Advantages of Cob Led for the cannabis plant growing

Now, we are going to see all the advantages of COB LED grow lights when it comes to the cannabis grow. Anyhow, since there are lots of different ways to analyze these advantages, we will simply list them for you to see. Let?s start.

  • The Heat ? The COB LED grow lights are not producing almost any heat and therefore, they don?t damage the plants. Other light systems are actually pretty much hot when they are on for more than one hour. But, with the COB LED grow lights that is not a case. You can literally touch them and nothing will happen.Also, since there will be no burning of the filament, COB LED grow lights are definitely the best solution and recommendable choice for cannabis growth. You can put LED lights 30?45 cm above the plants and they will work wonders.
  • The Color Spectrums ? Since all of the light spectrums are required to grow a healthy cannabis plant, COB LED grow lights are here to provide that. We all know that light spectrum that cannabis plant requires goes from blue to red, therefore, COB LED grow lights are delivering something in between that, a mixture of blue and red, which is almost perfect for cannabis growth.If you want your plant to be healthy and to grow big, it is highly recommendable to get the COB LED grow lights, since you can?t go wrong with them.
  • Durability ? The COB LED grow lights are pretty durable and they last for a longer period of time than regular lights. This is because of their special design and quality of the materials that they are made of. Anyhow, COB LED grow lights are able to last more than 55.000 hours, which makes them pretty long-lasting.With this much life time, you won?t need any substitutes or secondary lights for your healthy cannabis growth.

Things to Look for When Buying a 1000 watt COB LED Grow Light


Before you put your money on a 1000 watt LED grow light, you must put into consideration, the quality of the materials used in fabricating the LED grow light and how durable the LED grow light is. LED grow light are used for a very long period of time, so you need to confirm the quality of the light before buying it to avoiding constantly replacing the light.

To reach the informed conclusion that the LED grow light you are about to put your money on is durable and made with quality products, you should not only depend on the words of the manufacturers but personally check listed materials used in manufacturing it. The list of materials would usually be in the manual that comes with the light.

Manufacturer?s Reputation

Are you troubled about the appropriate LED grow light to buy in a market that the entire product seems similar with the pricing and appearances looking same? Don?t fret, succor is here, you can determine a good product by relying on the pedigree of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have been in the business of manufacturing LED grow lights for a very long time and have been known to only produce quality LED grow light. Buying from renowned and reputable manufacturers will give probable assurance that the product is likely to be of a good product.

Power Consumption of the Light

Before buying that LED grow lights, you have to consider the electricity output and consumption of the light. Averagely, you will need to utilize the light for a minimum of 10?11 hours per day, so you need your LED grow light to consume the lowest form of energy possible because the implication of long usage and high electricity usage is increased electricity bills.

You certainly don?t want to spend a whole lot in paying for electricity bill or the LED grow light. Be smart about making your choice on the best 1000w LED grow light for your plants and farm by checking the manufacturer?s manual for the power consumption of the light before buying it.

Heat Output

Traditional light emits a whole lot of heat which could really be harmful to plants but on the contrary, LED grow light are naturally designed to emit low heat, but yet some of them produce a whole lot of it. You want to be sure that the kind of heat being emitted by the LED grow light is suitable for your plant and farm as a whole. Failure to ensure that it emits the rightly accepted heat could lead to the LED grow light affecting your plants negatively and affecting your harvest. Please be sure of the heat output of your LED grow light vis-a-vis the heat requirement of your plant and farm.

The type of Plant/Farmhouse

Before deciding your LED grow light, a factor you must consider is the type of plant you?re growing and its requirements. Generally, a common feature of all LED grow light is that they will all generally be useful for most plants, however, varying plants have varying specialize needs. The kind of LED grow light required for growing heavy crops are different from the conventional LED grow light used in growing flower. If you make the mistake of rushing to buy a LED grow light, you might have rushed to buy a light that is not useful to your plants

Ease of installation and Adjustment

A feature you must consider in deciding the best 1000 watt LED grow light to buy is the ease of use and flexibility. In the cause of usage, there are usually the need to regulate the arrangement of your lamps, based on your farm setting, the type of plant you are growing, and the growth stage at which your plant is. This is usually because, at different stages of the lifespan of your plant, they would require varying exposure to lights so you must provide the lights based on the need of the plants. Before you buy your next LED grow light, please consider the adjustability of the lights.


Phlizon CREE Cob Series 1000W LED Plant Grow Light

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CREE COB LEDS- CREE COB is known for high power and stability. CREE COB, higher brightness, smaller thermal resistance, less light attenuation and longer life.CREE COB itself is a full spectrum design with high PPFD value which can promote faster and better plant growth

EXTREMELY HIGH PPFD- PPFD, Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density?Hanging at 18″, the PPFD is 941 umol/ms. The bigger the density, the higher the value, the better the plant. COB LED has highest PPFD output. COB LED is much brighter and more efficient than traditional LEDs.

