8 Best Deep Web, Dark Web hidden Search Engines of 2020

8 Best Deep Web, Dark Web hidden Search Engines of 2020

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In This List of Dark Web Search Engines, I Will List Some Search Engines and Websites That Have A Long List of Deep/Dark Web Sites. To Help You Navigate The ?Hidden Internet,? We Have Compiled A List of the Top Eight Best Deep Web, Dark Web, And Darknet Search Engines In 2020.


Ahmia is one of the very few deep web search engines that actually work and get us results like a traditional search engine. It has a simple user interface with a few instructions and a search bar on the homepage. Simply entering our queries will give us the results.

As you know what you?re searching for, it totally can be one of the best dark web search engines bringing out even the darkest of the results.

Some of its advanced features that no other onion search engine has provided so far ?Link Graph? shows us the connections from one link to another, it?s useless for most users, but it?s unique!

website url: msydqstlz2kzerdg

2. Torch

Torch is one of the most popular and most applauded deep web search engines in existence. The sheer fact that the search engine has been live since 1996 establishes its potential, the dark forces of the internet do not let anything live anything this long without quality.

It?s also extremely simple, there?s the logo, and the search bar. Although yes, it does display ads even though they?re not based on your cookies or caches, and are rather static ads which are the same for everyone.

It also claims to have over 1million pages indexed in its database, which I suppose is enough for most of us.

website url: xmh57jrzrnw6insl

3. Kilos

Kilos breaks the Deep Web barriers and ventures into the Darker Side of the deep web. In other words, it?s a Dark web search engine and almost every result that you see is illegal. As the name hints, it?s a search-engine focused towards ?Drugs

The search-engine takes your keyword and filters and searches through all its 8 indexed Darknet Markets, 556,728+ forum posts, 764,555 reviews, and 3,012 indexed vendors. In most cases, you?d find someone who?s willing to sell you drugs based on your preferences.

website url: dnmugu4755642434

4. Not Evil

Not Evil is another one of the deep web search engines which actually is a search engine and not just a webpage like The Hidden Wiki. It has an extremely simplistic interface with nothing but a sarcastic image on the homepage, and a search bar at the top.

You enter the keywords of what you?re looking for on the search bar and hit enter, the page comes back with the relevant results, even though the results page is quite cluttered and the font isn?t very exciting, the links still work.

For advanced searches, it also includes data such as the last response of the site along with ping time, and additional results along with the primary search result.

website: hss3uro2hsxfogfq

5. Candle

You may notice a slight similarity between Candle and Google, the logo and the user-interface that is; although I assure you it?s nothing like Google.

It?s one of the simplest deep web search engines that exist, and because it?s similar to Google on its interface, you won?t find using it hard either.

It displays only .onion results and not clearnets and can be used to directly find deep web links if you know the keywords you?re searching for.

website: gjobqjj7wyczbqie

6. HayStak

With over 1.5Billion indexed webpages, and nearly 300,000 individual searches performed each day, Haystak is arguably one of the best onion search engines in the industry.

It lists only onion URLs, although what makes it truly special is that it shows not just website links, but additional advanced information as well, which include Historical version, cached version, Datapoints, etc.

Although those advanced features we just talked about are included in the ?premium? version of the Search engine and not free; the free version only functions as a general search engine with .onion sites.

There may be occasional ads, although most of the time, it?s an ad-free platform.

website: haystakvxad7wbk5

7. Abiko

Abiko is one of the simplest deep web search engines, simplest in the sense that it includes absolutely nothing except a search box and search results, which include only .onion websites, no additional clutter.

The interface is as simple as it can be, and the search page resembles that of Google, although only slightly.

Abiko, too is an ad-free search engine so you won?t need any ad-blockers, or have to worry about your screen getting spammed to death with the ads.

website: abikogailmonxlzl

8. Onion Land

OnionLand is well recognized, and is sponsored by Tor and Tor2Web themselves! The homepage is easy to understand, with a search box and a handful of popular search terms in case you?re not loaded with keywords on your end.

It does accept and let users display ads, although that?s occasional and most of the time it?s ad-free just like Duck Duck Go or the other engines listed above. It shows only .onion results.

The search-page isn?t that well designed, it?s only ?informative? which servers the purpose of being honest even though it?s not pleasing to the eyes. It displays the URLs in a very ?notepad-like? format without any additional decorations.

Although it does have the feature to display cached webpages in case you need them.

website: 3bbaaaccczcbdddz

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