7 Best Image Background Remover in 2020

7 Best Image Background Remover in 2020

Are you a newbie? Looking for an easy-to-use best image background remover app?

Then, this article is for you. Here I have included the top 7 photo retouching app to remove background from an image.

Keep in mind; this article is recommended for the beginner who needs an easy-to-use app for personal photo editing.

If you are an e-commerce seller or a photographer, then Photoshop is the best app for e-commerce photo editing.

Also, you can outsource image background removal services to scale up your business.

Here is the list of image background remover app:

Clipping Magic


Auto Clipping


Remove BG


Background Burner

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01. Clipping Magic

Image for post

Clipping Magic is the first photo background remover app I choose for you.

It lets you erase the image background from a photo within a few seconds.

To clip your photo, Clipping Magic has an advanced tool. You can edit a photo perfectly and quickly using this app.

This automatic background remover app has featured with advanced hair selection tool to cut out hair from an image.

Clipping Magic has an advanced Auto-Clip AI tool to cut out images accurately.

Also, it has lots of touch up tools to give the best look for your product photo.


Easy to use

Ai Auto-clip tool

Upgraded hair selection tool

Background and Foreground marker

Pricing: Credit based plan

02. Pixlr

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Pixlr is a web-based photo background remover app. You can use it as an alternative to Picmonkey.

It has Photoshop alike user interface but more intuitive and easy to use.

Anyone can use this software to remove a background from a photo.

Pixlr has also a lot of image retouching tools to bring the best look of the product photo.

Not only that, but Pixlr has also a lot of effects to give an enticing look to your photo.

Moreover, this online image editing tool has also a 1-touch image enhancer to make photos pop up with a single click.

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Intuitive interface

Loaded with basic photo editing tools

Featured with a lot of presets and effects

Pricing: Both free and premium

03. Auto Clipping

Auto Clipping- automatic background remover

Auto Clipping is another automatic background remover app.

Using this automatic photo background remover app, you can easily place the subject on the white background.

The best part of this app?

You don?t need to do anything special to cut out the image objects. What you need to do is- upload the photo, mark the background and the foreground using the red and the green marker.

Finally, download the complete image with a white background.

Pricing: Free, subscription, and non-subscription based plan

04. Malabi

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Malabi is another best photo background remover app I recommend for you.

The automatic background remover app helps to erase the image background within a few seconds.

To remove the image background using this app, you should visit the official website of Malabi.

From there, open an image from your computer. Then, click on the upload button.

Afterward, a preview result will be pop up on your window automatically with a white background. You can also change the background into transparent.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can manually fix the error using this app.

Finally, use the Download Image button to download the final image.

Pricing: Subscription-based plan

05. Remove Bg

Image for post

Remove Bg is the best automatic photo background remover app on this list.

This online background remover app helps you to erase an image background within a few seconds. And you don?t need to do anything.

In short, you can get a white background photo without doing anything.

To remove photo background, upload a photo from your computer.

And it automatically removes the original background from a photo and places the subject on a transparent background.

If you want to make the background white, click on the Edit button to edit the photo manually.

When you click on the Edit, it will bring up this dialogue box:

remove bg dialogue box

If you want to change the background color to white, select white color from the Color plate.

And it will change the background color to pure white.

Here is the final image:

final image

Pricing: Subscription and Pay as you go plan

06. PhotoScissors

Image for post

PhotoScissors is also an online-based photo background remover app.

To isolate the image background using this app, you should upload a photo from your computer.

You can upload a photo that?s file size is 10mb maximum and 4mb minimum.

After a few seconds, PhotoScissors remove the image background and place the subject on a transparent background.

You can change the background color clicking on the Background option from the top-right bar.

Then, use the drop-down menu under Background and choose the solid color you want to use as the background color.

Finally, download the image clicking on the download icon.

Pricing: Credit based plan

07. Background Burner

Background Burner is the last photo background remover app on our list.

Like other apps, it also helps you to erase the image background within a few seconds.

To isolate the image background, you should first upload a photo from your computer.

Second, the Background Burner app automatically removes the image background. It presents a few versions of the editing work. You should choose the best version of the image.

Finally, download the image as a PNG or JPG file.

Pricing: Both free and Paid

In conclusion

If you are looking for a photo editing software to edit an image for personal use, then you can use any background remover app from the list.

All the photo background remover app I listed is perfect for personal use.

Keep in mind; all the apps I have included are performed the best if you upload the simple-shaped image.

For complex photo, the result those apps offers are not qualitative.

In this case, it is better to use Adobe Photoshop for editing e-commerce photo.


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