Guide to the Shores of Gold Tall Tale

Guide to the Shores of Gold Tall Tale

The Gilded Conclusion?

The fabled Shores of Gold are now in reach ? but what dangers might be lying in wait?

Tall Tales are story-based voyages in the Sea of Thieves that you can experience with your crew in the game?s shared world. They tell a narrative and involve solving puzzles, using unique mechanics, and overcoming perils.

Shores of Gold is the ninth and final part of the Shores of Gold saga. To start from the beginning, check out our guide to The Shroudbreaker.

This guide walks through the Shores of Gold Tall Tale, detailing what to expect at each step, as well as where to find those pesky hidden Journals. This guide may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

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Rewards for Shores of Gold

  • Complete the Tale for the first time: Gold Hoarder Jacket cosmetic
  • Complete the Tale 5 times and discover all hidden journals: Gold Hoarder Figurehead ship cosmetic
  • Complete ALL commendations for ALL 9 Tall Tales of the Shores of Gold saga: Shores of Gold Curse

The locations of the 10 hidden journals are included at the bottom of this guide

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Completing The Shores of Gold

Starting Location: The book where you can vote to begin this tale is by Captain Grace Morrow outside the tavern on Morrow?s Peak Outpost.

Chapter 1: Sail North out of the Devil?s Roar and into the red sea. Don?t be nervous, you will reach Tribute Peak, the island also known as the Shores of Gold. The Quest Book acts as a map of the island, showing the location of a Compass vault, which can only be unlocked by finding four Quest Items. The four items are found in four puzzle vaults, also marked on the map. The journal gives hints to solve each puzzle vault. Putting the four items into the compass vault gives you a Quest Item- a key to the tunnels of Tribute Peak.

Chapter 2: You?ll need to use the Quest Book to figure out where the key goes. Once you get into the tunnels, the way forward is clear, and at the end you?ll get a prize to return to the Order of Souls.

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Journal Locations

When a Tall Tale is active, it places journals in the world for you to discover and read. These add details to the story, and also are required to unlock the final commendation of the Tale and earn a cosmetic reward.

I don?t recommend finding journals on your first play through of a Tale, as you may have to sail out of your way and distract from the adventure and story!

If you prefer to discover the journals on your own, stop reading now. If not, here?s where you can discover each one:

  • Tribute Peak- In the captain quarters of the shipwreck to the South
  • Tribute Peak- On the path leading to the bridge to the Compass vault, next to a couple crates
  • Tribute Peak- Inside a crate in the Compass vault
  • Tribute Peak- at the bottom of the steps near the large statues
  • Tribute Peak- On the lap of a giant statue, three down from the entrance to the underground tunnels
  • Tribute Peak/Tunnels- in a crate just after the Gold Hoarder coin door entrance
  • Tribute Peak/Tunnels- near glowing mushrooms down in the tunnels past the second statue
  • Tribute Peak/Tunnels- inside a crate just after the series of wooden beams
  • Tribute Peak/Tunnels- In the room of three levers
  • Tribute Peak/Tunnels- On the right side just after the room of three levers

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Congratulations on completing the Shores of Gold saga! Through perilous traps, devious puzzles, and harrowing battles, you now know the true meaning of the pirate life- adventure!

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