A Year in the Life of Florida Man

A Year in the Life of Florida Man

365* Florida Man Headlines for Each Day of the Year (*Technically 366 ? includes Leap Year)

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Awhile ago everyone was running to Google their birthday plus ?Florida Man? to see what their birthday Florida Man story was.

It got me wondering: Could you really find a Florida Man or Woman story for every day of the year? Even for a Leap Year? So I set about trying to find a story for every day of the year. Headlines could be misleading and the dates didn?t always match up so it took some digging but, in the end, I did it ? a confirmed Florida Man / Woman story for each and every day of the year.

Once I finished, I figured I might as well share it with the world. That way, it counts as a project instead of just a questionable use of time, energy and resources. This includes original headlines as well as links, so you can read every story if you?d like.


(This is also available as a super cheap, downloadable ebook on etsy and Amazon)

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January 1, 2019Florida Man Shooting At Target In Backyard Hits Neighbor Sitting At Dining Room Table (WFLA)

January 2, 2019Florida Man Arrested For Attacking McDonald?s Employee Over Not Getting A Straw (ABC Action News)

January 3, 2019Florida Man Arrested At Mar-A-Lago, Says He Came To Talk To Trump About ?His $6.3 Trillion? (Local 10)

January 4, 2012Florida Man Finds His Lost Kitty 2,000 Miles Away In Colorado (Star Advertiser)

January 5, 2015Florida Man Puts Dragon Lizard In His Mouth, Smacks People With It (NY Daily News)

January 6, 2019Florida Man Intentionally Drove Ferrari 360 Into Ocean At Top Speed (Inquuisitr)

January 7, 2019Florida Man Says Multiple Syringes Found In Rectum Aren?t His (The Smoking Gun)

January 8, 2019Florida Man Arrested After Argument Over Cheesesteak (Local 10)

January 9, 2019Florida Man Accused Of Burning Son To Teach Him Lesson About Fire (WTSP)

January 10, 2019Florida Man Allegedly Fooled Family Into Believing Murdered Wife Was Still Alive (Rolling Stone)

January 11, 2019Florida Man Chews Up Police Car Seat After Cocaine Arrest (Florida Keys Sherrif Office)

January 12, 2019Florida Driver Finds Boa Constrictor In His Car Engine (WFLA)

January 13, 2019Drunk, Shirtless Florida Man Offer Parenting Advice At Park (NBC 2)

January 14, 2019Florida Man Threatens To Kill Man With ?Kindness,? Uses Machete Named ?Kindness? (Local 10)

January 15, 2019Florida Man Causes Highway Crash, Steals Good Samaritan?s Truck Who Stopped To help (CBS Local)

January 16, 2013Florida Man Who Drove Ferrari Into Water Said ?Jesus Told Him To? (Fox 43)

January 17, 2019Florida Man Chased Down By Horses While Eluding Cops (Click Orlando)

January 18, 2013Florida Man Bites Off Girlfriend?s Thumb During Argument (WTXL)

January 19, 2018Florida Man Tries To Order Burrito At Bank Drive-Through, Thinks It?s Taco Bell (Alt Press)

January 20, 2014Florida Man Caught ?Stealing 850 Pairs Of Underwear From Victoria?s Secret? (Daily Mail)

January 21, 2019Florida Man, Woman Run Over By Patrol Car While Lying In Road To Watch Eclipse (My Sun Coast)

January 22, 2013Florida Man Jumps Off Roof Onto Homeowner, Knocks Television Over, Empties Vacuum Cleaner, Masturbates (Gawker)

January 23, 2019North Florida Man Beat, Pepper Sprayed Mom Because ?She Was A Narcissist? (NBC Miami)

January 24, 2011Florida Woman?s Work As Phone Sex Operator Triggers Domestic Disturbance Call (The Smoking Gun)

January 25, 2013Naked Florida Man Runs Through Dunkin? Donuts (Patch)

January 26, 2019Florida Man Finds A WWII Grenade, Places It In His Truck, Drives To Taco Bell (Triliist)

January 27, 2015Florida Man Steals $4,000 Worth Of Chicken And Ribs From Restaurant (Eater)

January 28, 2019Florida Man Finds World War Ii Hand Grenade, Brings It With Him To A Taco Bell (WMC Action News)

January 29, 2019Florida Man Thought He Was Stealing Opioids But Instead Got Laxatives, Police Say (USA Today)

January 30, 2019Florida Man Spent Weeks In Jail For Heroin That Was Actually Detergent (WFLA)

January 31, 2019Florida Man Allegedly Dug Tunnel To Rob Bank (Palm Beach Daily)

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February 1, 2019Florida Man Steals $33k Of Rare Coins And Cashes In At Coinstar For $29.30 (Palm Beach Post)

February 2, 2019Stabbed In The Back At Gainesville Bar Over Remark On A Hat (Gainesville News)

February 3, 2015Florida Man Who Had Sex With Dolphin Says It Seduced Him (Deccan Chronicle)

February 4, 2013Police Arrest Florida Man For Drunken Joyride On Motorized Scooter At Walmart (The Smoking Gun)

February 5, 2019Florida Men Accused Of Smearing Feces On Crunch Fitness Bathroom, Sauna (WFTV)

February 6, 2019Florida Man Tries To Run Over Son Who Wouldn?t Take Bath (KCBD)

February 7, 2019Florida Man Dances Through DUI Sobriety Test (Local 10)

February 8, 2019Florida Woman Poses For Maternity Photos With Baby Gator (WCTV)

February 9, 2016Fries With That? Florida Man Accused Of Tossing Gator At Drive-Through (Tampa Bay)

