After Drinking 20 Bottles Of Water, I Find The Best And The Worst Bottled Water.

After Drinking 20 Bottles Of Water, I Find The Best And The Worst Bottled Water.

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Sometimes, the taste, quality and flavour of tap water do not satisfy your needs and this is when people switch to bottled water. The bottled water brands assure about the purity, mineral value and freshness of the water and thus, people get inclined towards using bottled water on regular basis. However, there are a lot of bottled water brands delivering worst quality water with a very unpleasant odour and other quality issues. Here is the list of the best and worst bottled water brands of 2018 for your reference.

Best bottled water

1. Resource spring water

This bottled water is an all-rounder in terms of taste, purity, packaging as well as price. This is a 100% natural spring water with Best bottled water ph of 7. This means it is completely balanced and natural water with a crisp, refreshing and electrifying taste you want from your water!

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2. Fiji

This is one of the tastiest bottled water. Fiji is highly preferred all around the world due to its purity and natural taste. This is purified water and a natural cleanser that will keep your stomach and body healthy. If you are looking for a certified and pure bottled water brand, undoubtedly choose this neutral and natural tasting bottled water.

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3. Evian

A lot of bottled water comes with some unpleasant and unnatural smell. This water is natural and refreshing bottled water you can try. It comes with a natural and serene feel of spring waters and will quench your thirst quickly. It is a sweet, light and mineral water that provides natural and delicious watery taste.

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4. Roundy?s purified drinking water

The taste of this bottled water is its highlight. This is a completely thirst quenching bottled water with a slight sweet and natural taste that will make you feel satisfied and hydrated for long. It does not taste like anything else but natural water and will hide your thirst in seconds.

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Worst bottled water 2018

1. Penta

With a pH level of 4, this is the worst bottled water brand you can buy. It is deionised, processed and demineralised water that comes with a little annoying smell most people will not like. Ideally the water having pH value between 9 and 10 is a healthy option while penta comes with pH value of 4 which is considered very unhealthy. If you are looking for a long term usage, choose a healthier option with a better pH value.

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2. Dasani

Dasani might be a very famous and highly preferred bottled water brand though it is still one of the worst bottled water. This brand is manufactured by coca cola and its pH level is 4.5. The water comes with a weird and unpleasant chemical taste with a bitter effect. If you are looking for trusted and refreshing bottled water, do not choose this water with an improper pH and an unwanted smell.

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3. Aquafina

Aquafina is manufactured by Pepsi and no doubt the other Pepsi products are rocking the world but this bottled water does not match the standard of other Pepsi products. So far, Aquafina is rated as one of the worst tasting bottled water due to its unnatural taste and smelly features. The pH value of this water is 6 and comes from the municipal resources.

These are the best and worst bottled water brands supplying water throughout the world. Before choosing your regular bottled water, go through the reviews as well as taste the water to make sure you get the best water. Choosing the correct bottled water brand can have a strong impact on your health. Thus, make a wise decision by identifying the taste, purity, pH level and other aspects of any bottled water.


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