BigBigAds Closed Alternative 2019? [Facebook Ads]

BigBigAds Closed Alternative 2019? [Facebook Ads]

There are a lot of ads spy tools, but some tools have disappeared, such as: Adsviser, BigBigAds, and several other tools that have not heard it in recent years. Facebook?s requirements for spy tools are very strict, and if you violate Facebook?s rules, these tools will be required to close.

Although BigBigAds can no longer be used, there are some alternatives to BigBigAds in 2019, and the functions are very powerful. Recently, the most popular ads spy tools are bigspy (free), poweradspy, adspy, adaptive, adespresso, SocialPeta.


This is one of the most recommended tools I had in 2019. Bigspy is a free facebook ads spy tool. It has the most social media platforms, including facebook, twitter, admob, pinterest, instagram, yahoo.

For Facebook?s spy feature, bigspy includes nearly 200 million ad inventory in 50 countries.

The categories of ads that can be filtered are marketing goals, country, creative, industry, cta type, time, e-commerce software.

Other features: Track the performance of your ads.

Find the user?s favorite ads, the most shared ads, the most recent ads, and the ads that have stopped.

Cost: Free

Bigspy vs. BigBigAds:

The basic functions of bigaspy are more complete than the functions of bigbigads, covering more countries, and advertising inventory is also the most in all current spy tools.


The poweradspy basic version has very few features, and the paid version has more features. The paid version of poweradspy contains more than 5 million ads in 15 countries. Social platforms that can spy are faceboook, Instagram, youtube.

The functions that can be filtered include: international home, ad type, advertising system, advertiser, cta type

Cost: $49 to $249 per month

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Adspy is also a long-lived spy tool, and adspy contains 80 million ads. The platforms that can spy are: facebook, instagram.

In addition to basic search filtering, adspy can also filter comments.

Cost: $149 per month


SocialPeta is an addition to the basic spy tools, but also a lot of analysis capabilities.

Therefore, in addition to some basic filtering and filtering functions, SocialPeta can also do a simple intelligence analysis for Facebook advertisers.

Cost: $59 per month

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Adplexity divides Facebook ads into five types, mobile, desktop, native ads, etc.

The cost of each type of ad is different

Cost: $149 to $299 per month


Adespresso is mainly a test for advertising, analysis tools, as a spy tool, a small number of advertising inventory, and also need to install the software. But adespresso is free as a spy tool.

The above 2019 is a brief introduction to the bigbigads alternative tool. Each tool store is worth a try. I hope everyone can find the best ad spy tool you like.


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