February 10, 2015Florida Man Believes Wrestling Event Is Haunted By The Ghost Of Macho Man Randy Savage (UP Roxx)

February 11, 2016Wheelchair-Bound Florida Woman, 74, Ran Heroin Sales For Florida Drug Gang (The Smoking Gun)

February 12, 2016Florida Woman Assaults Husband After Finding Dildo Among His Belongings (The Smoking Gun)

February 13, 2019Florida Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Sidewalk In Broad Daylight ? Again (The Smoking Gun)

February 14, 2019Florida Man Caught On Camera Licking Doorbell (WFLX)

February 15, 2015Florida Man Believes Ghost Of Macho Man Randy Savage Is Haunting Local Wrestling Promotion (UP Roxx)

February 16, 2011Noisy Sex Triggers Brawl Between Florida Brothers Who Still Live With Their Mom (The Smoking Gun)

February 17, 2012Cops Bust Man For Brazen Theft Of $6500 Rolex From Florida Airport TSA Screening Checkpoint (The Smoking Gun)

February 18, 2019Florida Man Claims To Be ?Agent Of God,? Carries Rattlesnake On Beach (ABC 7)

February 19, 2019Florida Man Arrested For Trafficking Cocaine-Stuffed Lunchables In Ford F-150 (The Drive)

February 20, 2015Florida Man Loses Wallet In Hooters, Blames Tots For Distracting Him (The Smoking Gun)

February 21, 2019Florida Man Charged With Throwing Toilet At East St. Louis Board Of Education (Fox 2 Now)

February 22, 2019Florida Man Throws Toilet Through School Board Building Window In Illinois, Is Arrested Sitting On Another (Newsweek)

February 23, 2011Man Lists ?Redneck? As Religion On Florida Police Report (The Smoking Gun)

February 24, 2019Florida Couple Arrested After Having Sex In Rear Of Police Squad Car (The Smoking Gun)

February 25, 2015Florida Man Vaped His Friend?s Ejaculate (Gawker)

February 26, 2013Florida Man Assaulted Teen Relative With Taco Bell Burrito (The Smoking Gun)

February 27, 2012Florida Man For Soliciting Undercover Cop To Smell Her For Money (The Smoking Gun)

February 28, 2019Florida Man Who Allegedly Threatened Family With Coldplay Lyrics Ends Standoff After SWAT Promises Him Pizza (MSN)

February 29, 2012Florida Man Leaves Anal Plug In Cop Car During DUI Arrest (Huffington Post)

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March 1, 2019Florida Man Accused Of Masturbating In Front Of Children Says He Was Adjusting Hernia (WRIC)

March 2, 2019Florida Man Captured On Surveillance Video Flaunting Stolen Car Keys At Lot (KTLA)

March 3, 2015Florida Man Goes On LSD-Fueled Naked Rampage, Bites Girlfriend?s Finger (Palm Beach Post)

March 4, 2019Florida Man Arrested After Fight About Tupac Shakur (Miami Herald)

March 5, 2019Leaf-Burning Florida Man Asks Cop ?Did You Find All My Pot?? (Miami Herald)

March 6, 2019Florida Man Tries To Board Flight While Carrying Fake Grenade (Orlando Weekly)

March 7, 2014Florida Family Hospitalized After Eating LSD-Laced Steak Bought At Walmart (The Smoking Gun)

March 8, 2010Florida Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Bikini Area (NY Post)

March 9, 2017Florida Lawyer?s Pants Catch On Fire In Court (ABC Action News)

March 10, 2019Florida Man Who Attacked McDonald?s Worker Over Straw Sentenced To Jail (Fox News)

March 11, 2015Florida Man?s Church Loses Tax-Exempt Status Because It?s Just A Nightclub (Vice)

March 12, 2008Florida Man Found Bound, Gagged, Dressed In Women?s Clothes And Left In Abandoned Building (The Smoking Gun)

March 13, 2019Florida Woman Threatens Hair Salon With Machete, Poops In Patrol Car (WCTV)

March 14, 2011Florida Keys Man Busted For Theft Of Couple?s ?Bag Of Dildos? (The Smoking Gun)

March 15, 2018Florida Man Steals Cable Truck, Knocks Out Service For Thousands (Brevard Times)

March 16, 2016Florida Newlywed Squabble Involved G-String, Dancing, Making Mess While Cooking Dinner (The Smoking Gun)

March 17, 2017Florida Woman Arrested For Biting Spouse During Sex (The Smoking Gun)

March 18, 2014Florida Woman Sets Car On Fire After Man Refuses To Buy McFlurry (CNS News)

March 19, 2012?Obnoxious? Shirtless Florida Karaoke Singer Allegedly Assaults Applebee?s Employee (The Smoking Gun)

March 20, 2015Florida Man Tries To Sell 3 Iguanas Taped To His Bike To Passersby As Dinner (NY Daily News)

March 21, 2018Florida Men, One Dressed In Bull Onesie, Attempt To Burn Down House With Ragu Sauce (Fox News)

March 22, 2019Florida Man Calls Police To Complain He Was Ripped Off After Paying For Sex (Miami Herald)

March 23, 2014Florida Man Drinks $80 Worth Of Jgermeister Shots, Sets Fire To Bar (NY Daily News)

March 24, 2019Florida Man Steals Hot Air Balloon From Indiana During Florida Man Challenge (Brevard Times)

March 25, 2017Florida Man Steals From Walmart, Uses Shopping Cart As Getaway Car (Brevard Times)

