Best Heat Rosin Press For Beginners 2019

Best Heat Rosin Press For Beginners 2019

What actually is a rosin press?

Rosin presses are used to produce solvent-free cannabis concentrate and they require just two things to work correctly: heat and pressure.

A rosin press uses a solvent-less technique to create cannabis rosin, and this will eliminate any solvent contamination of the cannabis end-product.

A rosin press also removes the need for the dab enthusiast to clean the machine of solvent impurities.

There are lots of rosin presses on the market, but before purchasing the best one for your needs, it?s good to know as much as possible about a rosin press? benefits and features in order to be able to make the best decision for your specific needs and preferences.

Rosin Presses have risen to popularity in lieu of more and more people waking up to the real benefits of CBD, and there are those out there who want to push the envelope even further to extract their own. This is just one of the many uses of this kind of heat press, but generally in 2019 the method of CBD extraction is what you find users wanting their own machine for.

The best manual rosin press

Manual rosin presses require a bit of work on your end, but they are also the cheapest rosin presses available. Manual presses are perfect for the home grower looking to turn some of their harvest into some rosin. There are two presses we want to highlight here.


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The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and developing new products and ways to consume them. Extracts have been popular for some time, but have traditionally required the use of chemical solvents to produce. Relatively new on the scene is a solventless extract called rosin. Produced by pressing material between two heated plates, rosin can then be consumed as dabs, coated over a joint, or cooked into food.

Rosin can be produced at home using a hair straightener, but if it is your preferred product, a small manual cannabis press machine is a great investment. The best rosin press will allow you to make more rosin at once, with less effort and more precise control over pressure and heat. It also helps to avoid burning yourself!

ECO FARM High Pressure Portable Rosin Tech Heat Press 2019 Prime 2 Ton Manual Heat Rosin Press. It?s easy operation mode for quick job. Digital controller panels control each heating element and read-out individually. User could use this machine to heat pressing flowers, herbs, tea leaves, etc.

The pros

What to like:

The eco farm rosin press machine is easy to use, and its instructions are really detailed.

You can operate it manually with the arm pump.

Over-the-center pressure adjustment.

HRPO laser-cut-quality steel framework.

RGB screentouch control panel with icon displaying, read-out accurate & easily setting.

Scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish after metal rust removal & phosphorization.

It comes with heated smash plates.

It made from high-quality materials for a more extended lifespan.

It is also easy to maintain.

The cons

What to consider:

You might have to tighten some loose elements after the package arrives at your home, but other than that you will not have any problems using this rosin press.

NugSmasher ? MINI Heat Press

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Great for personal use

Mini NugSmasher is the best choice for personal use, and it?s not a very good option for commercial use due to its mini heat press. The quality of this rosin press is not compromised at all because it?s made in the USA. The size is not big at all, and its pressing power can generate the best rosin. It will turn out great for home use.

No need for assembly

The NugSmasher mini heat press comes ready for use in its package, and there?s no need to waste time assembling it. There?s no complicated procedure involved, and all you have to do is plug the machine and get it to work.

Great steel pressing plates

The steel pressing plates that come on board with this machine are 2.5-inch in diameter, and they deliver a pressing pressure of two tons.

Pressing 3 to 4 grams of material

With the NugSmasher mini press, you will be able to press up to 4 grams of material, but this is the optimal quantity for a home rosin press. The heating can go up to 350 degrees, and it?s not recommended that you exceed this number.

Portable and compact

The NugSmasher weight about 25lbs and it?s very portable compared to other home rosin presses. It also comes with a compact design, and this makes it perfect for personal use and for carrying it around the house.

The pros

What to like:

It?s ideal for personal use in your home.

It?s very compact and portable.

It comes with a two-tons pressing capability, and this is enough for a personal rosin press.

The NugSmasher also comes with press bags to fit the mini press.

It is made out of solid steel.

The NugSmasher Mini comes with 2.5-inches smash plates.

The machine features dual-heating elements.

It has circuit protection and fast retract plate release.

It comes with a manual pump arm.

It is guaranteed for life.

The cons

What to consider:

You will not be able to press more than 3?4 grams but considering that the NugSmasher is a rosin press for personal use in your apartment, it?s enough.

When it comes to what we?d consider the best rosin or heat press for minimal home use, the MINI certainly ticks all of our boxes. It?s low-cost, light, very easy to transport, and is sturdy enough to travel with (or for those who regularly move from apartment to apartment and need a press that can withstand regular wear and tear).

The Pure Pressure Longs Peak

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This mammoth of a rosin press can press out 35 grams at once! It features Ultra-premium 10? x 3? heated plates that not only produce quantity, but QUALITY.

This machine has the option of upgrading to automated pressure control, resulting in even less work on your end.

This unit checks all the boxes we look for in a great rosin press ? high quality, rectangular plates with even heat distribution, automation, and flexibiliy. It even comes with a solid warranty, which at that price tag, is important.

Another awesome pneumatic press is the PurePressure Pikes Peak, a slightly toned down version of the Longs Peak.

If you want greatness of the Longs Peak with a smaller price tag, check out the Pikes Peak. This is another exceptional pneumatic rosin press.

How To Make ROSIN (Rosin Pressing)

The simply described way to make Rosin is this:

Take a rectangle of parchment paper and fold in half the long way.

Take a bud and place in the center of the fold in the parchment

Place wrapped bud in preheated hair straightener or Rosin press and press.

Remove ?squished? bud and collect rosin.

Let me elaborate on all of these steps.

When selecting parchment, it is best to select a natural or organic option, if possible. Allow enough room for the bud to ?stretch? as it is squished, and room for the oil to spread around the bud.

** An additional tech that came along, is called directional flow. After folding paper in half and loading product into the center, Then fold each side diagonally on each side of bud, as to direct the pressed oil towards the front of the created pocket.

This biggest key to Rosin is the beginning product. High quality fresh nugs and bubble hash will produce the finest quality rosin. Another factor is that every strain will product different results. Start small, experiment, and with good results, continue. When pressing bubble or shake, use an unbleached coffee filter, tea bag, or specialized rosin bags to prevent plant material getting into your fresh rosin!


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