Chegg VS Course Hero Comparison 2020

Chegg VS Course Hero Comparison 2020

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After my research about the two major student learning platforms of today, I can conclude that Course Hero is the better option over Chegg.

Aside from its user-generated information, Course Hero offers practice problems that stimulate learning further, which isn?t found in the textbooks offered by Chegg. These are just two major advantages of Course Hero over Chegg, which makes it the better option.

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Here?s my assessment of Chegg vs Course Hero.

Chegg OR Course Hero?

Costs of Subscription

Course Hero: Free content is not locked by uploading your own study documents or by subscription which costs at 9.95 dollars per month.

Chegg: Students have easy access to Textbook solutions and Expert questions and answers which costs around 14.95 to 22.50 dollars per month.

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Students Contribution

Course Hero: It is discovered that more than 20 million user generated course specific study documents were all contributed by educators and students.

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Chegg: solutions for difficulties from at least nine thousand textbooks in addition of millions of homework answers from chegg experts like professors to students or graduates.

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Practice Problems

Course Hero: There are many practice problems that will help students get ready and prepare for their exams.

Chegg: It was discovered that there are no practice problems feature in Chegg.

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Online Tutoring

Course Hero: At Course Hero, there is free access to online tutors when students upload study documents which are available to be bought.

Chegg: At Chegg, there is a different tutoring plan that begins at 15 dollars per week for thirty minutes of tutor time or when calculated, it is at 0.75 dollars per minute.

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The Contents

Course Hero: It consists of study guides, videos, and illustrations for famous courses that include subjects like literature, economics, biology, chemistry, U.S history and many more.

Chegg: it shows the solutions to textbook problems as well as questions that are frequently asked and answered by students and enthusiasts.

In conclusion, after looking at the comparisons between Course Hero and Chegg, it was obvious that Course Hero was on top and appears better than Chegg in all aspects.

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