Dedicated Prop Hunt Server Setup (Windows) Part I (Getting Started)

Thanks to many popular gaming channel including SeaNanners peoplehave been looking for a way to setup a server and get in onthe fun. What got me into it was Prop-Hunt and setting it up wasn?tquite so easy, but once it was done, it was hilarious theamount of fun you can have. I figure a guide would be goodsince all the guides I found were outdated and had alot ofquirks you had to find out on your own.


I broke this up into 2 sections, theory and practical. If it were mereading this I would jump into practical and only when I got stuck wouldI read the theory to figure out what

I did wrong. It?ll take some patience but once you get it working, its a hilariously goodtime!

Practical ? Windows Dedicated Gmod Server

  1. Download SteamCMD from the Valve Developer CommunityPage (you can read about it using that link) or here?sthedirectlink to the windows file
  2. Extract the files into whatever folder in your C drive (I put minein c:steamcmd)
  3. Run steamcmd.exe and wait for everything to load and give you aprompt
  4. Type login anonymous without the quotes
  5. Type forceinstalldir C: will be where the GmodDedicated Server will go (I did c:GmodDS)
  6. Type appupdate 4020 validate and wait for it to install (can take like an hour, depending on internetconnection speed).

You can close steamcmd it once its done

  1. Download the Prop Hunt server files from githubor usethisdirectlink
  2. When you extract the files from step 7, you will see 2 folders,sounds and gamemodes (ignore the other files, that?s used for githubstuff). Extract the 2 folders so they reside inc:garrysmod (from step 5). In my case the sounds and gamemodsdirectory ended up in c:GmodDSgarrysmod

The sounds and gamemodes file structure should look something like this(murder and terrortown are gamemodes I added after along with other sounds)

  1. Make a shortcut for srcds.exe (its in the directory from step 5),and click properties on the shortcut you just made.

add the following after srcds.exe -game garrysmod +gamemode prophunt

  1. Run the shortcut, edit what you like, and press StartServer: Voila! Dedicated Server up and Running. Below are afew Frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Friends can?t see and/or join my server

This is almost for sure because of port issues. 2 options (A) read a basic networking book or (B) go to

  • How to I setup a password for my serverCheck out my 4nd part to this guide
  • I can?t pickup props as Hunter or turn on my flashlightCheck out my 4rth part to this guide
  • How do I add new maps, do more advanced features?Check out my 2nd part to this guide

Theory (more advanced)

  • What is Gmod?

It?s a completely stand alone game that just happens to be made as a mod of Half-Life.

  • What is Prop-Hunt?

It?s a mod (gamemode) of Gmod.

Completely dissociate Half-Life and Gmod in your head, because itscrewed me up when trying to figure out how to setup the server.

You are running a Gmod Server which allows multiplegamemodes, one of which is Prop-Hunt (sandbox is the standardGmod gamemode).

Each type of mod requires certain files and go into particulardirectories:

  • sounds = sounds
  • gamemodes = gamemodes
  • maps = maps

Steam workshop downloads files and puts them in packages (like a .zip)called addons. Makes it easier to add/remove.

So if you want to add something to the server you have to eitherextract the files and put them in the appropriate directoryor get an auth key (I?ll show that in part II)

In the steam workshop (as of writing this) there are 2?3 differentPropHunt versions. The gitHub link above is meant to be for the mostactively updated one and the one I think is the best. Also,you?re getting it right from github, so its always up todate. I?ll put it in another guide on how to keepthings updated.


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