Hillary Clinton Favorability, 1993–2019

Hillary Clinton Favorability, 1993–2019

One of the longest runs in polling

Today @MattGrossmann retweeted my (now outdated) look at Hillary Clinton?s fav/unfav rating since 1993. Thanks to Matt I?ve been provoked to update the series through the latest reading in December 2018.

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Here is net favorability. There have only been 20 polls since December 2016 (a handful of November 16 too) post-election readings but her fav & net fav have gone down since her loss rather than stabilize or recover. Few politicians have had such a long and widely varying polling record.

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Clinton is now about where Trump was at end of campaign. Both, of course, were exceptionally low compared to past nominees.

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Charts, including .pdf versions, and raw data are available:


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