A Quick and Dirty Guide to Muff Diving Like You Mean It

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Muff Diving Like You Mean It

Your face is between her legs ? now what?

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Oral became a huge part of my life as soon as I started receiving it.

I had dated and fucked a string of guys but none of them ever used their tongues to get me off.

Because it never happened, I was convinced guys didn?t like it.

Then I met a guy who couldn?t get enough of it.

I loved almost everything about him. His hair was too long and he didn?t know how to dress well, but I could look past that because he ate my pussy with gusto.

Until he put his tongue to my pussy, I had no idea sex could be that good.

Now, it?s a non-negotiable. I don?t know that I could be fully sexually satisfied with a partner who wasn?t into it.

Oral sex is one of the focal points of my pleasure, and I know it is for a lot of women. That?s why one of the best tips for ensuring a woman has an orgasm is to go down on her and spend plenty of time down there.

But what do you do when you?re down there? Obviously, you start licking. But how do you take a basic muff dive and turn it into something that will make her squeal in ecstasy?

1. Oral Sex Should Have Foreplay, Too

Most people think of eating pussy as foreplay, but it should have its own foreplay.

Don?t just start eating her out. Work up to it first. Make out with her and give her hips a squeeze. Rub her pussy through her underwear. Kiss her thighs.

Tease her and build anticipation. If you have her squirming and practically begging for you to start, she?ll get even more pleasure out of it.

2. Spread the Lips

All the most sensitive parts of the vulva are tucked away behind the outer lips, so use your fingers to spread them.

You can still get to her clit even if you don?t, but it won?t feel as intense for her.

So, spread her lips before you lick. You?ll notice a big difference in the way she reacts.

3. It?s Not Just About the Clit

Licking her clit is what will bring her to orgasm, so you need to pay a lot of attention to it. But that doesn?t mean you should neglect the other parts of her vulva. All of it is sensitive. All of it feels good when it?s licked.

Give her the full experience. Use your tongue to explore her pussy. Lap it against her labia and around the clit. Pay attention to how she reacts and what feels best to her and repeat the really good stuff.

4. Keep Your Hands Busy

Unless you need them to keep yourself propped up, you should be touching her with your hands, not just your tongue.

Grab her hips. Run your hands up and down her thighs. Squeeze her sides. Reach up and play with her nipples.

None of that feels better than what your tongue is doing, but that doesn?t matter. It enhances her pleasure and will make her feel more desired.

5. Adjust Your Tongue

Other than the position of your tongue, the two things you can play around with are the speed of your licking and how much pressure you?re applying.

There?s no magic formula here. It?s different for everyone, and it can change from day to day for the same person. Some people like it hard and fast, or even need it to come. I personally tend to prefer soft and slow, but sometimes I can really get off on fast and soft or hard and slow.

So, try different variations to see what works best. And don?t be shy about asking what she likes.

6. To Suck or Not to Suck?

A lot of women swear by clit sucking, so be ready to do it. Sucking on the clit could be what makes you a muff diving champ.

But don?t get married to that technique. It doesn?t work for everyone. Some women don?t really get off on it. Some only like it as a finishing move. And I dislike it so much, I wrote an article about hating it. So, make sure you test the waters with some gentle sucking to gauge whether she likes it.

7. Be Enthusiastic

Yes, your mouth is busy at the moment, but that doesn?t mean you can?t show her how much you love what you?re doing.

You can moan while eating her out. You can take your mouth off her just long enough to tell her how good she tastes. You can go at it with the kind of eagerness you can?t fake.

Don?t just spend time between her legs ? make it clear that you want to be there.

Bonus points if you initiate it without her asking. Nothing makes us feel like you really want to give us pleasure like having you take the lead.

8. Take Directions

As soon as your tongue is on her, she?ll start giving you some verbal and non-verbal feedback.

Listen to her breathing and moaning. Pay attention to the way her muscles tense. Feel the way she?s playing with your hair.

That should be enough to indicate what?s working and what she?d like you to do more. But chances are you?ll also get some instructions, too. Take them seriously. If she asks you to go slow, don?t go fast thinking it?ll get her there sooner. She knows what will make her come and feel satisfied and she?s telling you for a reason.

9. Don?t Stop

When her orgasm starts building, don?t stop what you?re doing. She?ll need a steady pace and pressure to get her over the edge. Resist the urge to speed up.

10. Check the Ingredients on the Flavored Lube

Flavored lube is a good way to make oral sex a little more fun. It feels better for the one receiving it, and the right flavor can make it a little more pleasant for the one giving.

But make sure you read the label first. Some flavored lubes contain glycerin or sweeteners like sorbitol, both of which increase the risk of an infection.

You can play around with different kinds, but I?ve had good luck with Sliquid Swirl and Jo Gelato. They?re delicious and only have safe ingredients.

Get Down and Dirty

If you want to really get a woman off, make sure you master oral sex.

The best way to be good at eating pussy is to be attentive and responsive. See how she reacts to what you do and change what you?re doing accordingly.

But it never hurts to have a few tips and techniques. So, try some of the ones I shared in this article and make her come so hard she won?t be able to wait for round two.

Sliquid Swirl Cherry Vanilla lube is amazing for oral sex ? and it?s safe to use on her pussy. You can get it here. That?s an affiliate link ? if you click on it and purchase anything on the site, I earn a small commission and you will be supporting my work. ?

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