8 Fun Personality Tests to Get to Know Yourself Better

8 Fun Personality Tests to Get to Know Yourself Better

Psychologists have recommended some funfilled personality tests that you can use to learn more about yourself and your type of personality

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Coronavirus Means More Time Indoors

With the outbreak of Coronavirus and many people following public advice about social distancing, there hasn?t been more time than ever before to do some fun activities in the house with your kids and loved ones. Yous may decide to play with toys, produce some art and crafts, play some board games or even take some personality tests.

I want to share with you 8 fun personality tests that I found in an article in wellandgood. These tests have been approved by psychologists as fun and useful exercises for personal development and getting know yourself and everyone round about you.

1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a self-questionnaire test which provides evaluative insight into how we choose to perceive the world and everything in our lives. The test was first published in 1962 and was extremely popular during the 1970s. The MBTI test is largely based on Swiss Psychologist, Carl Jung?s four concepts about how people choose to experience life:





The questionnaire assesses personality based on four key aspects: introverted vs extroverted, intuitive vs sensing, thinking vs feeling, and judging vs perceiving.

MTBI has been used by millions of people all over the world since its birth and still remains very popular to this day. The test has been widely used by a range of career counsellors and human resource departments to gain an indication as to an employee?s type of personality and how it might affect their workstyle for good or bad.

Knowing another person?s MBTI type is a great way to learn just exactly what makes that person tick and allow you to communicate and respond appropriately in a way that accommodates their preferred means of perceiving the world around them. Wellandgood also have some additional articles on how you can use your MTBI type to get ahead in your relationships and push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

2. Enneagram

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The enneagram is an ancient Greek test that measures personality based on nine key types ? performer, observer, perfectionist, etc. There has been a long historical debate over when the test first came into existence, but many historians link its origins back to 4th century Christian mysticism. Evagrius Ponticus, a Christian mystic, identified what he called ?eight deadly thoughts? and the idea of ?love of self?. Its name ?enneagram? was later identified by another mystic, G. I. Gurdjieff but the nine personality types would be discovered by a Bolivian spiritual teacher, Oscar Ichazo.

Discovering which personality type you identify within this test can help you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do to improve in certain areas. Virginia Price, a Ph.D. psychologist and one of the authors of the Enneagram explainer ?The essential Enneagram? says ?Discovering your enneagram personality type can help you learn how to bring positive change into your life?It can help change the way you relate to yourself and others as well as give you a greater understanding of the circumstances and issues facing you.?

3. The 7 different types of rest

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Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, a medical physician and author of ichoosemybestlife.com, believes there are 7 different types of rest ? physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, sensory and creative. This test quiz gives you an indicative score as to how you are performing on each type of rest, thus enabling you to figure out which type of rest you need most. Give it shot and see what kind of rest you need!

4. Stress Signatures

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It?s quite normal sometimes to feel a little bit guilty for being stressed out and, more often than not, some people interpret their stress as if something is wrong with them. However, the reality is nobody is immune from stress and it’s perfectly OK to not be OK. Stress is like delicious treats, it’s ok to have a little bit of it from time to time, it’s only unhealthy if we have too much of it too often.

Stephanie McClellan, a chief medical officer at the women?s health clinic Tia, identified what she calls ?four stress signatures?. These are four ways in which our bodies respond to chronic stress ? vigilant sprinter, vigilant pacer, reluctant sprinter or reluctant pacer. Tia have produced an 82-question test which you can take to find out which one of those four stress signatures best describes you. This is an extremely useful test to learn how you would cope in three common stressful situations ? new situations, situations in which you are unlikely to prevail and situations in which you are separated from your clan.

5. The 5 Love Languages

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Five Love Languages is a test that was developed based on the ideas contained in Gary Chapman?s book ?The Five Love Languages? in which he outlines five different ways people prefer to receive love ? words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.

The test scores respondents in these five ways, thus allowing both you and your partner to learn how each other prefer to receive love. Knowing each other?s score can allow you both to communicate and devise strategies in such a way that accommodates each other?s preferred way of being loved.

6. The 11 Sex Personality Types

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Sex is something that most people in a relationship want at some point but for various reasons. Some people may want to have sex to feel emotionally connected to their partner whilst others may want to have sex to blow off steam. Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist, came up with ?11 different sex personality types? to explain the different reasons that motivate people to want to engage in sexual intercourse

In an article in the Huffington post, Kelsey Borreson explains the reasons associated with each of these ?11 sex personality types? proposed by Marin and offers some clinical advice on how you and your partner can better communicate exactly what you wish to gain from sexual experiences.

7. Adult Attachment Styles

There are many different types of attachment styles ? secure, anxious, fearful and avoidant ? and each of these has a profound effect on our relationships with others. These attachment styles develop during infancy and whichever one we develop depends on our relationship with our primary caregiver, usually our mother. Clinical Psychologist, Dina Wirick says ?Your attachment style develops in infancy through your bond with your primary caregiver. This forms the way we see ourselves, others, and the world. It becomes part of who we are and is part of our personality.?

If couples are aware of each other?s attachment styles, then this can allow them to set healthy boundaries and bring more balance and stability into their relationship. Here is a YouTube video from the channel ?Charisma on Command? which shows how these attachment styles are played out in movies. Watch it and see which one you identify with most.

8. Self-Soothing Techniques For Your Zodiac Sign

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This is an astrology-based test in which you and your partner can figure out which zodiac sign describes your personality. Even if you not a lover of astrology, this is just another fun and interactive way for you and your partner to learn more about each other?s personalities. In another article written in wellandgood there are some useful tips from a psychological astrologer, Jennifer Freed, on how you can use these signs to grow and develop as a person and flourish in your relationships.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many more online personality tests you can do to get to know more about yourself but these eight are among the most popular ones out there. If you are still unsure about which one of these eight personality tests to try out, then it might be worthwhile trying to figure out just exactly what it is you want to find about yourself. Once you have figured that out, try whichever one of the eight tests that allows you to find out what you want to know about yourself. Also, feel free to share your experiences in the responses section below. Have fun!


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