Confessions of a Size Queen

Confessions of a Size Queen

Size may not matter to some, but it definitely matters to me.

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My name is Brown Sugar, and I am a size queen.

I like big penises. Really big ones.

Now, many may claim that size doesn?t matter, but as a woman who almost exclusively orgasms through intercourse alone, science says there is a reason for my preference of big penises. From

The news comes from The Journal of Sexual Medicine and an expansive study of over 15,000 men (size matters for studies, too). The researchers quizzed women about how longer-than-average penises impacted their orgasms. In other words, did big dicks make them cum?

And the answer is: yes. Women orgasmed more often when the penis was larger. However, (yes, here?s the best part), only for vaginal orgasms.

While science may have my back, I?ve also learned that big is relative. I had this conversation with my cousin and a friend of hers, and when they said big, they meant seven maybe eight inches.

When I told them I liked them nine inches or better, they told me I wanted to have my uterus rearranged and quickly decided I was a secret masochist who liked a little pain with my sex.

Hmmm?there might be some truth to that.

A little pain never hurt anyone. And there is no pain quite like a large penis entering you for the first time. Something about that full feeling that works so well for me. Now granted, all of the men I have slept with haven?t been big ones. Most are definitely above average; one will forever be known as

Mr. Coke Bottle Penis (there is such a thing as too big), one was so small that I?ve seen bigger ones on six-month-olds (no we didn?t have sex, I mean how could we) and one was crooked (never again, those things are dangerous); I nicknamed him Captin Hook.

But these days. These days I want to have the kind of sex I want to have, and one component of that would be to have a nice long, thick penis. One that I could write about and make me wince from making me feel that super delicious pain I enjoy.

So how does one guarantee that the penis she unwraps is the one she?s looking for before the clothes come off?

You check.

And no I don?t mean you have him whip his penis out (though that works) or have him send you a penis pic (I have a relative who does that), but instead, you audition him before the big show. You have him over for a nice pre-sex make-out session.

I?m a huge fan of old school making out. There is no need for every encounter to end with intercourse. The end all be all doesn?t have to be penis meet vagina. You give cars a test run; you should give potential sexual partners one too.

So, you let him know that sex isn?t happening that night, but a little making out will. If he has a problem with that, then he can stay his ass home.

No harm no foul. Should all go well, however, with a few well-placed caresses, you should be able to get a good feel for what he?s working with.

And that way no one has to be embarrassed when the clothes come off. I?m not gonna lie, I?ve been known to put folk out of my bed for all sort of things, having the wrong size penis is one of them.


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