March 26, 2019Florida Woman Kept Calling 911 To Report Boyfriend Was ?Not Being Nice To Her? (The Smoking Gun)

March 27, 2015Florida Man Arrested For Stealing Vibrator For Girlfriend From Spencer?s Gifts (The Smoking Gun)

March 28, 2018Pensacola Woman Mistakes 37-Week Pregnancy For Bad Chinese Food (PNJ)

March 29, 2016Florida Man Drives Six Miles With Wife Atop Car (The Smoking Gun)

March 30, 2016Florida Man Urinates On Table, Exposes Self In Church (Daily Commercial)

March 31, 2016Florida Woman Calls 911 Because Her Bacon Pizza Had Hamburger Instead (Inquisitr)

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April 1, 2015Florida Woman Arrested For Fondling Breasts And Nipple Rings In Cafe (The Smoking Gun)

April 2, 2013Florida Man Threatened To Stab Dinner Host Over Easter Ham Consumption (The Smoking Gun)

April 3, 2016Florida Man Can?t Get Car He Wants To Steal To Start (Miami Herald)

April 4, 2016Florida Man Had Handcuff Key In His Butt During High Speed Chase (Action News)

April 5, 2016Florida Man Tries To Buy $60,000 BMW With Food Stamps (Zero Hedge)

April 6, 2017Florida Man Helps Amputee Up Stairs, Then Returns To Build Ramp (6 ABC)

April 7, 2016Florida Man Tries To Escape Cops On His Hoverboard, Fails (The Smoking Gun)

April 8, 2016Florida Man Arrested For Serial Gropings On YouTube: ?If You Don?t Touch Ass You?re Crazy? (Miami News Times)

April 9, 2019Days After Buying $8 Million Private Island, Florida Man Busted For Stealing $300 In Merch From Kmart (The Smoking Gun)

April 10, 2016Florida Man Tries To Kiss Cottonmouth Snake (Outdoor Hub)

April 11, 2017Florida Man Had Daughter Sell Pot Brownies At School (Brevard Times)

April 12, 2016Florida Man Is Busted With $100k Worth Of Stolen Goods, Hides Drugs Up Butt (Daily Mail)

April 13, 2015Florida Man Impersonating A Police Officer Pulls Over Real Cops (NBC 2)

April 14, 2016Florida Man Humps Stop Sign While Stalking Ex (ABC Action News)

April 15, 2015Florida Man Lands Gyrocopter On Capitol Lawn To Demand Campaign Finance Reform, Is Arrested (Washington Post)

April 16, 2018Florida Man Asks Cashier About Stealing Beer, Then Does It Anyway And Gets Arrested (Tampa Bay)

April 17, 2013Police Arrest Florida Woman, 22, For Violently Yanking Penis Of Ex-Boyfriend (The Smoking Gun)

April 18, 2016Florida Man Celebrates Earth Day With Sand Art, Leaves Death Traps For Sea Turtles (Brevard Times)

April 19, 2018Half-Nude Florida Man Wearing Underwear Marked ?Breathalyzer, Blow Here? Arrested For DUI (The Drive)

April 20, 2018Fight Over Facebook Post Causes Florida Woman To Lose Toe (AJC)

April 21, 2016Florida Man Impersonated Cop, Used Sirens To Rush Through Traffic (WFLA)

April 22, 2015Florida Man Tries To Kiss Cottonmouth Snake (ABC News Go)

April 23, 2016Florida Man Defends Small Chihuahua With Large Machete (Orlando Sentinel)

April 24, 2013Florida Woman Asks Police For Help Getting Refund From Her Drug Dealer (The Smoking Gun)

April 25, 2015Identical Twin Florida Men Arrested After Getting In Brick Fight (NY Daily News)

April 26, 2012Rowdy Florida Woman Explains To Cops, ?You Can?t Tell Me What To Do. Obama Owns This Motherfucker!? (The Smoking Gun)

April 27, 2016Police: Florida Man Confronts Officers With Viking-Style Ax (Palm Beach Post)

April 28, 2015Florida Man Arrested For Grand Theft After Trying To Walk Out Of Store With AK-47s Stuffed Down His Pants (NBC Miami)

April 29, 2017April 29 Florida Woman Offers Favors For $25 And Chicken McNuggets (Brevard Times)

April 30, 2016Florida Man Eats Crack Cocaine; Tells Police It?s Jolly Rancher Candy (107.9 WNCT)

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May 1, 2013Florida Man Wearing ?Jail Sucks!? T-Shirt Is Booked Into Jail For Welfare Fraud (The Smoking Gun)

May 2, 2016Florida Man Tries To Swim Away From Police After Exposing Himself (Viral News)

May 3, 2016Florida Man Tells Police That His Name Is Fuck You? (Palm Beach Post)

May 4, 2011Florida Woman Arrested For Threatening To Kill Neighbor Says She Should Have Threatened To ?Bitch Slap? Him (The Smoking Gun)

May 5, 2016Florida Lawyer Disbarred For Sleeping With Her Clients (Brevard Times)

May 6, 2019Florida Woman Pulls Alligator From Her Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop (Fox News)

May 7, 2018Florida Woman?s Gruesome Roach-In-Ear Tale Goes Viral (NBC Miami)

May 8, 2019Florida Man Arrested For Refusing To Remove ?I Eat Ass? Sticker From Car Window (Fox News)

May 9, 2013Florida Man Fleeing From Police Is Attacked By Alligator (The Smoking Gun)

May 10, 2013Florida Woman Stabbed Boyfriend After He ?Farted In Her Face? (The Smoking Gun)

