How to Attract a Gemini Woman (Embody these 4 Traits)

How to Attract a Gemini Woman (Embody these 4 Traits)

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It can be difficult to attract a Gemini woman because of the number of potential suitors in their lives. After all, they tend to be smart and social but also indecisive; that?s a recipe for a woman who might have trouble choosing the most appropriate mate.

That means that in order to attract the woman you desire you?ll need to be courageous, creative, carefree, and charismatic. If you master this framework of four C?s, you?ll have a good chance of finding a beautiful Gemini on your arm soon.

What is a Gemini

A Gemini is someone born between May 21st and June 21st, although those dates vary depending on who you ask. Their personalities and skills tend to come in greater varieties than the other astrological signs, so they may be seen as social butterflies or a Jill-of-all trades.

Geminis are fun and passionate without being obsessive or overbearing. They love adventure and learning, so be ready to try new things when spending time around them.

Signs Compatible with Gemini

Because of their sociable and accepting nature Geminis are compatible with a range of signs, but the best match for them is usually an Aquarius or another Gemini. However Aries and Libra come in a close second, and Sagittarius and Leo can throw their hats into the ring as well.

In other words, attracting this astrological sign may be more about what you do than who you are.

What Attracts a Gemini Woman to Her Partner

Gemini women won?t settle for just anyone; they have diverse interests and passions and are independent enough to wait for the right match. However there are certain traits that will attract them like flowers calling to honeybees.

  • Social Chameleon ? A Gemini woman cannot help but be impressed by someone who is courageous and well liked in the same social circles as her. Joining her world will give you the many opportunities you will need to spend time with her in order to gain her affection and trust.
  • Effortlessly Funny ? Geminis love to laugh, and the more you make her and her friends laugh the more charismatic you will seem. However, it?s important that you don?t appear overly eager. Because they tend to have wide circles themselves, Geminis will be quick to notice if you try too hard.
  • Hopeless Romantic ? If you surprise a woman of this sign with a date that sweeps her off her feet, she?ll be clay on your crafting table. You can?t fake this though; you need to fall in love with the idea of courting her, and yet be carefree if she can?t make it due to a change in plans.
  • Devil in Bed ? Geminis are vibrantly sexual creatures, and that combined with their outgoing nature makes them likely to be adequately experienced. This means you will need all your creativity in the bedroom in order to make a lasting impression in their sex life.

Gemini Dislikes and Turn Offs

Although Geminis are generally very open and accepting of all, there are certain habits and personality types that will be sure to turn them off. Avoid these behaviors if you?re trying to court a woman born under the Twins:

  • Indecisiveness ? It may be ironic that Geminis dislike this since they are known for being indecisive, but the combination of two people who can?t make up their minds can be frustrating. If you ask her what she?d like to do and she?s not certain, propose a solution rather than trying to defer to her.
  • Social Seclusion ? A woman of this sign may have trouble getting to know you if you don?t socialize enough. While it?s not impossible to woo a Gemini woman from afar, it would certainly be difficult to compete with all the sociable men and women she spends time with on a daily basis.
  • Thirstiness ? If you try too hard to attract this type of woman you are bound to get nowhere quickly. Don?t make it obvious that you want to be intimate with her until you?re both ready to commit to serious romance and seduction. Subtle hints will go a long way!
  • Codependency ? If there?s one thing that?s almost certain to turn her off, it?s being too dependent on her in any way. While she will love to do things with you and support you, she?ll also expect you to stand on your own legs, which means being able to spend time apart without texting every hour.

How to Get a Gemini Woman to Chase You

While it?s certainly possible to woo women born beneath the Twins by more conventional means, they may be used to having men flirt with them. For this reason, a clever suitor must find a way to make their interest come to them. There are several tactical approaches you may take to romance a Gemini:

  • The Trap ? In this art of attraction you invite the woman you desire to a semi-competitive event. If it?s something she enjoys or hasn?t tried before, there?s a good chance she?ll be interested. Regardless of who wins you can jokingly remind her of the outcome in order to instigate a rematch.
  • The Hunt ? To properly execute the hunt you must invite your would-be paramour on an adventure that features teamwork and danger. The thrill will provide time for you to bond, and your bravery in selecting the activity will impress her. If she enjoys herself, she will be reminded of you every time the activity is brought up and likely seek to repeat the experience.
  • The Lure ? This approach requires that you create an air of mystery surrounding a regular event in your life that your desired woman is not part of. Perhaps a monthly party with your closest friends or a meeting of a group surrounding one of your passions. Don?t talk to her too much about it; instead speak about it with other people she knows. Her inquisitive nature will cause her to ask you about the event, and that will give you an opportunity to casually invite her.
  • The Warbler ? This is undoubtedly the method which requires the most preparation, but if it happens to line up with your existing skills, you?re in luck! Many Gemini women love music and find performers irresistible. If you find an excuse to sing for her and she likes your song, she will be one step closer to giving you her heart.

How to Seduce a Gemini Woman

Once you?ve successfully brought the woman of your dreams into your social circle (or entered hers), it?s time to stoke up the charm and seduce her.

Becoming intimate with a Gemini woman may not be easy because of the other options available to her, but if you follow these steps you?ll greatly increase you chances of being the one she chooses.

  • Flirt in Public ? Most Gemini women will be receptive to some harmless public flirtation, especially coming from a socially affluent, comedic member of the community. This will give you an excuse to speak with her more often, and create an expectation in her mind (and the minds of others) that the two of you may become intimate.
  • Make Contact in Private ? When the two of you are alone and speaking closely, try touching her in a semi-sensual manner. For example you could touch her on the elbow to when offering support, and then make a second, more intimate contact with her shoulder before pulling your hand back. See how she reacts, and consider whether it?s wise to make contact again.
  • Light Her Fire with Romance ? Some women find a little romance helps them to start feeling sexy, and this sign is far from an exception. If you want her to be as receptive as possible to your advances then create a sensual atmosphere where the two of you can be at least semi-alone. If you can?t get her alone, light the fire from far with these sexting examples.
  • Take the Lead in Bed ? Because Geminis tend to be social, intelligent leaders, they often have jobs or lives that require them to make many decisions. If they?re particularly indecisive this may be stressful, so they often appreciate having a lover take the lead sexually. Do not be shy when you make your move; your confidence will be key here.

Final Thoughts on Geminis

If you?ve fallen in love with a Gemini woman (or in lust), there?s both good and bad news. The good of course is that they?re wide-eyed, passionate people with lots of love to give. The bad news is that they?re popular and therefore you may have some competition for their affections.

But if you show courage, the woman you desire will be drawn to you. If you are charismatic, she will be entranced by you. If you are carefree she will feel safe with you, and if you?re creative enough she?ll want to stay with you. While this framework is no guarantee, it has been carefully crafted with the traits that most complement those typical to women born under this air sign.

If you?re trying to seduce her from afar, it may help to learn How to Talk Dirty to a Girl Over Text, and once you?ve got her alone consider picking up these 5 Dirty French Phrases to Say in Bed. After all, the woman that has you entranced likely values worldliness and new experiences. Show her what a great match the two of you make!


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