Home & Furniture Trends in 2017

Home & Furniture Trends in 2017

What are the trends in furniture and interior in 2017?

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?Friendly?, ?comfortable? and ?warm? are the three words to characterize the home & furniture trends in 2017. Designers strive to create a space where you can have a good rest after a hard day. In the era of social media and virtual space, the home should look like a quiet haven. Therefore, smooth finishes, thick fabrics and plush textures should become the main point in the furniture and interior. Wood surfaces and calm color palette must be presented as well to create a home of well-being.

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Minimalist and a warm Mediterranean style consolidated its position in the home and furniture design. They add a touch of comfort and aesthetics.

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Naturalness, environmentally friendly materials, comfort and simplicity are relevant among the interior trends.

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Interior trends offer us to use the various accents and accessories to change the home, and add a breath of fresh air & a pleasant atmosphere into it.

The Popular Colors

The Pantone Company, developer of color systems, defined the color trends in 2017 as quiet, pastel and romantic.

Pantone Color of the Year ? Greenery revitalizes and refreshes any space. Various shades of green from emerald to lime are relevant in room and furniture decoration.

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The classic combination of black and white is very pop.

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Gray color is also one of a leader. It is universal ? regardless of textile or floor colors, it can be both cool and warm.

What materials are in trend?

Leaders in the decoration are velvet and velour! Noble and sophisticated, they add the bold character to furniture and interior, making it elegant and chic. Soft and fluffy, the velvet provides a subtle sheen to give the spaces a noble elegance. It looks great on the stylish sofas, chairs, headboards and padded stools.

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Mohair, faux fur and other luxuriously soft materials are also popular in 2017.

The complement of current trends is metal material, particularly brass, bronze, copper, and antique gold. Metal elements look gorgeous on furniture pieces and as decor accents.

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Furniture Trends

Try to avoid the oversized furniture, massive elements and intricate decor. Give preference to lightweight furniture, simple designs, and sharp lines. For example use open shelves where possible, especially in small rooms.

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The strict and sharp geometry can look unusual and sophisticated. It fills home with a sense of order and stability. Use geometric patterns and graphic motifs in textiles or the walls finishing. The main thing is to feel the measure.

Recent furniture trends in 2017 also offer:


Known since ancient times, today the marble is back. Still elegant, it can be a great element of classic and modern interior. The most popular is the white marble, but shades of beige, cream and olive green are also relevant. This noble material may ornament the tops of coffee tables and kitchen islands, and even in the bases of lamps.

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A large headboard

At the conclusion of Norwegian designers, large and soft headboard is one of the main trends in 2017. It guarantees a quality rest, because what could be more important? Comfort and aesthetics are the two main reasons for its high popularity!

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Artisan-Crafted Furniture

High quality, hand-crafted wood furniture adds character to your home. Uniquely crafted furnishings are antique inspired and become a perfect accent to traditional, eclectic and casual designed homes.

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Raw Wood

As emphasized by designers, the advantage of the wood is its natural color, which makes the interior a warm and cozy. Raw textures are very versatile, they look attractive in the rustic, Scandinavian or Provence interior.

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Keep experimenting and let your home be your favorite place to relax and adore!


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