May 11, 2009Florida Wanna Be Rapper Robs Store With BB Gun (The Smoking Gun)

May 12, 2016Florida Man Pulled Over With Alligator Foot In Dashboard (NY Daily)

May 13, 2015Florida Doom Metal Fan Turns Himself In After ?Murdering His Imaginary Friend? (Metal Injection)

May 14, 2013Florida Man Celebrates Wedding By Getting Arrested For Soliciting Hooker On His Honeymoon (The Smoking Gun)

May 15, 2019Florida Man Runs From Deputies In General Lee Replica (WTSP)

May 16, 2016Florida Man Calls 911 On Himself (Floriduh Today)

May 17, 2016Florida Woman Tells Cops She Was ?Too Lazy? To Pay For Sex Toys Stolen From Walmart (The Smoking Gun)

May 18, 2017Tattooed Florida Man Wearing Underwear And Hot Pink Bra Arrested For Erratic Driving And False License Plates (The Smoking Gun)

May 19, 2015Florida Man Arrested After Falling Asleep During Home Burglary (Brevard Times)

May 20, 2019Florida Man Allegedly Threatened To Behead Cops, Eat Their Eyes (NY Post)

May 21, 2018Florida Man Climbs Atop Playground Equipment At Clearwater Park, Tells Kids Where Babies Come From (Tampa Bay News)

May 22, 2016Florida Man Points Loaded Shotgun At Irs Worker Who Knocked At His Door (Sun Sentinel)

May 23, 2016Florida Man Burglar Tries To Make Getaway In A Golf Cart, Lands In A Pond (Miami Herald)

May 24, 2016Florida Man Takes Sledgehammer To Game At St. Petersburg Convenience Store (Tampa Bay News)

May 25, 2016Florida Man Climbs Through Drive-Thru Window To Steal Cash Register (News 4 Jax)

May 26, 2019Florida Man Accidentally Shoots, Kills Woman During Foreplay (ABC Action News)

May 27, 2016Key West Looking For Owner Of Illegally Parked Flintstones Car (Local 10)

May 28, 2019Florida Man Attacks Mom With Corn On The Cob (WWLP)

May 29, 201582-Year-Old Florida Man Slashes 88-Year-Old Florida Woman?s Tires With An Ice Pick For Taking His Seat At Bingo (Globe and Mail)

May 30, 2019Florida Man Tries To Smuggle McDonald?s Burgers, Sandwiches, Chewing Tobacco Into Jail (Action News)

May 31, 2019Florida Man Arrested, Tells Cop His Name Is ?Ben Dover? (The Smoking Gun)

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June 1, 2018Florida Man Stabs Roommate Over Groceries (Florida Today)

June 2, 2017Florida Man Flashing Cash On Facebook Live Interrupted By Police Raid (AJC)

June 3, 2016Florida Man Who Threw Alligator Into Wendy?s Drive-Thru Window Sentenced (Fine Notes)

June 4, 2019Florida Man Pours Salt On Floor Of Walmart To Get Rid Of ?Evil Spirits? Around Him (CBS 12)

June 5, 2016Florida Woman ?plays Mermaid? And Entered Homes Without Permission (WMAZ 13)

June 6, 2019Florida Man Tries To Break Into ATM With Blowtorch, Welds It Shut Instead (My News 13)

June 7, 2016Florida Man Arrested For Alleged Kale Heist At Walmart (The Smoking Gun)

June 8, 2016Florida Man Calls 911 After Girlfriend Refuses To Buy Him Vodka (NBC 2)

June 9, 2014Florida Man Polk Uses Marijuana Plants To Beat Brother (WESH)

June 10, 2016Florida Man Accused Of Masturbating, Exposing Self To Woman: ?It?s A Nice View? (Local 10)

June 11, 2012Man Smacks Wife ?Upside The Head? After She Uses Lord?s Name In Vain During Argument (The Smoking Gun)

June 12, 2016Florida Man Plays Naked Game Of ?Ding Dong Ditch? (Palm Beach Post)

June 13, 2019Florida Man Says He Steals Pool Floats For Sex Instead Of Raping Women (Brevard Times)

June 14, 2019Florida Man Accused Of Taking 4-Year-Old On Burglary Spree (CBS Local)

June 15, 2018Florida Man Chugged Can Of Beer During DUI Stop (AP News)

June 16, 2016Florida Man Wakes Up Naked In Stranger?s Home (Palm Beach Post)

June 17, 2016Florida Man Found With Mobile Meth Lab In Walmart Parking Lot (Palm Beach Post)

June 18, 2019Florida Man Looking To Buy Tamarac Home Buys 100-Square-Foot Strip Of Land Instead (WSVN)

June 19, 2012Florida Man Offers Decent Rationale For Stealing Trojan Twister Vibrator From Walgreens (The Smoking Gun)

June 20, 2016Florida Man Couldn?t Drive Stick Shift During Carjacking (Brevard Times)

June 21, 2016Florida Woman Shoots Naked, Poop-Covered Intruder (WPTV)

June 22, 2015Florida Man Steals Clothes, Bites Security Guard, Flees In Gold Convertible (Naples News)

June 23, 2017Florida Contractor Fakes Death To Dodge Angry Homeowners (Tampa Bay News)

June 24, 2014Teen Killed Grandmother, Drove Body Around Nudist Community (WFTV)

June 25, 2016Florida Man Steals Dump Truck ? Shoots At Helicopter In Pursuit (Fox 13)

June 26, 2017Florida Good Samaritan Helps Reunite A Child With Her Parents, Gets Beat Up By Her Dad (ABC Action News)

