Amlactin On Face | How to Apply Amlactin Body Lotion On Your Face

Amlactin On Face | How to Apply Amlactin Body Lotion On Your Face

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We always want to get rid of our pimples, acne, and scars. Well, we cannot deny it. A smooth, firm, and glowing skin always look prettier than a bumpy one. Aside from that, it is hygienic to take off bacteria carrying bumps on your face. Hence, we have a little secret to share as you continue reading.

Is it true that the Amlactin body lotion can help your face achieve a smooth, glowing skin? Yes, it is true. Despite its use mainly as a body lotion, it was also found out to be useful for you to achieve a smooth, glowing face. It contains AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid and 12% Lactic Acid that is meant to smoothen and moisturize your face. It also works by exfoliating your skin to reveal your perfect glowing skin.

What Is Amlactin Body Lotion?

The Amlactin Lotion contains AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid that works great in exfoliating your skin and moisturizing it as well. Said body lotion has also been clinically proven to contain 12% Lactic Acid which removes your dead skin cells and impurities through natural exfoliation. However, how can Amlactin lotion be used in the face when it is intended for your body? Well, it has been tried by many for experimentation purposes. It did work, and a lot started using it as well.

How Do You Apply Amlactin On Your Face?

The Amlactin body lotion can be applied to your face for so many ways. However, to guide you on how to use it, follow these simple steps effectively:

  • Cleanse your face. Cleanse your face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. After which, apply toner to your face to make sure that you have removed the dirt and impurities.
  • Apply an adequate amount of Amlactin. Apply an adequate amount of this lotion on your face. Make sure that the lotion covers your face entirely to achieve better results. Also, make sure that you spread it equally.
  • Gently rub and massage your face. After applying the Amlactin lotion on your face, gently rub and massage it for better absorption. Leave it for a longer time as well. You might feel a burning sensation in the beginning, but it is normal.
  • Apply regularly. When using Amlactin, it is recommended that you apply it at night. You can also use it every day depending on your preference. Further, it is advisable that you do not let your face get exposed to direct sunlight as this may cause irritation and burning sensation. Also, you should not apply it to raw or open wounds to avoid infection.
  • Observe changes. Observe changes and improvements on the texture of your skin. If it caused irritation, stop its use immediately.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Amlactin On Face?

The Amlactin lotion has become famous for its effective results. To let you get familiar on how it would benefit your skin, here is the list:

  • The Amlactin lotion has moisturizing content. Hence, it is widely used to treat dry, rough, and scaly skin. It also softens the texture of your skin. Lastly, its moisturizing content also helps in avoiding scaly and flaky skin.
  • It exfoliates your skin. It removes dead skin by peeling it off. Therefore, it helps in revealing your naturally glowing skin.
  • It cures itchy and minor skin irritation. Some say that Amlactin can also be used to ease itch and minor skin irritation effectively. With the consistent application, the improvements on the affected area will show lightening and disappearance.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Amlactin Lotion On Your Face?

Despite the claim that the Amlactin lotion works best on your skin, there are still a lot of factors that should be considered. Here are the things you should know before trying it:

  • Amlactin should be used with precautions on your sensitive skin. If your skin easily gets irritated due to its sensitivity, you might want to test out the lotion on your arms first. If it does not react negatively, then you can now apply it regularly.
  • It may give you tingling and burning sensation on your face. The feeling of burning and stinging sensation is not a rare case. Most first time users tend to feel this sensation. However, it will decrease or disappear upon progressive use.
  • It has a very strong aroma. If you are sensitive with how things smell strongly, you might want to smell it first in tests on stores. This is because Amlactin smells strong ? like ammonia!
  • Your face skin has a tendency to peel a lot. Since the components of Amlactin are used for exfoliation, the process of removing the dead skin is to peel it off. If peeling seems to be severe, stop applying it for a while. Resume when peeling ends.
  • Amlactin seems to be a little pricey. Like all the other brands that were carefully tested to reach the mass market, It also seems to be a bit pricey. However, despite this high price, some say it?s effective and still worth the price!

Related Questions

  • Does Amlactin give a burning feeling on your face?

Burning and stinging sensation may be felt on your face after you apply it. This happens most especially when this is the first time that you apply it. Nevertheless, it will disappear or decrease after progressive use.

  • Is it safe to use Amlactin while pregnant?

Amlactin should also be used with necessary precautions. If you are not used to strong aroma or smell, you might not want to use it especially if you are pregnant. Though it may be relatively safe, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use it as no study was conducted yet regarding its effect.

  • Does Amlactin help to cure or relieve eczema?

Some who used Amlactin on their Keratosis Pilaris (KP) said that it cures and lightens their KP marks. However, the same cannot be used to cure eczema as no evidence has proven this claim yet. As you aim to cure it, there is a higher chance that your condition goes worse. Hence, it is always best that you consult your doctor for the right prescriptions.

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