Best Facebook Ad Spy Tools 2020

Best Facebook Ad Spy Tools 2020

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To stay on top of your game, you have to know what your competitors are doing. This way, you will know what to incorporate in your strategy and what not to waste time and resources on if they are doing it and it?s not yielding pleasing results.

With the best Facebook Ad Spy Tools, you will easily spy on your competitor?s Facebook Ads and use their strategy efficiently to be the best.

However, you must know the best Facebook Ads Spy Tool for your niche. Again, don?t fall for the common misconception about how Facebook Ad Spy Tools work. You cannot just copy and paste your competitors? campaigns and expect good results.

Remember, you must sound authentic to avoid turning potential buyers off and increase sales.

Why use Facebook Ads? How are Facebook Ads Spy Tools used?

They show you what your competitors are up to, the creative used, ad copy used, their targeting options, plus the audience list.

Generally, they will show you what they are doing different with their social ads to succeed in their business

They will help you identify new opportunities in your niche

They will help you to create unique and winning campaigns. After analyzing all the aspects of your competitor?s strategy, you can pick what?s working or what?s trending, and then come up with your comparable strategy to be the best.

With Facebook Ads Spy Tool, you can easily follow your competitor?s campaigns to know the specific landing pages that they are using is specific GEOs.

You will also be able to assess their sales page copy, their customer service, and their products? quality.

Best Facebook Ad Spy Tools List:


If you want to concentrate on all social media ads, then PowerAdSpy is the tool that you should get.

It is a tool that provides a great breakdown on your competitors targeting options, their URL for landing page, their social engagement plus their last seen date.

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Such information is powerful since it gives you an idea on what makes their campaign tick.

You can use the tool to spy on your competitors other social media platforms. They include:



Google Display


Native Ads


Google Ads

You can learn a lot by looking at what your competitors are doing on other social media platforms.

With this ad spy tool, you get ideas on how to run your ads on these other platforms.

You might pick a strategy that your competitors are using on one platform and use it on a different platform.

Again, it really simplifies finding and also examine your competitors? sales funnels. Plus, the tool has a call-to-action filter that will enable you to know the actions the competitors ask of the users.

However, you must be careful since not all strategies work on all platforms.

Get Poweradspy Free Trial


Compared to our number one Facebook Ad Spy Tool recommendation, PowerAdSpy, MagicAdz is relatively new, but the reason it comes second is because despite it being new, it is making tremendous waves, and performing much better than older ad spy tools.

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First, this tool has an extremely large database of ads which are available in 49 countries.

Second, the MagicAdz spy tool helps your campaign in that it can identify suspected cloaked affiliate ads, suspected cloaked ads and uncloaked affiliate ads. The tool does all this in just a single click!

What Makes This Feature Important?

Many advertisers cloak their landing page so that it becomes difficult to find it. By uncloaking the ads, you are able to analyze their sales funnel and advertisement strategy.

With this information, it is possible to create your own ads strategies using the data you gather.

Additionally, you are able to cloak your ads and your competitors will only see the landing page that you allow manual view.


This is one spy tool that is a tad above the rest. It is not only comprehensive but also has a cool user interface.

You can use this add to see your competitors?:

Social media ads,

PPC ads,

Keywords your competitors are using in Search Engine Optimization

Ad campaigns

Key word implementation

Content marketing


It is a very powerful tool for CPA marketers who want to see improvement in their ad campaigns.

Using the tool, it is easy to see the keyword your competitor is using, how they are using it and how it is driving traffic to their campaign.

Intelligent marketers pick these keywords and use then in a clever way to help their campaign reach a wider audience.

You will also understand how to get backlinks such that people can use the links to land on your ad pages.

All in all, it is a powerful tool which has great potential when you use it in the right manner


One of the greatest features of Anstrex is that it is more of a comprehensive program.

This means that it is capable of spying on both Native and Push ads. Although it is not an Ad Spy Tool per say, it is still a great tool to have.