June 27, 2017McDonald?s Employee Assaulted In Florida Over Broken Ice Cream Machine (ABC Action News)

June 28, 2016Florida Man Gets 10 Days In Jail For Punching Swan (24 News)

June 29, 2016Florida Man Steals Van So He Can Drive To Waffle House (Democratic Underground)

June 30, 2016Florida Man Claims He Invented iPhone In 1992, Sues Apple For $10 Billion (Game Spot)

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July 1, 2016Florida Man Accused Of Using Makeshift Flamethrower To Threaten Woman (Palm Beach Post)

July 2, 2016Florida Man Unaware He?s Not Allowed To Shoot At Strip Club From His Vehicle (Off the Beat)

July 3, 2016Florida Man Appears To Have Sex With Tree In View Of Passing Drivers (WY Daily)

July 4, 2018Florida Man Blows Fingers Off The Day Before Fourth Of July (WTF Florida)

July 5, 2018Florida Man Tells Cop He ?Really Enjoyed? Resisting Arrest Because It Was Like Being On A TV Show (The Smoking Gun)

July 6, 2016Florida Woman Goes To Car Dealership, Pretends To Be Manager, Fires Employees (WGNO)

July 7, 2018Florida Woman Accused Of Murdering Her Father, Living With The Body For Several Days (ABC 6)

July 8, 2016Florida Man Tells Cops ?just A Small Time Drug Dealer Trying To Make A Dollar? (The Smoking Gun)

July 9, 2016Florida Man With No Pants Is Arrested After A Pursuit (Busted Locals)

July 10, 2018Florida Man Wasn?t Drinking While Driving, Just At Stop Signs (PNJ)

July 11, 2017Florida Man Escapes Alligator By Punching It In The Face While Searching For Golf Balls (USA Today)

July 12, 2016Police: Florida Man Forgets To Untie Boat While Stealing It (Palm Beach Post)

July 13, 2015Florida Man Steals Operating Table From Hospital (The Smoking Gun)

July 14, 2015Florida Man Steals $2 Million In Legos (Chicago Tribune)

July 15, 2016Florida Man Robs Bank, Covers Himself In Feces To Try To Escape Custody (Palm Beach Post)

July 16, 2015Florida Man Indicted in Fatal Dog Poop Fight (CBS News)

July 17, 2018Florida Man?s Murder Was Really Elaborate Suicide By Balloon (Fox 59)

July 18, 2015Florida Man Uses Electric Guitar In Failed Robbery (Sun Sentinel)

July 19, 2016Florida Man Shoots At ?Pokemon Go? Players Outside House (Charlotte Observer)

July 20, 2017Florida Man Says He Went ?Bananas,? Shot Out Utility Workers? Tires (CBS Local)

July 21, 2017Florida Man Livestreams His Police Chase As He Runs Over Beach Chairs And Swigs Whiskey (Miami Herald)

July 22, 2016Florida Man Fakes Identity For 20 Years, Duped Wife (WREG)

July 23, 2017Naked Florida Man Throws Large Objects Into Traffic From 30-Story Building (ABC Action News)

July 24, 2017Brave Florida Man Serves Up Hot Dog Lunch For Alligators Straight From His Mouth (ABC 13)

July 25, 2016Florida Man Bites Neighbor?s Ear Off Over A Cigarette (Top Viral)

July 26, 2016Florida Church Organist Busted In Glory Hole Gambit (The Smoking Gun)

July 27, 2016Florida Man Throws Salsa Jar At Car In Road Rage Attack (Orlando Sentinel)

July 28, 2018Florida Man Makes Beer Run With Gator In Hand (Fox 6)

July 29, 2016Florida Man Says Cops Mistook Krispy Kreme Doughnut Glaze For Meth And Arrested Him (Complex)

July 30, 2013Florida Man Assaults Sister Because She Got His Dinner At McDonald?s, Not Chinese Takeout Joint (The Smoking Gun)

July 31, 2018Florida Man Hit By Car During Failed ?In My Feelings? Challenge (Denver Channel)

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August 1, 2016Florida Man?s Boat Burns After Using The Bathroom (Palm Beach Post)

August 2, 2016Florida Man Charged With Picking Magic Mushrooms While Carrying An Alligator (Brevard Times)

August 3, 2016Florida Man Attacks Flamingo At Busch Gardens (Brevard Times)

August 4, 2018Florida Man Opens Fire At ?Peace In The City? Back To School Giveaway (Florida Today)

August 5, 2013Florida Mom Busted For Biting Teen Daughter?s Breast During Bloody Domestic Battle (The Smoking Gun)

August 6, 2018Drunk Florida Man Goes On Beer Run With Gator (WTF Florida)

August 7, 2009Accused Florida Man Says His Cat Downloaded Child Porn, Not Him. (NBC Miami)

August 8, 2016Florida Man Sick Of His $1000000 Island, Wants To Trade For A Porsche 918 (Jalopnik)

August 9, 2016Florida Man Attacks Person Over Parking Space (Palm Beach Post)

August 10, 2011Florida Man Arrested With ?Fuck The Police? Face Tattoo (The Smoking Gun)

August 11, 2016Florida Man?s Robbery Foiled By Angry Birds Backpack (Brevard Times)

August 12, 2016Florida Man Banned From Ordering Pizza After Harassing Restaurants (TC Palm)

August 13, 2016Judge Unamused At Florida Man?s Twerking Ability (TJC News)

August 14, 2015Florida Woman Motorist Tried To Frame Her Own Dog In Hit-And-Run Accident, Told Cops To Arrest Pooch (The Smoking Gun)

