Easy way to Get Free unlimited Google Drive Storage 2020

Easy way to Get Free unlimited Google Drive Storage 2020

Anyone can establish a free Google account and begin with 15gb of storage. As such, you can store anything you want up to 15gbs. The highest capacity for cloud storage is set at a beginning price point of $99.00/month (USD) for 10 TB or You can upgrade your drive space with following prices and storage(prices in Indian currency) :

  • 100 GB for 130 INR / month
  • 1 TB for 650 INR / month
  • 100 TB for 6500 INR / month

But what if I tell you, you can get it for FREE? Follow this tutorial:-

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Step 1:- Open This LINK

You can see the Following Interface:-

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  1. Fill the 1st field with whatever name you want. ????
  2. Fill 2nd field with your Gmail email ID on which you want to receive Google Drive space.????
  3. select City College of San Francisco (mail.ccsf.edu) from the list.?
  4. Clear the captcha.????

Step 2:- You can check Your Drive of the same Gmail ID. You will get an interface like this.

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  1. You can see on the left-hand side there is a new Section called as a shared drive.?
  2. Click on MyDrive(whatever name you have given to).
  3. Voil ? !! You can upload and store anything in This shared drive. ????

This is Part 1 of this series!

Part 2 is:- How to Download Torrent Directly into Your Google Drive! With maximum speed.

Part 3:- Using Unlimited Google Drive Storage For Downloading Torrents!

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