FULL SPECTRUM- The COB LED itself is a full spectrum lamp integrated design bead. We have added additional light beads in various bands to ensure the full spectrum of science. It contains 2pcs COB, 40pcs 630?660nm, 6pcs 470nm,5pcs 6500k, 3pcs 3000K, 2pcs UV, 2pcs IR

MAXIMUM ENERGY SAVING- The actual power is 245watt.Best hang height at 24″,Core Coverage area at 40″*40″(3.3*3.3ft). Maximum coverage area at 42″*42″(3.5*3.5ft). It is more scientifically and energy-efficient than HPS HID and MH. It serves both herb/veg/bloom and is convinient for you.

This Phlizon LED grow light does have a switch for veg/bloom and a second switch to turn the COBs on or off, which means you can cut down on power costs when your plants don?t need the full output (during vegging, for example).

When you buy this COB LED grow light, you also get a set of hangers and adjustable rope ratchets, grow light glasses and a thermometer and humidity monitor. You also get a power cord and your light is covered by a 2 year warranty and a 30 day return policy. This is the best COB LED grow light value on the market.


  • High quality CREE COB LED grow light diodes: the industry standard
  • Most powerful light on this list (2161 umol/m/s at 18 inches)
  • Great full spectrum light for plants in all stages of growth
  • 4 by 4 foot coverage is among the largest on this list (though 33 gives max intensity)
  • Actual Power: 245 watt 3%
  • 2 year warranty


  • More expensive than most other lights on this list
  • Heavier than most other lights on this list


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Based on 8pcs 150W itergrated and 144pcs 5W high power LED as light soruce. COB white light can completely replace the cree 3590 spectrum, and provide nutritional spectra such as IR and UV, which can meet all plants growth needs.

3-channel dimming to control power output and spectrum ratio. VEG and Bloom combined with COB are ideal for growing plants.

A spherical 60 secondary optical lens provides a more uniform light intensity without burning the plants.

Each switch control the light on/off, three dimmers adjust the intensity of integrated COB and all 5w LED respectively.Thus it save on electricity costs.

COB channel we have 3000k and 5000k is optional,or a mixture of two color temperature sources.

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Great spectrum for plants

Very affordable

Actual Power:1256W

Perfect spectrum for all stages of plant growth

provide nutritional spectra such as IR and UV

Covered under a warranty



Hipargero 1200W COB LED Grow Lights

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Hipargero 1200W is a grow light that is designed to provide your indoor plants with the ultimate performance. The grow light uses six pieces of 3000K high power COBs that deliver full-spectrum light in the range of 380nm to 730nm. It is ideal for use through all the stages of your cannabis growth. The lamp also has an additional 24 pcs of 3W Osram LEDs that increase the amount of light through the flowering and planting phases for an overall good plant yield. The LEDs in use are of top quality, unlike the cheap models that burn-out within a few months of use. The system has a powerful cooling mechanism that involves two high-speed fans, a built-in aluminum cooling sink, and high-heat conducting iron shells that help to transfer the internal heat to the outside. The cooling system helps to keep the LEDs cool and increase the working life of the lamp.

It comes with double switches for both Veg and Flowering stages which do not affect the amount of power the device uses. The Hipargero 200W COB LED Grow Light consumes only 360 Watts power, but you can use it in the place of an 800W HPS/MH grow lamp. It can ideally cover an area of 4ft by 4ft that has plants in their vegetative stage and an area of 3ft by 3ft with plants in their flowering phase. The lamp comes with a daisy chain feature that allows you to connect more than one light unit for convenience. All the lamps go through thorough testing before the factory releases them to the market.

The grow light comes with a one year guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can contact the company if you have any problems or inquiries and receive a reply within 24 hours from their highly reliable customer care personnel?s.


  1. It produces a full spectrum light that you can use throughout all the stages of your cannabis growth.
  2. Since it uses Osram LEDs and High-power Epileds, the quality of light it produces is highly reliable and helps increase the plant?s yields.
  3. Its powerful cooling system helps to increase the working life of the lamp.
  4. The lamp comes with both bloom and Veg switches that you can use to control the amount of light you provide your plants.
  5. It has a daisy chain feature that you can use to connect several lamps and have them run from a single power outlet. You, therefore, do not need to purchase several power cords.
  6. The lamp is highly power-efficient as it uses only 360Watts of power but can compete directly with an 800W HPS grow light.


  1. It has a brief warranty period when you compare it to its competitors in the market.
  2. Some users have noted it to be slightly noisy when in use.

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