With it, you can unlock many ad formats, traffic sources and affiliate networks. Using this information, it becomes very easy to create your own successful ad campaign.

Its built in filters are very powerful and are able to uncover the strategies that your competitors use to run their successful campaigns.

Some landing pages are just too good to ignore! The spy tool has a landing page editor which enables you to edit a competitors landing page to perfectly fit your campaign strategy.

With it, you can not only spy on your competitors? campaigns, but you can also unlock numerous ad formats.


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This spy tool plays in the big leagues. With the tool, you are able to spy on your competitors? campaign on a number of different fronts.

These fronts include:

Push ads


Desktop Ads

Mobile Ads

Native Ads

The tool comes in handy when you want to find out the campaigns your competitors are running right now.

This feature is useful since it will help you discover if there are new strategies that you can implement in your own campaign.

The spy tool also enables you to check on over 70 million plus shops and over a hundred thousand stores.

It gives you the ability to check on the pricing history of these stores and the APPs the stores apply.

The information that you get is important since you can have a more targeted campaign.

If you want lead the curve, then this is one of the tools that you should get.


This is another cool tool that you should have in your arsenal. In additional to features like unlocking ads, the tool allows you to filter the results using tracking system and affiliate network.

With the app, it will be very easy for you to discover the strategies that your top performing competitors are using to gain such a lead in the market.

You can fashion your campaign on the tactics you discover to give your campaign a boost.

More important, with this spy tool, you can also use the spy tool to discover the tactics more than one of your competitors use to run their top notch campaigns.

You can then go ahead and fashion your own hybrid strategy. Who knows, it might as well work wonders that your competitors would want to copy you!

In addition, you can use the tool to download your competitors? creative, their landing pages and also their audience targeting strategies.

It is however worth noting that it is among the pricier ad spy tool on this review.


The SocialAdScout ad spy tool had just to make it in our review. This tool comes with many filters and each of them is very important. With this tool, you are able to target both desktop and mobile ad campaigns of your competitors.

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The availability of the data gives you an edge.

If your main target audience has been the desktop users, then you can learn a lot from your competitors who are doing great on the mobile phone front by using SocialAdScout.

Also, if you are already in mobile phone ads, then you can learn a thing or two from your top performing competitors.

With the tool, you are also able to identify the demographics of the target audience plus their segmentation on your competitors? ad campaigns.

With this information, you are able to design your campaign to target the same demographic and market segment.


This is another great option when it comes to intelligence tools.

The best thing about the Adsova ad spy tool is that it is very versatile and also offers some unique filters.

One of the challenges of other intelligence tools is that it can be difficult to interpret the data they gather.

However, Adsova presents the data in an easy-to-interpret manner.

The user interface is also superb.

One of the things that makes the interface superb is the menu icon found on the app?s search page.

With the icon, you can be able to see the ads competitors are running now!

Using the tool you can also follow the campaigns of your competitors over time through ad tracker.

The information you gain is invaluable. You can see and follow how they arrange their campaigns, and the changes that they make along the way.


SpyFu is one of the best spy tools in the market today. It has powerful filters which makes it easy for you to search Pay Per Content ads using keywords.

The tool packs a punch since it has six packages which include:

SpyFU Classic

Domain Ad Top 100 Lists


Keyword Ad History

Keyword Smart Search

SpyFu Kombat

SpyFu kombat: This tool shows you three websites and all their history in regards to the keywords they are using. It also shows you the history of the keyword(s) use over a couple of years.

Top 100 list: This is list by the tool which shows custom leads, lists, domains and keywords.

SpyFu Classic: All you need to do is type a domain name in the search box and you will receive tons of information about the target company.

The information includes organic traffic, organic and paid for keywords, the number of ads verses the advertisers among other useful information.

Wrapping up

With the best Facebook Ad Spy Tools, you will not only be leading the game, but you will have impressive sales. The Ad Spy Tools help you know your competitors? strategies then use them to your advantage. The list above comprises the best Ad Spy Tools for Facebook, and we hope that you see results once you start using any of them. Good luck!


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