Anal Sex Makes Me Fart

Anal Sex Makes Me Fart

I don?t always engage in pegging with my girlfriend, but when I do, I notice that it causes me to fart a lot.

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I don?t always engage in pegging with my girlfriend, but when I do, I notice that it causes me to fart a lot.

My girlfriend and I enjoy her pegging me when she performs oral sex on my cock. We start with a modest size butt plug and sometimes graduate to a full-size dildo. She has used the dildo in conjunction with her strap-on harness, but often it is inserted into my ass and simply stays there.

When I was young, I learned that there are 6 types of farts.

The Fizz

The Fazz

The Fizz-Fazz

The Rip-Shit

The Tear-Ass, and

Ones that go boom.

The farts I get are at least of the Rip-Shit variety and some are Tear-Ass. That means they are loud and reverberate.

The ?Go Ask Alice? website from Colombia University dealt with the question about Anal sex and Farts.

The response first mentions that flatulence is normal and most people do it several times a day. They go on to say that while ?There?s a lot of research on gas production itself,? less is known about gas associated with anal sex.?

They think that anal sex farting may be caused by air being pushed into the rectum because of the thrusting motion. This seems a reasonable hypothesis, but often my girlfriend sticks the dildo in my ass and leaves it there. There isn?t any thrusting action, except for the initial insertion of the dildo.

It is possible that what is different is not the number of times I fart, but the number of times that I fart loudly. Farts of the Fizz or Fazz variety don?t make much noise and may or may not smell bad. But when you let loose one of those sharp, loud farts or a ?rip-shit?, or it?s drawn-out cousin, the ?tear-ass?, that will continue for some time, rumbling and reverberating like an idling Harley Davidson motorcycle, people are going to notice.

I think the loosening of your anus sphincter that comes with anal sex is the real culprit. Inserting a 6″ phallus that is 1″ in diameter into your ass widens the aperture for at least a short amount of time. I find that my loud farts continue for 2 or 3 days after engaging in anal sex.

Perhaps it has something to do with the lubricant as well. I use a fairly expensive ($60.00 for a 186mL bottle) lubricant that is specifically designed for anal sex. It?s cleverly called, ?Bottoms Up?. Perhaps it reacts with the flatulence passing through your anus to create more vibration than normal.

I?m not sure why, but if you engage in anal sex, be prepared to experience an increase in loud farts. The good news is, they don?t seem to be smellier than usual. You may want to keep your phone nearby and record them so that you can sell the audio file for a Jim Carey movie.


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