A Steamy Excerpt

A Steamy Excerpt


From a work-in-progress novel called The Professor.

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Author’s note: This began as a character exercise that went in an entirely unexpected direction. I still haven’t decided if this would wind up in the finished book. Enjoy!

After another five minutes of making out like teenagers, we finally broke away from each other. Dathan unlocked the door which connected my room to the study and I slipped inside. I figured it was about time to ask for a key of my own. And maybe one for the door that connected my bathroom with his bedroom.

But I sighed, because I knew he was merely walking me to my room to say goodnight.

Neither of us had been spending time in the other?s bedroom. And I couldn?t decide if that was a good or bad thing.

On the one hand, it seemed good that he was wary for us to begin an intimate relationship while Ben was living under the same roof. Dathan insisted we take it slow for his child?s sake, and I really did agree.

But on the other hand, there was a part of me that couldn?t possibly take another ragged-breathed make out marathon. I wanted more. Since he always seemed to remember himself and stop right before things got too intense, I wondered if he maybe didn?t want me in that way. Not really.

So, I decided to try to tip the scales in my favor.

That night, after watching some movie which neither one of us could say two words about, and then falling asleep in his arms on the couch, he gently woke me with a kiss. I was too groggy to prevent him from walking me back to my room.


I felt so cheated without even a PG post-movie canoodle.

But I cheered myself up slightly by thinking, That?s okay, Kassie. You?ve got a plan.

After our very chaste goodnight, I closed my door, undressed and put on a silky chocolate brown robe that showed off a good deal of thigh. I thought it almost funny ? what a departure this version of me was from my former fat girl, frightened self. But I shook those thoughts away before they could linger and trip me up.

This was my time to be bold.

I pretended to sleep for maybe an hour. Then I got up and knocked softly upon the door that led from my bathroom into his room. I heard a shuffle and he unlocked the door.

?Kassie?? Dathan whispered with concern. ?What?s wrong??

?I couldn?t sleep,? I said, attempting a flirty pout.

Looking a bit flustered, he gestured for me to enter his room. I stepped into the warm glow of a candle on a table. Dathan set the book in his hand upon the chair, and I saw his eyes quickly flick across my skin and back up to my own longing eyes.

?Why not?? His voice seemed to catch somewhere in the middle of his throat.

I said nothing. Moving closer to where he stood, I placed my hand on his bare chest to tentatively trail a finger down to his waistband. He took my hand and wrapped his arms around me, taking charge and enveloping me for a kiss.

The silky brown fabric I wore seemed to garner my desired effect. Dathan?s strong hands began to glide up and down my back, across my ribcage, and finally to my chest. He hesitated, as if still at war within himself, and gently cupped one breast.

Finally. To finally feel Dathan touch me like the woman he wanted. I could barely contain the excitement I felt inside.

That thin layer of silk was all that separated his hand from my breast. As I felt my nipples harden beneath his fingers, Dathan moaned, and his other hand traced up the front of the robe until he found my bare skin. I writhed happily as he explored these uncharted spots of my body.


No! Don?t ruin this, I silently screamed.

I kissed him harder to prevent him from saying more, and a shoulder of my robe accidentally slipped down to my elbow. Dathan paused; the hand on my breast tentatively stroked my nipple through the fabric again, and then he quickly pushed away my robe from that side of my chest. He looked at my uncovered breast with adoring eyes and massaged my nakedness as he slid his other hand down much further, where my thighs met my sex.

Dathan stroked my opening gingerly, as if I were a delicate flower that might fall apart. Slowly, he pushed two fingers into me and I soon found myself pressing onto his hand. Pressing hard.

His crooked mouth moved from my mine and trailed down my neck until he finally reached my naked breast. He kissed every inch and took my nipple into his mouth, suckling as if I was his nourishment.

The hand inside me increased tempo and I gasped at the mounting sensations within me. He licked my breast once more and traversed down my stomach to meet his currently occupied hand.

Dathan stooped down to his knees and gently separated my labia with both hands. He angled his face up to kiss my pussy, first lightly, teasingly. Then he plunged his tongue deep inside of me and I practically fainted. I began pushing down against his mouth rhythmically. His tongue darted firmly within me ? sucking, caressing and causing me to nearly explode.

We both moaned loudly.

Breathless, I straightened myself up and pulled Dathan out of me to tug at his pants. But he stopped my hands and whispered, ?I?m not finished.?

Dathan pushed me into the darkness and led me back into my own room and sat me on my bed. I shook with anticipation. Was this real? Was I dreaming? Everything had gone better than I expected so far.

Slowly untying the belt of my robe, Dathan uncovered me and threw the fabric to the floor. He laid me down on my bed and covered my entire naked body in kisses. Then he once again began to kiss the innermost part of me ? this time he went painfully slowly, until my entire body quaked with delight. He kissed me down there one more time and grabbed hold of my thighs while I bucked against his mouth.

Sitting up, Dathan climbed on top of me and I could feel him press firmly into my pelvis. Running his hands along my bare breasts, he kneaded them gently. He pressed harder into my body until I thought I could take no more. So slowly, Dathan began to rub himself against me. Every few seconds I felt him hit me just right, so that I kept wanting more ? but I also wanted him deep inside of me.

I once again pried away at his waistband.

At that point, Dathan remembered himself again. He stood up, wiped his mouth and pulled me up into his arms.

?We can?t, Kassie?? he whispered.

?We can?t? Really? Or you won?t?? I felt my inner brat rising up.

I pushed him back down onto my bed and climbed on top, straddling his firm crotch.

?I want you,? I whispered. ?Make love to me.?

Dathan growled with lust and rolled me over, so that he was on top once again. He leaned down as if to kiss me. ?Are you sure, Kassie??

?Yes.? I didn?t recognize my own voice. I was a stranger, a confident queen.

Dathan slipped off his pants and pressed against me. Licking his fingers, he rubbed my insides once more and pressed himself slightly into my vagina. He placed one hand beneath my head and the other to my right side and slowly pushed his way deeper into my body.

?Tell me if I?m hurting you,? he said. I nodded and tried to burn every sensation into my mind. Even the brief pain of feeling flesh stretch inside a secret space. I wanted to keep it all forever. Once fully inside my body, Dathan began to rock gently in and out, massaging my tight channel. He shuddered in pleasure and kissed my mouth roughly.

?Oh, Kassie??

In that moment, nothing mattered beyond the feeling of his bare skin against mine. His sweat and fluids, every inch of his body belonged to me. Nothing else was anything. Not the eleven years between us, or the mystery of his dead wife. Not the prospect of being a step-mother, nor the warnings that Dathan was a wolf waiting to devour me.

I sighed in perfect contentment. If this was what it meant to be eaten by a wolf, then I would gladly be his prey.

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