Gift Ideas For Your Pharmacy Friend

Gift Ideas For Your Pharmacy Friend

Updated: 08/03/2019

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You may have a friend or a loved one in your life who?s a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, or aspiring to be one and/or the other. If you do, and you?d like to get that person a gift, you?re in the right place. On the Rx Radio Instagram page I asked pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians what they?d want as gifts. Below is a curated consensus of responses that would be extremely practical and greatly appreciated by that pharmacy individual in your life, during any occasion. If you want to see the products that are on amazon prime all in one place you can click here.

General Gifts

Pharmacy Lapel Pins! Click here to shop.

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?Friends Pharmacy? apparel as seen below:

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Shop full line on

Image for postAn extremely popular gift for people in pharmacy, the prescription coffee mug.

Prescription Coffee Mug ? Obviously, they need a place to drink said coffee from. The image above is what is linked here.

Nespresso Coffee Maker ? Almost every one asked for more coffee!

Nespresso Capsules ? This is the actual coffee that goes in the above maker.

Capsule Holder ? Pharmacy people usually like organization, so here?s how to keep that coffee organized.

Prescription Shot glass ? Well, we all need a break sometimes.

Pill Socks ? Because, these would obviously be an amazing gift!

Compression Socks ? These are awesome because they are pill themed! And we?re always on our feet so these could literally be a life saver.

Any Amazon Alexa device like the Echo Show, Echo, or Echo Dot ? There are many apps being developed to help healthcare professionals, so give them a head start by giving them a powerful device this holiday season.

Unisex Tote bag ? We carry stuff, always good to do it in style.

Cufflinks ? Usually a gift for males, these cufflinks are great to spice up a dress shirt with a flare of pharmacy

Sticky Notes ? Everyone can always use more of these.

Crush It ? This is a book that every individual should read because it is a blueprint for people on how to be the best at what they?re passionate about.

Starbucks gift card ? You can never go wrong with one of these.

Counting Tray and Spatula? These are great gifts for technicians especially. We pharmacy people often don?t have enough of these laying around.

For Pharmacists

Pens ? WE NEED MORE PENS!!!! We write a lot and lose pens like there?s no tomorrow.

First Time Pharmacist ? This book is a great resource for pharmacists (And pharmacy students). Not only does this book help you handle insurance issues, prevent misfills, and deal with the workload, it helps pharmacists build great relationships with their patients and their teams. Perfect for new graduates and for students to stand out on rotations. Now available on iBooks and you can find the Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon here:

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Well, this one may not be for ?them? but how awesome is this onesie?!

Image for postClick here to shop kids pharmacy kids clothes

You can find more colors, t-shirts, and other options here.

A check towards our student loans ? We can dream cant we?!

For Students

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Capsule Highlighters ? (Pictured above) Standard or Pharmacy themed ones as shown above would do!

First Time Pharmacist ? As mentioned above, this is also a great resource for students!

Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach ? This is an awesome way for students to learn the top 200 most common drugs. Every student has to be familiar with the top 200!

Padfolio- Pharmacy students go to a lot of conferences and interviews during school with a bunch of Resumes, CV, and business cards and they need a place to keep it all. This padfolio is a perfect tool to do just that.

Business Card Holder ? This wooden business card holder is a sure way for students to show that they?re a professional with taste.

Thank you cards ? Pharmacy students write a lot of thank you cards to their professors, preceptors, and mentors, so these would be out to good use.

Strengths finder 2.0 ? This was one of the best things I used in my career to help me become self aware and hone in on my leadership skills. It?s a great book for the developing leader.

Medical Terms Resource or Medical Math Resource is something every student needs! Super quick references for information they need on a daily basis.

Concealer ? Because, ?sometimes a girl just wants to stop looking like a raccoon so she can get a little motivation and pull through exams.? That was a quote from a response of a second year pharmacy student. Or this one in case you like options.

Please Don?t

There are a few gifts that we can be ok without, and here are two examples:

I?m a legal drug dealer shirt ? please don?t get us shirts like this!

Or pens like these!

I really hope this helps! Again, you can find almost all these items on

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