Be The Best Hoe You Can Be.

Be The Best Hoe You Can Be.

I got your back, hoe [giphy]

Do it right.

Listen up, girl.

A lot of guys in your life have called you a hoe. Even before you had ever even kissed anyone. Before you ever rubbed up against a bulge when making out during a dance in high school.

So why not just be a hoe.

I know it may go against everything you?ve ever been told about being a woman and how to be a good person? but is being a hoe all that bad?

You get to have consensual sex with other willing adults whenever you want. And since you?re a hoe and you?ve decided to embrace your hoe-ness? you don?t have to feel bad about going down on anyone or having them go down on you.

Once you admit that you do want to have fun without inhibitions just like guys are allowed to, life becomes simpler. Do you want to go back to this guy?s place? No? Awesome! Go home. Do you want to go back to his place or invite him to yours? Go ahead! Don?t do any mental gymnastics about how awful it is if you add another ?body? to your ?body count.?

I mean, be a responsible hoe. Use protection. Love yourself and don?t put up with anyone trying to make you do anything you don?t want to (if they keep persisting, kick them in the dick).

But just be a hoe. An honest hoe. The best at hoe-ing. But if you want to be a hoe, just be one. Stop trying to convince yourself that enjoying sex is a bad thing.

God gave you a clitoris for a damn reason. And you like your clitoris, you like it a lot.

So if you want to use it, use it.

Image for postGo forth and get freaky with it!

FF Merchant is a writer from New York City and a newfound hoe. Follow her here on Medium for more satire, writing advice, and some erotica.


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