Does Your Lover Drizzle Pre-Cum When He’s Aroused?

Does Your Lover Drizzle Pre-Cum When He’s Aroused?

Don?t worry if he drips a lot. It means he?s turned-on. Use it as a lubricant.

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Yes, I?m talking about that clear fluid that drips out of a man?s penis when he?s turned-on, before he ejaculates. The more aroused he becomes, the more he drips.

Pre-cum is different than semen in that it?s not meant to get a woman pregnant. Sure, a woman can get pregnant from pre-cum, but its real purpose is to neutralize the acidity in the urethra (caused by urine), so that acidity won?t kill the sperm cells when they pass through it.

So let?s just say that we need pre-cum. It?s necessary for our survival as a species.

That, and it also functions as a natural lubricant. Can anyone say free lube?

And yet if you scour the Internet, some people actually freak out when men discharge what they see as ?too much? pre-cum.

One woman on one r/sex thread worries: ?My boyfriend produces buckets of [precum], normal or not??

A user responded:

?It?s quite awkward on occasion, finding a fairly sized, wet spot in your underwear.?

Another user admitted:

??if my gf rubs me through my pants or whatever, it will legit soak through my jeans on occasion, and she told me that guys don?t ever have to go through the day with wet underwear when they get turned on like girls do, and I was like ?pffffft?!! I do!! It?s such a weird feeling but I kinda like it tbh.?

Yet another man on another reddit thread ? r/ask men ? also frets about dripping too much pre-cum when he?s out on dates.

?Last friday we went out to a club, she was grinding at me, and at some point I touched my junk, it was like I had wet myself a little?. Are there any other people that are suffering from this??

Another user goes so far as to call his plentiful pre-cum issue a case of ?dick slime.?

?So I was wondering ? say we were?on a sofa kissing and cuddling and so forth and then moving on to groping and then it came time to get my dick out and you reached down there and your hand was met with some slime ? how would you feel? Would that be okay and normal? Or would you feel like ?eww this guy needs to wash his dick asap.? or even worse??

Of course I find it bizarre that men and women even believe it?s possible for a man to have too much pre-cum. I certainly don?t. Then again, they probably haven?t seen as many penises as I have.

Encountering men who leak a lot of pre-cum when they?re aroused happens all the time during my escort sessions. As far as I?m concerned it?s perfectly normal.

And yet I do sometimes find myself astonished by just how much pre-cum a man?s penis is capable of emitting during any single foreplay experience. Sometimes it looks like a man is literally peeing pre-cum when we?re together.

I?d never shame a man for this though. No, a man drips a lot of pre-cum for one reason: he?s super-excited to be with me.

The pre-cum doesn?t just ooze out of his urethra ? it drizzles out in one long stream.

Often when men show up for a session with me, they?re already dripping. My clients typically arrive with a hard penis, and not only that ? their penis is drizzling pre-cum.

Their erection is literally popping through their pants. When they get undressed, their boxers often have a wet spot where their hard penises have been pressing against the fabric during their drive to see me.

This is a good thing. I want a man to be extra-aroused about sessioning with me.

When he?s already that turned-on, he?s typically far more appreciative of our time together. Plus, it?s less work for me. I don?t have to spend a lot of time getting him excited. He?s already done the work for me, and the sheer quantity of pre-cum leaking out of his penis is evidence of that.

However, the man who dribbles a lot of pre-cum can also make for a messy session. This is especially true during my fetish sessions, because we spend a lot of time doing other activities before any actual sex takes place.

I spend most of the hour not even touching my client?s penis. I usually won?t let him touch it either.

So over the course of that hour, he becomes more and more aroused. The pre-cum doesn?t just ooze out of his urethra ? it drizzles out in one long stream.

When a man?s penis is drizzling that much pre-cum, it tends to get all over everything. I deal with the issue by making a man wear a condom. Sometimes his penis isn?t even fully erect, and still pre-cum gushes from his penis.

The condom at least catches the gush, so it doesn?t get all over the carpeting and the couch.

And yet if some pre-cum still leaks out, I?ll incorporate this into our session. I?ll wipe the pre-ejaculate off a man?s penis and dip it right into his mouth. He always loves this, of course.

So I don?t understand why anyone would get upset about a man dripping too much pre-cum. It makes for great lube anyway. Besides, is it so different than the wetness that seeps from a woman?s vagina when she?s aroused?

When I get extra turned-on, my vagina grows intensely wet. I remember one night going out on a date with a guy whom I really liked, and my jeans were sodden by the end of the night.

Is a man?s pre-cum so different?

Most men don?t even notice when they leak pre-cum. They certainly don?t have any control over it.

I was incredibly distressed to read that some men try to ?cure? their excessive pre-cum issue by taking a medication called Finasteride.

Apparently, this medication stops a man from producing pre-cum. It also increases his risk of contracting certain forms of prostate cancer ? so why in the world would any man want to take it?

I prefer Bethy Squires? take on the issue, which she explains in her article on Vice entitled, ?How to Deal with Your Boyfriend?s Excessive Pre-Cum?:

??this ?problem? isn?t really a problem. The problem is society?s one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to genitals.?

I agree. Isn?t it more fun to simply incorporate a man?s tendency to drip a lot of pre-cum into a couple?s foreplay experience?

Besides, according to the American Pregnancy Association, most men don?t even notice when they leak pre-cum. They certainly don?t have any control over it.

So why would we ever shame a man for leaking excessive pre-cum when he?s aroused?

It just means a guy?s incredibly turned-on. What woman would ever be resentful of that?

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