August 15, 2017Florida Man Wrecks Liquor Shop, Blames Caterpillar From Alice In Wonderland (ABC Action News)

August 16, 2016Florida Man Claiming To Be Pastor Charged With Fraud (Local 10)

August 17, 2016Florida Man Breaks Into Home, Steals Sausages (Florida Today)

August 18, 2015Florida Man Throws Tight Spiral Right Into Kid?s Face (Politico)

August 19, 2010Florida Teens Arrested For Defecating In Pool (The Smoking Gun)

August 20, 2015Cops Arrest Florida Man, 40, For Sauerkraut Battery On Girlfriend (The Smoking Gun)

August 21, 2013Florida Man Found Naked In Tree (News Talk Florida)

August 22, 2016Florida Man Threatens To Feed Children To Alligators (Palm Beach Post)

August 23, 2016Police: Florida Man Lines Garage With More Than $100k In Stolen Amazon Orders (Palm Beach Post)

August 24, 2012Florida Woman Busted For DUI Tells Cop, ?This Is What I Get For Being A Bridesmaid? (The Smoking Gun)

August 25, 2018Florida Woman Arrested After Vandalizing And Setting Ex-Husband?s House On Fire (Tampa Bay)

August 26, 2015Florida Man Arrested Following Unprovoked Potato Salad Attack On His Mother (The Smoking Gun)

August 27, 2014Florida Woman Assaults Man Who Declined Her Offer Of Sex (The Smoking Gun)

August 28, 2014Florida Stripper Hangs Up On Cop Trying To Find Her Missing Child Saying ?I Have To Get On Stage? (The Smoking Gun)

August 29, 2016Florida Man Caught Eating Meth Soaked Drawings Smuggled In Jail (News Herald)

August 30, 2016Florida Man Named Vladimir Putin Arrested For Screaming In Publix (CBS 12)

August 31, 2014Florida Man Reached Into Drive-Thru Window And Groped Taco Bell Worker (The Smoking Gun)

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September 01, 2016

Florida Man Videotaped Catching Gator With Bare Hands Faces Felony Charges (CBS 12)

September 02, 2016

27th Arrest For Bikini-Clad Florida Man (Opposing Views)

September 03, 2014

Florida Man Caught Burgling Home; Offers Homeowner Lawn Services If He Doesn?t Call The Cops ()

September 04, 2018

Florida Man Shoots Up Home Over Bad Restaurant Review On Social Media (Click on Detroit)

September 05, 2018

Florida Man Caught With 200 Illegal Lobsters (CBS Local)

September 06, 2016

Florida Man Uses His Own Wanted Poster As Facebook Profile Picture (ABC News)

September 07, 2018

Florida Man, Drunk And Naked, Allegedly Set House On Fire In Failed Cookie Baking Attempt (PNJ)

September 08, 2016

Florida Man Steals Patrol Car, Asks ?This Is A Felony?? (Palm Beach Post)

September 09, 2016

Shirtless Florida Man Punches At Cars After Disrupting Bar Show (Palm Beach Post)

September 10, 2018

Naked Florida Man Causes Fire While Baking Cookies On George Foreman Grill (Local 10)

September 11, 2018

Florida Man Sings ?Don?t Stop Believin? In Cop Car While On Journey To Jail (Tampa Bay)

September 12, 2016

Florida Man Asks Cousin To Test Flak Jacket With Real Gunfire, Cousin Ends Up With Manslaughter Charge (Washington Post)

September 13, 2018

Florida Man? Ends Argument With Chainsaw (Big Heart Radio)

September 14, 2018

Shirtless Florida Man Travels To Myrtle Beach To Head Bang During Hurricane Florence (Orlando Weekly)

September 15, 2016

Florida Man Says Slurred Speech Is Because Of Wisdom Teeth, Not Booze (Palm Beach Post)

September 16, 2015

Florida Man Arrested After Sniffing Feet Of Library Patrons (CBS News)

September 17, 2018

Bicycling Florida Man Shot During Tattoo Argument (WTF Florida)

September 18, 2013

Florida Man, 54, Jailed For Trying To Forcibly Exorcise Devil Out Of His 80-Year-Old Girlfriend (The Smoking Gun)

September 19, 2018

Neighbors Complain About Florida Man Doing Yard Work Naked, Police Say It Is Legal (WEAR TV)

September 20, 2012Florida Mom Takes Pics On Baby In Trash Can, Under Mattress To Torment Father (The Smoking Gun)

September 21, 2018Florida Man Arrested For Trying To Bring Unregistered Glock Through Airport TSA Checkpoint (Flyer Today)

September 22, 2010

Florida Mom Arrested For Cheering Child On In Fight (The Smoking Gun)

September 23, 2013

Florida Man Left His Child In A Locked Car While Partying At A Strip Club (The Smoking Gun)

September 24, 2018

Naked Florida Man Tries To Start Fight At Chick-Fil-A (WTXL)

September 25, 2018

Florida Man Throws Bike And Its Owner Off Bridge (US News)

September 26, 2012Florida Man Arrested For Washing Cursing Girlfriend?s Mouth Out With Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent (The Smoking Gun)

September 27, 2018Florida Man In Undies Hangs With Pot On Highway (TC Palm)

September 28, 2017Florida Man Arrested After His Surveillance Cameras Recorded Him Dealing Drugs (ABC Action News)

September 29, 2018Florida Grandma Tries Scaring Off Naked Florida Man By Pulling Her Dentures Out (WTF Florida)

September 30, 2015Florida Woman Who Rode Manatee Arrested (Fox News)

