Best Weedeater/String Trimmer Harness/Shoulder Strap

Best Weedeater/String Trimmer Harness/Shoulder Strap

If you are using a string trimmer for more than one hour a week, it is highly recommended that you use a weed eater harness to prevent injury to your back. Saving a few bucks here and there is not worth the health issues and inconveniences that come along with using a hedge trimmer without a shoulder strap. In this article we will discuss what to look for when buying a trimmer/weed eater harnesses and which products we like.

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Considerations Before Buying a String Trimmer Shoulder Strap

When it comes to the trimmer harnesses that we reviewed, price is highly correlated with comfort and quality. When considering if it is worth it to spend the extra money for a more comfortable model, you should consider how sensitive your back and overall body are to extra weight and how often you will be using it. For example, if you only use a string trimmer a few times a year to deal with overgrown hedges, the cheaper items are probably enough to handle your needs. That being said, if you are a gardener who uses trimmers on a daily basis, and your back is already in pain, it is highly worth it to buy the more robust harnesses.

What to Look for in a Brush Cutter Shoulder Strap

We understand that it can be hard to tell which features matter when making a purchase, so here are the primary features, beyond just price and reviews, that we search for when picking the top hedge trimmer harnesses.

How Adjustable It Is

All of the harnesses we mention in this article can be modified to fit various trimmers (STIHL, Husqvarna, and ECHO included) and body sizes, but some of them are more flexible than others. This is important because you want to make sure that the harness fits snug to your body to ensure comfort.

If It Comes With a Shock Absorbing Hip Pad

Less expensive trimmer harnesses typically do not come with shock absorbing hip pads, which we recommend using because they reduce the strain on your hips and allow for a wider range of movement.

How Much Back Support It Has

While most grass trimmer slings on the market come with some degree of back support, the amount of support varies from product to product. Some items come with upper back support while others come with full back support, and some are simply brush cutter shoulder straps. In general, and especially if you have a problematic back, we recommend purchasing a product that has good back support, even if it costs a little bit more.

How Robust the Straps Are

Some of these trimmer harnesses come with shoulder straps that are thicker than others and help reduce the strain on your shoulders.

Top 2 Universal Grass Cutter Harnesses/Shoulder Straps

After looking at a number of harnesses, and given how they fit with the factors we mentioned in this article, we have decided the following two items are the best:

Best Bank for Your Buck Pick:

Dunhil Black Comfort Padded Belt Double Shoulder Strap

This weed wacker harness is a ridiculous value for the price. It features decent back support, a fair amount of adjustability, and relatively robust shoulder straps. The main con to this item is that it does not have quite as much back support as other harnesses, and it does not come with a hip pad. That being said, it is a great pick for someone who may not be using their trimmer very often and does not have major back problems.

Best Overall Pick:

Husqvarna 596296301 Unisex Work Balance Safety Xt Harness

This trimmer harness is the newer model of the Husqvarna 523048201 that was loved by many, and for good reason. This newer model comes in at a lower price point than the previous model, while maintaining all of the features that made the older model a quality item.

It comes with the best overall support and comfort out of any other shoulder harness on the market. In particular the shock absorbing hip pad and backplate makes this product unique and superior to the other products on the market. While the price is relatively high compared to the other trimmer harnesses we reviewed, in our opinion, it is highly worth the extra money if you plan on using it semi-regularly or if you have back issues.


At the end of the day, we recommend pretty much everyone who plans on using their trimmer for more than 1 hour per month to go with the Husqvarna 596296301. This string trimmer shoulder harness is truly worth spending the extra money on to ensure a comfortable experience. That being said, if you only use your trimmer a few times a year and do not have major back issues, the Dunhil Black Comfort Padded Belt Double Shoulder Strap should be enough to get the job done and it is significantly cheaper.

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