Anal Sex After-Care: What You Must Do After Anal Sex

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Let?s get real here: more people are having anal sex than you think. Though it?s a hush-hush subject, that doesn?t mean people aren?t feeding their curiosity. Since you?re reading this, you?ve either had anal sex or are interested in trying it out.

Congratulations! It?s a big step to make, but you?ve done it. Sure, anal sex can be a little uncomfortable your first time, but if you did it right, then it shouldn?t have been painful.

At most, you probably had the ?I think I?m going to poo? sensation ? don?t worry, it?s completely normal. After anal sex, there are a couple of things you can do to give your anus a little TLC.

Why is after-care important?

You may be wondering why you would need to even take care of your anus after having anal sex. Well, there?s an essential reason why. See, the vagina protects itself by its pH and healthy bacteria. However, the anus is made up of thin layers of tissue which is only protected by the opening.

Anal sex after-care 101

Now you know it?s important to take care of your derriere. Here are six things you need to do after having anal sex.

Switch condoms

If you decide to have vaginal sex after anal sex, then you must, I repeat, you must, switch condoms. Your anus, whether you like it or not, is full of harmful bacteria. I know you may be really horny, but no one wants an STI from anal sex. Whenever you?re switching to vaginal intercourse, get a new condom.

Have a good fart

That?s right; I said fart. Usually, this is the last thing you want to do in general, but this is when you need to fart. After anal sex, there?s a high chance you?re going to feel gassy. But these farts aren?t actual farts (as in, they won?t be stinky). These farts are simply air that was trapped during anal sex. Think of them like butt queefs.

Have baby wipes handy

Baby wipes always come in handy after anal sex. Typically, it?s best you use a silicone lube during anal sex. But, the thing with silicone is it?s usually a little messier than water-based lubes. So, you?ll probably need a couple of baby wipes at your disposal. When you?re wiping, always wipe front to back. This will prevent anal bacteria from getting into your vagina.

Watch your poop

We all watch our poop, so this won?t be weird for you. But after anal sex, you need to keep an eye on your poop. Since your anus isn?t designed for penetration, the muscle fibers, tissue layers, and blood vessels can get damaged. If you see a little bleeding after anal sex, that may be normal. However, if there?s excessive bleeding or discharge, you need to see your doctor and make sure everything?s okay.

Work those kegels

And you thought kegels were only for your vagina. Think again! If you?re having a lot of anal sex, it?s typical for the anal sphincter to weaken with time. To fix this, you need to do kegel exercises as they tighten the pelvic floor and the anal sphincter.

Talk about it with your partner

After having anal sex, you should talk about the experience with your partner. Was there something you didn?t like? A specific position? Not enough lube? These are things you need to talk about with your partner. That way, the next time you have anal sex, it?ll be more enjoyable.

If you?re nervous to talk about these things with your partner, then you shouldn?t be having sex. When it comes to sex, you need to feel comfortable to communicate with your partner.

If there?s pain, abstain

Pretty good rhyme, right? If you?re experiencing pain in your anus after anal sex, something went wrong. This doesn?t mean you wait five minutes until you have anal sex again. You need to give your anus time to heal. During this time, talk to your partner and figure out what went wrong.

Anal sex is enjoyable when it?s done right. If you have during anal sex, take a couple of extra minutes after to make sure your anus is healthy and happy.

Originally published at on May 5, 2019.


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