BOOX Announced an E Ink Smartphone in CES 2020

BOOX Announced an E Ink Smartphone in CES 2020

Las Vegas, NV ? Jan 08, 2020 ? BOOX unveiled a long-awaited E Ink mobile phone, which features an eye-friendly E Ink screen at CES 2020.

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This is the second E Ink phone BOOX released. The first one was called BOOX E43 and launched out in 2014. The phone could be used to make calls, send messages, run apps. After 6 years in 2020, what improvements were made to the new one? The new phone shown in CES features a 5.8-inch E Ink screen with 300PPI. It also has a front light with adjustable color tones. Underneath the hood is an octa-core processor. There are dual speakers, a microphone, a front fingerprint, and dual camera lens on the back. It is worth mentioning that there are dual card slots, which allow users to put two SIM cards, or one SIM card and one SD card in it. Everything is like a general Android phone. Since it is still a prototype, the specification of the final product may differ from above to some extent.

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As seen the phone color is black. Hopefully there are more colors can be selected in the future. You could find that it?s fairly light to carry it around. The phone employs Android OS and performs quite well especially when it?s running some news apps. The software is not 100% completed so the final version will be more easy-to-use and human-centered than the current version. The launch date and price are still unknown.

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In the present day, smartphones have invaded our lives and occupied most of interstitial time. It is so commonly seen that the mobile phone addicts attend to their phone, ignoring everything. Most folks experience eyestrain caused by excessive phone use. The prevalence of myopia and high myopia are increasing globally at an alarming rate, especially for children and teenagers. The last few years have seen a massive revolution in E Ink technology. Soon there will be an E Ink phone that can be used as a general phone, and with it you will not get eyestrain even you frequently use it for a long time because E Ink display does not emit blue light to your eyes, will you like to own such a thing? Don?t you think the E Ink display would replace LCD screens in the cell phone industry in the future?

In addition, there were many other E Ink products you could find at the booth. BOOX also showcased its latest eReaders ? BOOX Max3 and BOOX Note2. BOOX Max3 features a 13.3? large E Ink screen, Octa-core processor, Android 9.0 OS, OTG support, 5GHz Wi-Fi, while BOOX Note2 has similar specs and a 10.3? display with front lights. All of these features make sure the eReaders offer a large display, blazing-fast performance, smooth handwriting, and immersive reading experience.

BOOX also introduced the new firmware 2.2.2 they just released. There were a lot of great new features for its eReaders, such as full-page translation, scribbles on nearly all ebook formats, optimized user interface, and so on. Inspired by the users? feedback and advice, BOOX gets a great number of ideas and launches a new firmware update for its eReaders every three to six months.

There were substantial high-tech products in the show, BOOX E Ink smartphone is one of the most anticipated items. There are some E Ink phones that have come out last year. Predictably, a bunch of new E Ink phones are going to be released in the near future. It is probably the big trend of 2020.

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