7 Amazing Makeup Tips For Round Chubby Face Look Thinner

If you have a round chubby face than you are one of those lucky girls who always look beautiful, no matter you are wearing makeup or not. But if you want to give different look to your face then with these little makeup tips for round chubby face you can get an instantly sexy look.

1. Make contouring your best Friend

The main makeup tips for round chubby face is to uplift your cheekbone this will slim your face. Blend it well to give it a more natural look. Use two colors darker than your face. There are many techniques out there that you can use to contour, so find your own way that best suits you and just go with it. You can even use a contour stick.

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2. Highlight For Round Face

Remember to highlight the few area of your face like your forehead, chin, nose and under the eye. For round face, try to highlight the center of your face. It could be in liquid form, cream form or powder form you can use any of these. This will give you instant glow on your face. This will give an angular look to your face.

3. Round Face Blush Tips

We often forget to blush our cheek but this is one of the basic steps of the makeup. This will probably be the last step of your makeup. After determining the apple of your cheek, apply your blush to slightly outer of the apple of your cheek and then put your blush toward the upper side of your ear.

4. Highlight your Favorite Features

Know the favorite features of your face, this could be your lips or eye and give it a beautiful look that you want. Just highlight that part of your face keeping the other part of your face minimal. This area should be the focal point of your face. So pay extra attention to it, but do not overdo it as this will ruin your whole look.

5. Shape your Eyebrows

A nicely shaped eyebrow enhances your personality. It grooms your personality and makes you look confident and young instantly. Always tweeze your eyebrow. Take an eyeshadow powder or a brow powder to lift your eyebrow. Alternatively, you can also use the eyebrow pencil to fill your eyebrow. A neatly done eyebrow will make your face look longer.

Draw a perfect eyebrow makeup tips for round chubby face

  • Line your brush from nose to inner corner of your eye to determine where your eyebrow should start.
  • Now to check the arc of your eyebrow, take your brush or pencil and mark from nose to center of your eye, this should be exactly above your eye pupil if you are looking straight.
  • Again line your brush from nose to outer corner of your eye to see where your eyebrow should end.
  • To mark the arc of the lower part of your eyebrow take your brush to the opposite side of your inner corner of the eye and then intersect to the arc.
  • Now to check if your eyebrow is equal or not, Draw two parallel line first by drawing a line meeting the arc of your both eyebrow and the other by intersecting starting of both your eyebrow.

6. Eye Makeup For Round Face Shape

An eye can speak more than your mouth. So highlighting your eyes will make a lot more difference in your overall look. Knowing the correct shape of your eye and putting the right makeup will suddenly take your look to whole new level.

There are three part of your eye

  • Lid (where you put eyeshadow), crease and brow

Figure out the shape of your eye

  • Monolid eyes ? If you do do not have any crease then you have the monolid eye, here you should focus on making a fake crease.
  • Upturned eyes ? If the outer corner of your eyes is above the line you draw then do not wing your eyeliner.
  • Downturned eyes ? If the outer corner of your eyes is below the line, give a lift to your eye
  • Hooded Eyes ? The skin of your brow covers your lid so you should put your eyeshadow above your crease area.
  • Wide-set eyes ? To bring the eye closed, use the darker shade to the inner corner of your eye
  • Close-set eyes ? To take your eye away, Use the highlighter or lighter shade to the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Round eyes ? If you can see white around your iris then you can wing your eyeliner.
  • Almond eyes ? If you do not have any white around your iris and outer corner of your eye is exactly on the line, then you have almond eyes. You can have cat eye look or winged eyeliner.

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7. Lipstick For Round Face

You can either use liquid lipstick or a matte finished lipstick. Just play with the colors, keeping in mind the undertone of your body whether it is warm or cold.

Whatever look you create, always remember these few cool tips

  • Use a lip liner to perfectly shape your lips
  • Use foundation or concealer on top of your lips to make the color pop, This will also give you an ever tone
  • Always exfoliate and moisturize your lip to take away any dead cells on your lips
  • Use a concealer to correct any mistake you have made

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Using these makeup tips for round chubby face is going to look slim. But do not forget that these makeup tricks are only for those who want that extra effect. Every person has a different effect. Everyone has a different body type and face which should not be ashamed of. The one thing that should always be important is to be healthy. Use as the minimal product as you can and let your natural beauty speak.

makeup tips for round chubby face

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