Best Smell Proof Containers For Cannabis Reviews 2020

Best Smell Proof Containers For Cannabis Reviews 2020

We all want the most fragrant cannabis, but that fragrance can be a liability if you?re traveling outside your home. To counter this unique problem, we gathered the best odor-blocking stash bags on the market. Whether you?re looking for something stylish, practical, compact, or lockable, there?s a stash bag for every type of consumer.

What Are the Best Weed Containers For Storing Your Herb?

Herb Guard UltraViolet Glass Jar

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The herb Guard is another smaller sized smell proof container that resembles a container of hair gel. The container?s was built from the ground up for the stoner on the go.

A lot of these containers are starting to all look pretty similar, I bet. What I can say about this one is that it is 95% effective for smell elimination but does tend to keep bud fresher than other alternatives on the list.

The Herb Guard?s solid color and screw top lid work great, no doubt. They are a little cheaper than other alternatives on this list and I found my bud to stay intact very well with Herb Guard .

ECO Farm Carbon Smell Proof Weed Combo Container

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Do you know what?s better than a smell-proof bag and container? A case. A smell proof case with multiple departments, pockets, and ample storage space.

This smell proof case from Eco Farm is the only weed carrying case you?ll ever need. Apart from looking classy, it?s satisfactory functional.

Starting with the design, it has a modern design and doesn?t look like a lunch box (like most other cases out there.) You can proudly carry it with you during vacation, at home, and work.

Outer surface is crafted with durable material and houses a premium looking Helmet Head logo in classy style. It has a zipper compartment at the front to store more frequently used items which need not be locked.

Main compartment can be locked with an in-built combination lock so you?d be the only person who can access the goods inside. After opening it, you?ll notice several supplementary pockets and mesh design.

Tightvac 1?6 oz Portable Storage Container

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This affordable and convenient airtight multi-use vacuum seal portable storage container for dry goods, good, and herbs and cannabis is an irreplaceble item on every kitchen.

The container can hold up to 6 oz of coffee, tea or trail mix, 16 oz C & H Sugar , and 1 oz of medical herbs.

You can use it in your kitchen as well as take with you during a travel.

Your goods will be saved for longer and will not lose its flavor and smell.

Stand-out features

  • Convenient size
  • Available for travel
  • Moisture free and recyclable
  • Comes in many different colors

Why Weed Storage Matters:

If you store your cannabis in an environment with too much moisture, it can develop mold. (For anyone who grows cannabis, this can be a nightmare scenario.)

Then again, if it gets too dried out, you?ll lose all the flavor and aroma.

Properly curing your cannabis is all about letting it dry slowly.

Of course, if you have kids in the house, proper weed storage matters for obvious reasons. Check out the ECO Farm Weed Containers with locks included above!


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