Aquarius Man Behavior in Love- Understanding Him Well

Aquarius Man Behavior in Love- Understanding Him Well

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Need to know more about Aquarius man in love behavior? Stay tuned to this article. You will have a good understanding of him.

Many women have had the experience of becoming friends and then being lovers with an Aquarius man. These men are very loyal as friends and once you develop a close friendship with a man born under this astrological sign, it is easy to fall in love. If you wonder what an Aquarius man likes in a woman, the answer is fairly simple. Someone who is independent and enjoys social life is likely to conquer his heart.

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Intelligence is something that an Aquarius man likes in a woman. He wants someone who can talk to him about everything from politics to sports. If you see a certain Aquarius man, it?s a good idea to look at what?s happening in the world. He will be so impressed when you start a conversation about one of the most current topics in the news. If you can keep his brain stimulated, you will never lose his attention. Don?t try to pretend you know what he?s talking about. He will see through this immediately and will find it completely unattractive. This is actually a great way to lose an Aquarius man.

Jealousy does not work well if you have set your heart for a relationship with a man born at the end of January to mid-February. They see nothing wrong in having female friends and talking to other ladies as they are very social. In fact, he will see you irresistible If befriend interesting people of both sexes.will show him that his choice of friends is going well and you will also show him that you can be friends with other men without romantic entanglements.

Understanding is also what an Aquarius man likes in a woman. In case he needs to change the plan that both of you have to attend another important meeting, don?t be upset. This is also true if he forgets about your anniversary or birthday. The truth is that these men don?t value special dates as much as others. It is not because the day means less to him, it is only that it is not at the forefront of his mind. If it is important to you that he remembers, then remind him yourself. He will appreciate the gesture and you will not feel neglected.

Long-term commitment is not high on the priority list of men born under this sun sign. If you have set your heart for a marriage proposal, this can take a long time. It is important to remember how much it means to you and how much you value the relationship. Never push an Aquarius man one way, because he can withdraw. Instead, focus on the positive sides of the relationship. He will love you even more to do that.

Aquarius Characteristics:


  • Original
  • Smart
  • Humanitarian
  • Inventive
  • Witty

Weak points:

  • Not emotionally
  • Rebellious
  • Sarcastic
  • Stubborn
  • Aloof

Understanding Aquarius man in love behavior so you know how to date him

This man is all about intellectual stimulation. You can be the most gorgeous lady in the world, but if you can?t interest him, he won?t bother. Communication is very important for this man.

Deep within he longs for love, but for him, this causes problems deep inside because he cannot understand emotions. A male Aquarius often stumbles over his own words. Be patient with him and do not hold this against him because deep down he has the pleasure of life.

Note, a male Aquarius can decide as quickly that he is no longer in love as he falls in love. The woman will have to adapt to him, he will not adapt to anyone and also demands respect and understanding for who he is, regardless of how eccentric his thoughts can be.

He needs stimulation and a partner to share his life stories, not someone who simply sits on the couch with him to watch a movie. Do not try to push him emotionally or to give him demands and obligations because you push him away with this. Never be jealous, it will leave you immediately.

If you give him everything he needs, he will be completely loyal so you don?t have to worry when he goes out alone. Give him space and respect his privacy and everything will be fine. The male Aquarius is for the woman who likes a challenge and an adventure.

Learn about how an Aquarius man?s logical brain works

You need to learn about how an Aquarius man?s logical brain works in order to use the correct way to seduce, attract, and keep him. At times, it is hard to figure out precisely how to communicate with him in a one-on-one type of situation.

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