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October 1, 2018Florida Woman Ends Up Behind Bars After Robbery (The Smoking Gun)

October 2, 2015Florida Man Drinks Goat Blood In Ritual Sacrifice, Runs For Senate (Talking Points)

October 3, 2012Florida Man, 74, Arrested For Battering Wife, 47, During Argument Over ?Obama And Romney? (The Smoking Gun)

October 4, 2014Florida Man Running In Inflatable Bubble Rescued By Coast Guard (CNN)

October 5, 2015Florida Man Assaulted With Soda After Asking Fellow Moviegoer To Be Quiet (The Smoking Gun)

October 6, 2014Pocket-Dial To 911 Sinks Florida Trio Operating Meth Lab In Backyard Shed (The Smoking Gun)

October 7, 2018Florida Man Sets Fire To Another Homeless Man (News Tribune)

October 8, 2015Florida Man Sets Up Fake Office To Steal Peoples? Identities And Urine (Palm Beach Post)

October 9, 2012Florida Brothers Kill Man To Steal His Rare Magic The Gathering Cards (Daily Mail)

October 10, 2011Drunk Florida Man Tries To Use Taco As Id After His Car Catches Fire At Taco Bell (Miami New Times)

October 11, 2017Florida Man Googled ?How To Rob A Bank? Before Robbing A Bank (The Smoking Gun)

October 12, 2015Florida Woman, 23, Used Periscope To Live Broadcast Her Drunk Driving (The Smoking Gun)

October 13, 2014Florida Man Steals 36,000 Pounds Of Crisco (Tampa Bay News)

October 14, 2014Floridian, 19, Arrested For Lewd Act With Stuffed Animal Inside Walmart Store (The Smoking Gun)

October 15, 2013Florida Man Charged With Pleasuring Self On Amtrack, Claimed ?Itchy Stomach? (Brevard Times)

October 16, 2013Florida Man Sets Self On Fire While Trying To Burn Cross (Brevard Times)

October 17, 2012Florida Couple Had Sex Atop Restaurant Table While Parents, Kids Watched (The Smoking Gun)

October 18, 2018Florida Mechanic Maintains White House Helicopters Arrested In Meth Bust (The Smoking Gun)

October 19, 2018Florida Man Accused Of Cutting Off Penis Of Ex-Girlfriend?s Boyfriend (KSLA)

October 20, 2017Florida Teacher Fired For Throwing X-Rated Party In Classroom (Palm Beach Post)

October 21, 2018Falling Palm Tree Kills Woman In Hammock In Florida (AP News)

October 22, 2012Florida Man Arrested For Throwing Pennies At Democratic Party Office (The Smoking Gun)

October 23, 2018Florida Man Allegedly Justifies Groping A Woman?s Breast During A Flight: Trump Says It?s ?OK? (Law and Crime)

October 24, 2017Florida Cop Pawns Guns He Was Loaned To Teach Concealed Weapons Class (WESH)

October 25, 2013Florida Man Ties Up 12 Foot Alligator To Tree In Local Neighborhood (Tampa Bay)

October 26, 2017Florida Man Steals Dollar Bills Stapled To Bar Wall, Tries To Spend Them At Publix (Herald Tribune)

October 27, 2015Mysterious Glory Hole Driller Strikes Again, Report Vexed Florida Police (The Smoking Gun)

October 28, 2018Florida Man Arrested For Stealing $500 In Wine (Florida Keys Sheriff Office)

October 29, 2017Florida Cops Roll Up On Dispute Call While Blasting ?Why Can?t We Be Friends? From Car Speakers (Jacksonville News)

October 30, 2013Florida Man, 21, Gets Mom Arrested After She Slaps Him In Face For Being Rude Freeloader (The Smoking Gun)

October 31, 2013Florida Woman, 25, Arrested For Ninja Star Attack On Her Younger Brother (The Smoking Gun)

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November 1, 2015Florida Man Stands In Store Parking Lot Waving At Customers And Masturbating (News Herald)

November 2, 2016Tutu Wearing Florida Man Breaks Into Farmers Market (ABC Action News)

November 3, 2017Florida Woman Woman Arrested For DUI On A Horse, Charged With Animal Neglect (ABC Action News)

November 4, 2011Arrest Warrant Issued For Florida Man, 23, Charged In Humiliating Theft Of Life-Size Justin Bieber Cutout (The Smoking Gun)

November 5, 2018Florida Woman Claims She Was Handed Baby At Disney Resort (Sun Coast)

November 6, 2016Florida Man Accused Of Breaking Into Alligator Farm Is Attacked By Crocodile, Leaves Croc Shoe Behind (Inquisitr)

November 7, 2016Florida Man Stuffs Pizza, Cinnamon Sticks In Mouth Instead Of Paying (Palm Beach Post)

November 8, 2018Florida Man Claims Name Is ?Ben Dover? During Arrest Intake (The Smoking Gun)

November 9, 2014Florida Man Offers Chicken Dinner And $3 To Get Lucky (Brevard Times)

November 10, 2017Naked Florida Man Runs Into Woman?s Home, Tries On Her Clothes (WFLA)

November 11, 2015Florida Man Advertises Counterfeit Cash For Sale On Craigslist (Brevard Times)

November 12, 2002Florida Sheriff?s Office Web Site Falsely Claims Eminem Arrested With ?200 Rocks? Of Crack Cocaine (The Smoking Gun)

November 13, 2017Florida Man Gets In 8 Hour Standoff With Police, Says He Was Just Shooting Rats In His Backyard The Whole Time (ABC News Go)

