Chaos Orb Vendor Recipes (PoE Currency Farming Guide)

Chaos Orb Vendor Recipes (PoE Currency Farming Guide)

PoE Currency Farming

To supplement your Chaos Orb farming

Chaos Orbs are an important resource for crafting and function as PoE currency as well. Because of that, players would like to farm and collect various PoE orbs as much as possible. As you progress, these orbs drop from defeated enemies, chests, and breakable objects. Grinding for levels is a good way to gather the currency. But what if you need more?

Well, we?ll be listing all the other alternative ways to get the PoE currency. These methods will supplement your orb farming, giving you more orbs than if you just farm and grind. This will cover vendor recipes, divination cards, and prophecies.

Let?s get to it!

PoE currency Farming guide

Vendor Recipes

There?s only one vendor recipe that gives you Chaos Orbs. You have to collect a full set of rare equipment and sell that. That means you need all kinds of armor types (helmet, chest piece, boots, gloves, belt, amulet, and ring). Then you need either a two-handed weapon, two one-handed ones, a one-handed weapon with a shield, or two shields.

You get different PoE currency depending on the level of the items you?re selling. For Chaos Orbs, the set needs to be at level 60?74. Also, the vendor gives you more orbs depending on some criteria. If the set is all unidentified or all have 20% quality, you get two PoE orbs. For a set that?s both unidentified and 20% quality, the best you can get is three.

You?re going to get many gear items as you clear maps. If you?re certain you?re not going to use them, save them up for this vendor recipe!

Divination Cards

You can exchange some divination cards for Chaos Orbs. Collect eight Rain of Chaos cards for a single orb. Seven Three Faces in the Dark cards will give three orbs. A single Chaotic Disposition card gives you five orbs. Trade eight The Wrath cards for ten PoE orbs. Then there?s exchanging five Emperor?s Luck cards. It has an element of randomness since you can get any kind of currency item from the trade.

If you want to farm these cards, here are their drop areas.

Rain of Chaos ? Act 7: The Crossroads, The Imperial Fields, Castle Ruins Map

Three Faces in the Dark ? The Marketplace, The Imperial Fields, The Grain Gate, The Refinery, Arsenal Map, Factory Map

Chaotic Disposition ? Poorjoy?s Asylum

The Wrath ? Act 5: The Cathedral Rooftop, The Canals, The Feeding Trough, Act 6: The Cavern of Anger, Belfry Map, Lava Lake Map

Emperor?s Luck ? The Imperial Gardens, The High Gardens, Courtyard Map, Orchard Map, Terrace Map



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