Hot celebrities with Herpes

Hot celebrities with Herpes

Celebrities like Jessica Alba and many other are not affected or influenced by diseases of life as the other people do. It is a misconception for some people to think that. Celebrities are not a God or super humans, celebrities are also normal human being like us, like you and me they are also helpless.

And the diseases like Herpes are sexually transmitted disease and are very easy to get contaminate for any sexually active person. Any one became infected with this type of diseases. The possibilities of risk are high when any person?s private life becomes public affairs.

What is herpes?

It is a sexually transmitted disease and it is a viral infection caused by a virus known as herpes simplex virus, you can easily distinguish it, the infection causes painful blisters and rashes on the skin and mucous membranes, and it also causes genital infections and mainly caused by HSV-2 virus.

Some of the infected hot celebrities with Herpes

Check out some of the hot celebrities with herpes:

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Jessica Alba infected by Herpes

It has been trolled that one of the most popular Actress Jessica Alba is contaminated by herpes. Many of the people still have doubt about it. Does Jessica Alba really have herpes? You can say yes, it is probable. Maybe she is infected by the virus by her ex-boyfriend. We can also take another point into consideration that Cash Warren tried to cure herpes through Valtrex on a regular basis to her.

Paris Hilton is contaminated by Herpes

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One of the biggest and famous stars is having a genital herpes infection, the doubt that Paris Hilton is infected by herpes can be believed after knowing that she is prescribed to the medicine which is used to recover genital herpes.

Britney Spears and the herpes

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By looking her you cannot tell that she is also infected with herpes. Fresh, healthy, and a very attractive actress and a singer are also contaminated with herpes. The fact that she is infected by the HSV-2 virus came into public after she was found buying herpes medicine. And like many other celebrities, Britney spear also refused to the fact that she is infected.

Robin Williams also has herpes

Famous Hollywood actor Robin William also contaminated of herpes virus, he was taken to court by his ex-partner Liza Minnelli and sued for more than $6 millions. She was claiming that the Robin William has infected her with Herpes.

Scarlett Johansson herpes

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Another famous actress and celebrity Scarlett Johansson are contaminated and infected by herpes. It was trolled that she was infected by the herpes virus from the professional baseball player Derek Jeter.

There is still no cure available for herpes, but the symptoms can be controlled by many treatments and medication, it is better to prevent rather than curing it later. Save yourself from the virus or disease which is transmitted through sex.

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