November 14, 2017Florida Man Shoots Up Meth, Howls And Stomps On Roofs, Tells Cops He?s Waiting For DEA (AJC)

November 15, 2017Florida Man Calls 911 During Police Chase And Asks For Donald Trump (ABC Action News)

November 16, 2018Florida Man Steals Vending Machine (Miami Herald)

November 17, 2018Florida Surgeon Removes Healthy Kidney He Thought Was A Tumor (WATE)

November 18, 2015Florida Man Accidentally Shoots And Kills Woman During ?Freaky Sex? (Complex)

November 19, 2011Accused Florida Butt Injector Appears To Have Tried Her Own Product (The Smoking Gun)

November 20, 2015Florida Man Catches Shark That Bit Him, Pledges To Eat It (Weather Plus)

November 21, 2011Cops Summoned To Florida Elementary School After Girl Kisses Boy In Phys Ed Class (The Smoking Gun)

November 22, 2016Florida Man Stabs Father For Trying To Circumcise Him (CBS News)

November 23, 2011Florida Man Denies Assaulting Girlfriend Over Her Use Of Large Sex Toy (The Smoking Gun)

November 24, 2016Florida Man Jacks Off In Pickup Truck Outside Walgreens (Sebastian Daily)

November 25, 2016Florida Man Takes A Leak In Sheriff?s Backyard (Palm Beach Post)

November 26, 2018Florida Man In Crocodile Pit Could Lose Foot, Blames Drugs For Incident (Dayton Daily News)

November 27, 2018Florida Man Accused Of Stabbing Woman Over Underdone Potato (CBS Local)

November 28, 2011?Fighting Is What Redneck People Do? Explained Drunk Florida Man Who Shot Lawnmower, Brawled With Teen Son (The Smoking Gun)

November 29, 2016Florida Man Orders Pizza, Stuffs It Into His Mouth Instead Of Paying (TC Palm)

November 30, 2016Florida Man Calls Himself Satan, Threatens To Kill If Not Given A Car (WTSP)

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December 1, 2016Naked Florida Man Drives Around With Electrical Wires Wrapped Around Penis (Local 10)

December 2, 2016Florida Man Installs Giant Penis Mailbox (Fox 4 News)

December 3, 2018Florida Man Calls 911, Tells Cops: ?Take Me To Jail, Motherfucker!? (Sebastian Daily)

December 4, 2016Florida Man Named ?Shaquille O?Neal? Steals Veteran?s Wheelchair, Crashes Car (Palm Beach Post)

December 5, 2016Florida Man Leaving Strip Club Runs Himself Over With His Own Truck (Miami Herald)

December 6, 2018Florida Man Goes To Job Interview, Then Steals Shoes To Give To His Mom (ABC Action News)

December 7, 2018Florida Man Yells ?there?s No Santa? At Holiday Event (Spokesman)

December 8, 2015Florida Man Arrested After Driving 110 Mph While Naked With 3 Women In A Cadillac (Esquire)

December 9, 2011iPhone Recorded Florida Granny Shooting Her Son-In-Law (The Smoking Gun)

December 10, 2015Florida Man Growing Weed Hears Police Activity, Panics And Turns Himself In (Fox 59)

December 11, 2018Florida Man Shoves Footlong Sandwich Down His Pants (Newsweek)

December 12, 2016Florida Man Wearing Bucket On Head Breaks Into Pet Shop, Steals Pigeons (Palm Beach Post)

December 13, 2011Florida Man Find Credit Card On The Street, Uses It To Get Pedicure, Gets Arrested (The Smoking Gun)

December 14, 2015Wife Finds Strange Florida Woman Asleep In Husband?s Clothes (Brevard Times)

December 15, 2017Florida Man Steals Swan Boat, Gets Stranded On Lake Eola Fountain (Orlando Weekly)

December 16, 2016Florida Man Tases Cop With Own Taser (ABC 7)

December 17, 2010Florida Man Claims Drugs Hidden In Crotch Not His (The Smoking Gun)

December 18, 2018Florida Man Says Aliens Have Landed, Burns Down House Stocked With Flamethrowers And Ammo (Tampa Bay)

December 19, 2017Florida Man Says Scooter He Purchased Came With Meth & Other Drugs Inside (NY Post)

December 20, 2017Florida Man Maroons Himself On Lake Fountain Says He Wants To Be With The Swans, Blames ?Too Much MDMA? (KFOR)

December 21, 2017Florida Man Punches Mailboxes, Gets Tased 4 Times By Cops (Bradenton News)

December 22, 2017Florida Man Called Police Twice To Complain The Clams He Ordered Were ?So Small? (News Tribune)

December 23, 2015Florida Man Crashes Car Into Business While Trying To Time Travel (News 3LV)

December 24, 2015?Time Traveling? Florida Man Crashes Car Into Building (Florida Today)

December 25, 2018Florida Billboard Looks Hacked With Satanic Corgi, ?Naughty? Gorilla (WTSP)

December 26, 2018Florida Man Worried About Vampires Intentionally Burns Down His Home (WTXL)

December 27, 2017Florida Man Says He Punched ATM For Giving Too Much Cash (ABC Action News)

December 28, 2015Florida Man Shot Twice After Daring Brother To Shoot Him (Brevard Times)

December 29, 2018Florida Woman Robs Postal Truck With Fake Gun, Fled On Tricycle, Claimed She?s God (Rare US)

December 30, 2017Florida Man Rigs Door To Electrocute Pregnant Wife (Brevard Times)

December 31, 2018Florida Men Accused Of Stealing $500,000 Worth Of Tequila (WTSP)


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