Guys, Send Her a Dick Drop (Not a Dick Pic)

Guys, Send Her a Dick Drop (Not a Dick Pic)

It?s a better way to show what you?re packing

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These are thirsty times. A lot of us are making social distancing feel a little less lonely by embracing our horniness.

If you?re apart from your lady, chances are you?ve thought of sending her a dick pic. She might have even asked you for one.

But I have a better idea. Don?t send her a dick pic. Send her a dick drop.

I don?t know if that?s the name for it (or if it even has a name), but it?s what I like to call it because it?s the penis equivalent to a tit drop.

Tit drops are these glorious displays of boobness. If you follow the right subreddits or the right people on Twitter, you?ve had the privilege of watching one. Basically, they?re short videos where a woman slowly lifts up her shirt, dragging her tits along with it, and then lets those puppies drop, flop, or bounce out.

It?s fucking beautiful.

As someone who likes both boobs and anticipation, it checks a lot of my boxes. I will always pause my scrolling to watch some lady entice me (and her other followers) with a slow reveal.

You can give your girl the same kind of treat, but with your cock.

A dick drop is when a guy?s cock is encased in his underwear (preferably boxer briefs but work with what you?ve got). He slowly lowers his underwear until his hard dick pops out like a horny jack-in-the-box.

There?s a fun variant, too, where the guy will tuck his hard dick up his shirt and slowly raise it to reveal what he?s packing.

I don?t get to see them as often as tit drops, but yeah, I?ll stop my scrolling for those, too.

Why It?s Better Than a Dick Pic

Before becoming a blogger, I wrote erotica. But I started worrying that I was being a little too repetitive.

Every sex scene had the same exact kind of reveal. Story after story, novella after novella, and even my unfinished drafts all had a dick springing out of someone?s underwear.

To my knowledge, there?s one exception and it?s only because it?s a lesbian spanking story.

I couldn?t help it. It?s my favorite way for a cock to show up.

In real life, too. When I?m with my husband, sometimes I?ll just reach my hand down his waistband and jerk it for a while before slipping it out so I can do the job more easily.

But the rest of the time, I prefer tugging down at his underwear until it frees itself and bounces up.

But it really shines as a solo move.

Dick pics are fucking great, but dicks are at their best when they?re in motion. Unless it coming or thrusting, though, a hard cock is a pretty stiff thing. It just stands there.

The dick drop gives it some motion, which is really hot.

It also showcases what?s unique about each cock.

Once you start seeing a lot of dicks, you realize that they?re all different. Obviously, they have different sizes. But the shape is a big factor, too. They all have different shades. And the veins are like the cock?s fingerprint.

Some curve and some are straight. Some are cut and others have foreskin. That foreskin can be loose or it can be tight.

It?s what makes them so fun and fascinating. They have character.

And part of that character is the way they drop.

Some cocks barely budge. Others will spring out and stay up. Some will jump up and then flop down. And the overachievers will keep a little momentum going by bouncing a few times.

A dick drop gives your cock a little more personality, which is a very nice touch.

Sending her a dick drop instead of a dick pic also shows her that you understand a thing or two about arousal.

A dick drop is playful. There?s some buildup. You?re teasing her a little and building anticipation. You?re taking her on a journey (and what a ride it is!) instead of just showing the dick and hoping it speaks for itself.

In fact, most of the time, what?s so hot about a dick pic is everything that surrounds it. Yes, getting to actually see the cock is awesome. But there?s also the dirty text exchanges that come before it. The way you feel naughty and slightly embarrassed after asking for one. The lip-biting wait while you?re staring at your phone, waiting for it to show up. The flustered flirting that comes after you feast your eyes on it.

A dick drop takes a lot of those elements and makes it part of the show.

Get a Little Closer ? At a Distance

I know, it?s not always a drop per se. It?s more of a dick pop, a dick spring, or a cranked up cock-in-the-box.

But I?m still going to call them dick drops because they exist in the same, slow-burning universe as the tit drop.

And they both work the same way. They wet the appetite. And they pay off very nicely.

There?s also something really personal and intimate about them.

I used to be kind of involved with a guy who sent me dozens of dick pics. I loved and cherished each of them. But the one thing I appreciated, enjoyed, and revisited more than those was a video of his cock he sent me.

It wasn?t a dick drop (I wasn?t that lucky) but it was his cock in motion. There was something so intimate about it.

It was exciting and arousing, but it also made me feel closer to him.

If you can?t be with your lady in person, a dick drop is a good way to make you feel a little more connected, even at a distance.

So, once you get consent to send her your junk, don?t take a plain old static dick shot. Clean your countertop and wash your mirror, stand proudly in front of it, grab your phone, and drop that dick for her.

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