If you are uncertain on how to eat out a girl properly and make eating out pleasurable for her, this brief guide will explain the art to eating out a girl the right way.

Like most people, you may think that how to eat is something that comes naturally and you don?t need any skills for eating girls out. You just have to go down on the *girl and eat the *girl out by sticking your tongue inside her and give her pleasure. In reality, you will end up embarrassing yourself and get no response from the girl. In the worst case scenario, she may ask you to stop midway!

There is more to eat out girls than you consider is the best way. It will take time, effort and some practice before you truly learn the proper way of eating out a girl and going down in a way that girls keep coming back to your for more pleasure.


While some of you must be thinking of getting straight to the sex and impress her on the bed, however, you are wrong if you think you are giving her all the pleasure by going straight for the sex.

Girls are passionate about foreplay. It takes time to get off a girl and unlike men who are ready to get off, girls prefer good foreplay to get in the mood and if you eat out girl with passion and lust you can make her scream with pleasure again and again even before going for sex.


Like I told earlier, eat out is not something you should take for granted and it is a skill that you need to learn and use properly to make her scream with pleasure every time you go down on her. If you are passionate to eat out girl properly with some practice and dedication you will learn how to give her extreme pleasures.

Follow these tips to give her pleasure and an unforgettable sexual experience.


There is a reason why girls eating is so exciting. Not only it is pleasurable but it built up the expectation of a wild and steamy sexual encounter. Girl?s anticipation and excitement for the sex increases tenfold if you send them sex messages and text them about the things you will do to them in the bed. Whether she is working out in a gym or studying in a library such messages will get her in the mood. If you manage to build her expectation you will have her pumped, wet and ready for action in the sack even before you start getting down on her.


Girls eat is an art, you must truly understand how to go about it. Don?t just directly jump to her privates and go crazy on her lady bits, work on her whole body to bring her to the edge of sexual excitement. Kiss her with passion, keep licking her body, feel her up and down, and make her aware of her sexuality and pleases before you go down. If you want the eats girls out sessions to be wild and passionate, do not rush into doing things.


If you want to eat out a girl properly it is very important that you learn to control yourself and go down slowly on her. It is hard for you in your sexual arousal to go slow but if you move in quick you will not be able to please her easily. To eat out a girl with the purpose to give her sexual delights move down slowly while all the way kissing and licking her sensitive body areas until you finally reach there.


And by ?magic spot,? I am referring to her clit. If you are not sure where the clit is then you have bigger problems than understanding how to go down on a girl. You will have a difficult time in eating girls out if you are not aware of the clit. You may look out for pictures and diagram of a woman body and find the clit and keep your FOCUS on the clit. Knowing how to *eat out a girl is all about how you work on the clit.


Girls love vibration in her privates. Whether you are eating her clits or are licking your way on the surroundings, eating out is all about the movement of your tongue and how you flick it on the clit. Use your tongue repeatedly and flick it up and down on her clit until she screams with ecstasy.

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Remember while you eat out girls that they also enjoy pressure in order to get off. While you continue to flick your tongue to *eat out the girl exert some pressure on her clit using your tongue and move it as fast as you can. This will give her a powerful sensation of vibration and girls just love it when you are eating them this way.


While eating out a girl do not restrict yourself on using your tongue alone. If you want her to scream with pleasure, use your lips as well to *eat out girl. Go down on her with your lips, use them to pull her clits and rub it fast. Get creative and use repetitive motions of your lips and tongue to make her really wet down and make her finish.


When it comes to girls eating, learning how to eat out is all about giving her pleasure and something she has not experienced before. You can use your mouth to apply pressure on the girls when you go down on her and give her suction. Suck her clits, wet them with your mouth and stretch her clits with your lips and see her go wild for you.


Girls love everything you do down there. While you will use your mouth and lips, it doesn?t mean you cannot use your fingers while you are down there. You can use your finger to rub her G-spot, slip your fingers in her wet vagina and watch her moan with pleasure and ecstasy. Girls love the feel of your fingers inside her and when you plan a eats girl out night make sure you know when to use your fingers down on her.


When you eat out a girl don?t hesitate to ask her if she is liking what you are doing. Chancing are if you are *eating her right she should be out of breath to answer you on that one! However, girls love communication even when you are down and are eating girls out. She will guide you on how to pleasure are more and give her the most from the eating out.

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You can eat out girl perfectly by focusing not only her privates below but also working on her whole body. Use your hands to grab her butt, press her boobs, lick her underarms, and use your mouth to suck her nipples. When you stimulate the different body parts this way you will overwhelm her with extreme sexual sensations and pleasure. Girl?s love to experience a complete sexual experience before you jump into the intercourse itself.


When you eat out girls you can try different positions to give her more pleasure. Do not restrict yourself to just one way. Try different positions and see her reactions to understand which position is giving her the most pleasure while you eat out her privates

#13 Keep changing the intensities.

Another important thing to understand on how to eat a girl is to understand how intense you need to get when you are eating out a girl. Don?t be too intense all the time and keep it a mix of going slow and intense on her. This way you will arouse her more and make her explode on you with the lady juices.

#14 Make sure she knows you are loving it.

Most guys are not aware but girls too have insecurities about their bodies and when you eat out a girl she might be tensed. Make it a point to let her know that you are loving every time you go down on her. This will relax her and she will be more willing to give her full sexual pleasures to you. Girls eating is about having fun for the both of you and the way you communicate will make it a wild sexual time.

#15 Be precise in asking her opinions.

If you are still not sure how to eat a girl out perfectly some time the best approach is to be open about it and ask her directly. You can slowly whisper the question in her ears when things are heated up and you will be surprised to learn that in her passion she would tell you all the right ways you can stimulate and please her when you go down on her.

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