Best Center Build in NBA 2K20

Best Center Build in NBA 2K20

The center is an irreplaceable important player in the NBA 2k20 lineup. A strong center can not only play well but also do defensive work and help build your top five powerful players. So how do you complete the best center build? Here, (NBA 2k20 buy mt, you can also visit here.) brings you the best center build guide in the NBA 2k20.


Skill Breakdown: Select the chart weighted for Defense / Rebounding and Finishing.

Physical Profile: Select the chart where Agility, Strength, and Vertical are equally balanced, so you can maintain your agility and vertical, while still boosting your strength.

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Finishing: Max Everything

For Finishing, max out everything. This includes Close Shot, Driving Layup, Driving Dunk, Standing Dunk, and Post Hook.

Shooting: Post Fade (Max)

For Shooting, max out Post Fade. For Playmaking, max out Post Moves. A shooting-slanted center can max out at 87 midranges, 84 three-point, and 95 post-fade, so it could be a nightmare to cover all over the court.

Playmaking: Ball Handle (43) | Post Moves (Max)

When setting your Potential, be sure to max out your Mid-Range, Three-Pointer, Free Throw, Post Fade, as well as all Playmaking moves. For the Post Fade, you can save some stats by moving it down one point below the max.

Defense / Rebounding: Interior Defense (86) | Lateral Defense (Max) | Block (82) | Offensive Rebound (Max) | Defensive Rebound (Max)

For Defense, max out Lateral Quickness and Offensive and Defensive Rebound. Get Interior Defense to a very high number, without maxing it out. So, around 86. Do the same with block, get it to 82. Use your last 10 points on Ball Handle. And the 76 defensive reboundings and 75 blocks are still adequate down low on defense.

Height ? 7’1″As a center, you want your build to be very tall. 7’1″ seems to be the best choice.

Weight ? 254 lbsAs our intention is to make our build a tank. Having him be heavy is a must.

Wingspan ? 95.2″Making your wingspan this large will make your block incredibly high, which is what we want.

TakeoverOur recommended Takeover is Post Score.


Shooting: Deep Fades (Bronze)

Image for postshooting badges

Get Deep Fakes which will help with the Post Fadeaway.

Playmaking: Post Spin Technician (Bronze)

You need to get a Post Spin Technician. You could also choose Quick First Step or Dream Shake, up to you.

Defense / Rebounding: Box (HOF) | Brick Wall (HOF) | Intimidator (HOF) | Rebound Chaser (HOF) | Rim Protector (HOF) | Post Move Lockdown (Silver)

From Hall of Fame, you need to get Box and Rebound Chaser. These will make your rebounds crazy. You can also get Brick Wall. This is an absolute must for this build. Will increase your defense by a large margin.

Finally, get Intimidator and Rim Protector ? These are the cherry on top. They?ll make your defense almost impenetrable. From Silver, get Post Move Lockdown which will make it much easier to defend against post moves.

Finishing: Backdown Punisher (HOF) | Contact Finisher (HOF) | Deep Hooks (HOF) | Dropstepper (HOF) | Lob City Finisher (HOF) | Pick & Roller (Silver)

From Hall of Fame, you need to get Backdown Punisher. This will boost the chance of you making your opponent back down. Once done, you need to get Dropstepper which will make your drop steps much more effective.

Also, get Contact Finisher which will help you with all types of contact around the net. Finally. Get Lob City Finisher and Deep Hooks ? these will top off your finishing.

From Silver, you need to get Pick & Roller to increase how often you finish around the net.

These are just a few of the pieces that will help you build a strong lineup in the NBA 2k20. See here for other content:Best Small Forward in NBA 2K20Tips for Building The Best Point Guard in NBA 2K20Tips and Tricks for Building the Best Shooting Guards in NBA 2K20


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