‘Burn the Coal, Pay the Toll’: The alt-right site targeting women in interracial relationships

The website Coal Fax is divided into 4 sections: the Traitors, the Brainwashed, the Cucks, and Toll Paid. Each section of the site lists the full names, pictures and social media profiles of people, predominantly women, who are ?burning the coal?.

According to ?The International Alt-Right: Fascism for the 21st Century?? (Routledge, 2020) ?coal burning? is an alt-right term for white women in romantic or sexual relationships with black men.

The site includes the details of 96 people, with each post prompting an approximate average of 40 comments. Coal Fax is a proponent of the idea that ?shaming whores works?, encouraging users to visit and comment on the social media accounts linked.

In the Traitors section, 55 women white women have had their pictures, full names and social media accounts submitted for ridicule because they are dating black men.

This is the most popular section of Coal Fax. Here, users submit the details of women they know personally, rather than the famous or newsworthy. As well as their names, faces and Instagrams, many of the women listed also have the details of their home towns and schools listed in the tags.

In the brainwashed section, which mostly focuses on women with a large social following, 21 women are named and shamed for adopting elements of black culture. While criticism for cultural appropriation comes from every side of the debate, Coal Fax takes a more vitriolic tone.

Norwegian Youtuber Cornelia Grimsmo was included after sharing a video expressing her disappointment in her DNA test, showing her ancestry was 100% north west European, to her 200k followers. Commenters lament that despite ?all those good genetics she?s got? she wants to fuck it up with n***** blood.?

Alternatively, the Cucks section focuses on men. 2 white men are listed, who are in relationships with the mothers of mixed race children. Here, while some of the hatred is directed towards the men themselves, the majority of the comments are still targeted at their partners.

One commenter wonders whether ?Little Tyrone will grow up to hate them. Maybe kill them??, in reference to a featured couple?s mixed race daughter.

And in the Toll Paid section, women are displayed who have been ?punished for dating black men?. These ?punishments? range in their nature and their sadism. The first example on the site is of a 16 year old girl from Wisconsin who was murdered. Her former boyfriend is a suspect in her murder. She is listed as having ?paid the toll in full?.

Another woman listed, Carmen Tarleton, 51, was confirmed to have ?paid the toll? after her former husband left her severely disfigured from an acid attack. Coal Fax commenters agree that ?that?s what you get for marrying a n*****?.

Submissions for the site are picky. They are looking for white women, preferably those from English speaking countries, requesting users submit images of young and vulnerable women who ?fell for propaganda?. They also state that while ?most coalburners are fat and ugly? they have ?no reason to publish them?.

On the back of a recent surge in popularity, the site?s owner is looking to expand. They mention possibly introducing Coal Fax France in the future. Commenters say the ?can?t wait? and hope that ?in the future the site will include ALL [their] enemies. High profile Jews, anti-white political activists, local antifa, etc.?.

In their ?Contact Us? and ?FAQ? sections the site runners make clear they will ignore requests to take down the photos and details of those listed. Requests from lawyers, they add, will be laughed at.

Their most recent update, ?Coal Fax Is Not A Nazi Hitlist?, was published 12th May, 2020.


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