Best Oscillating Fans For Grow Tent -2020 Update

Best Oscillating Fans For Grow Tent -2020 Update

Why You Need A Fan For Your Grow Tent

Ok, so you are not left wondering why exactly you need to have a fan for your grow tent, let?s go over the various reasons why a clip fan for a grow tent, even a small one, is not only beneficial, but also very necessary.

1. Airflow & Oxygenation

One of the reasons why you need a good fan for your plants, or in other words, why you need to create airflow for your marijuana plants, is because they need to have a light breeze going.

A bit of a breeze will help move around both oxygen and carbon dioxide. Keep in mind that during the day, marijuana plants engage in photosynthesis, and therefore absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen, and they actually do the opposite at night when there is no sunlight.

Those gasses, carbon dioxide and oxygen, need to be moved around for a constant supply and for even distribution.

2. Temperature & Humidity Control

Another reason why you need to have a good air fan in your grow tent is for humidity and temperature control reasons. If you know a thing or two about growing pot, you know that the pot plants need a certain temperature and humidity level to thrive, so you can get the best yields possible.

Having a fan, some airflow, and some good ventilation will allow you to keep the humidity and the temperature down past the acceptable maximum limit.

If the temperature and/or humidity get too high, your cannabis plants will be in trouble, which is where the air fan comes into play.

3. Mold & Fungus Control

Related to the previous point, mold and fungus can be a really big issue in your grow tent.

Mold and fungus often occur in warmer and humid environments, so having a good little clip fan for your grow tent, one which helps regulate temperature and humidity, will therefore also help keep mold and fungus under control as well.

It?s a really big benefit that you need to be aware of.

4. It Helps Combat Pests

The other reason why having a clip fan in your grow tent, as well as good airflow and ventilation in general, is very important, is because it helps to stop pests from invading your grow tent and staying there.

Whether they are spider mites or fungus gnats, they hate windy or even slightly breezy conditions, so a good air fan will help keep them at bay and protect your plants from harm.

Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

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The next item on our count of the best oscillating fan for grow tents is the Secret Jardin Monkey fan. The proportion of this fan is about 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) and it has the power of almost 16-Watt.

The engine is composed of 100% copper and no alloys. This fan can be attached to a pole inside the grow tent so it can easily be adjusted in the direction you want the airflow to be directed at.

The fan weighs around 2 pounds (0.91 kg) and this is not an oscillating fan. If you want an oscillating fan you can check out the best oscillating fans for grow rooms that we have mentioned above.


Strong construction material


Includes clips for mounting



Not an oscillating fan

Less powerful

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Clip on Oscillating Fan

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Here VIVOSUN have a clip fan that it actually designed especially for grow tents. This particular model, the VIVOSUN 6 Inch Clip on Oscillating Fan is designed to clip onto vertical grow tent poles with a diameter between 0.59 and 1 inch, which makes it the perfect choice for pretty much every grow tent out there.

The clip of this fan is made to be very tight and secure, so it does not slide down the poles in the grow tent. Once you mount it, it should have no problems staying in place.

This fan does have 2 different speeds, so you can accurately adjust the airflow based on the needs of your plants. Moreover, this model also allows for a 90 degree horizontal and 120 vertical oscillating range, which is actually quite impressive.

You can direct the fan as you see fit, or you can turn on the oscillation feature as well. This is a pretty durable and secure fan, one that also happens to be fairly quiet too, so it won?t disturb anybody.

It might look like a really simple clip fan for grow tents, which it is, but it works just fine.

ECO Farm Mini Flexible Electric Clip Fan

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ECO Farm 6-inch grow tent oscillating fan is one of the most affordable grow tent fans on the market. The fan operates smoothly and it features two fan speeds with adjustable tilt.

This means that you can provide the airflow wherever you want it to in your grow room.

This is a quality and durable fan with exceptional features at a fair price. It also has a strong grip clamp that easily attaches on surfaces such as poles inside the grow tent. Besides being used in the grow tent, this fan can also be attached on different surfaces in the office, dorm, school or even RV.

One of the most vital features of the Comfort Zone grow tent fan is its 6-inch tough break-resistant ABS plastic bladed clip-on fan. Besides, it has a 5.5-foot cord which is long enough and a steel safety cord.

With the 2-speeds and adjustable head, you can get the fan to blow the air in the direction that you want at a low or high speed. This ensures that the whole preferred area is covered and the right temperature is attained in different parts of the grow area.

However, this is not a very powerful fan and may not cover a wider area. But if you?re on a budget or want to cover a small grow area, then this is the perfect grow tent oscillating fan for you.


Made of a durable construction

Very convenient to use with adjustable speed

Outstanding coverage area

Extremely quiet in operation

Excellent and strong grip clamp

It is very affordable

Adjustable head to easily direct the airflow


Not a very powerful fan


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