69 Texts that will make him want you tonight

69 Texts that will make him want you tonight

Regardless if he is your crush, boyfriend, or even your long-time husband, you might be wondering what are some texts that will make him miss you? This guide is your answer. It will guide you on making him miss you through texts. Just text him one of these specially crafted messages and he will smile, feel special, and immediately think about you. He will also realize how he misses you even more now!

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It is amazing how much a text message, as simple as they can be, will brighten someone else?s day. When you text a significant other, it is natural to wish that he will smile.

The perfect way to express how you feel about him using words is by sending him a caring text message. It helps to demonstrate that you care about him. Perhaps you like receiving a good morning text. But who says he doesn?t want to receive a cute message from you as well?

We have gathered hundreds of messages and we compiled a list of the 69 texts that will make him want you aka texts to get the man. They will surely make him smile and miss you on the spot. Of course you don?t have to send them all at once. Give one or two a try, send them, and see your results. If he thinks they are cute, it is almost guaranteed he has actually loved it. These are the perfect text messages for the couples who are forced to spend too much time away from one another, those engaging in a long-distance relationship, or simply for the working couple who exchanges text messages during their days.

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1. I am super lucky that you are in my life. I can barely wait to spend the evening embraced by you.

2. I have been thinking about you all day and I hope you have been thinking about me too.

3. Do you remember telling me about that secret? Because I thought about it and we definitely should try it together tonight.

4. I want you to tell me the three things that excite you the most. I promise I will do one of them.

5. You are a wonderful man in my dreams. You?d better be just as wonderful in real life. You have a lot of expectations to live up to.

6. You were looking especially great today. Anyways, you always look great. I just figured I?d let you know.

7. I?d love if you came over to see me now. I just don?t know how long I?d behave myself.

8. Do you believe it is appropriate to share with you that I?ve just spent the entire day in bed thinking about you and I together?

9. What I love the most about how you hug me is feeling your warm breath on my neck and your hands all over my hips.

10. Every single one of my family members and friends has told me they are jealous that you are in my life.

11. How can you manage to go for so long without texting me? It is super hard for me not to hear from you even for a little while.

12. I just saw that you liked a picture of mine. I just figured you wanted to spend time with me and talk.

13. You are always there for me. Thanks! I wouldn?t know how to deal with things without your support.

14. Yesterday I had a ton of fun with you. I can only dream about living every day like that in our future together.

15. My friends all wish that they had a boyfriend like you. They always tell me how lucky I am.

16. What if we both call in sick tomorrow? Let?s spend the whole day playing hooky, just the two of us.

17. Right now one of my pillows is smelling like your cologne. So, since I woke up you?ve been in my mind.

18. Tonight should we go out to dinner as usual or just stay in at your place and do something else?

19. I?d tell you all about how attractive you are. I just don?t want to be too obvious about it.

20. If you could do anything to me right now, how would you get started?

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21. I?ve got one condition to invite you over: you?re forbidden from keeping your hands to yourself. You should tell me in detail what you?ll do with them.

22. I?m currently bragging about the awesome man you are.

23. Do you exist? Because someone like you looks like a dream coming true.

24. Normally I don?t like scary movies, but I feel super safe around you.

25. If I could change one about you, it?d be your current location? So we could be together.

26. You?re making me blush right now and you?re not even here to begin with!

27. The way you kiss me goodbye? I love it but it always makes me want to stay for more.

28. Baby, iron that blue shirt. I?m taking you out tonight for oysters, I heard they?re an aphrodisiac. The only rule? You can only touch me once we get back home.

29. Would you wanna have sex in public?

30. I want to feel your sweet lips all over my skin? On one condition? I get to guide you with my hands.. I lead, and you follow? Agreed?

31. I just love the way you make me feel when you lick my nipples and then slowly exhale? It makes me shudder.

32. I am sooo hungry right now? The thing is I?m hungry for you.

33. Mmm? I just love it when I feel your strong heartbeat everywhere I touch you.

34. Riddle of the day: What is nice and cute and sometimes gets hard all over?

35. Today is the National Donut Day. Did you know that? Let?s celebrate in my bedroom. I?ll bring us the sugar.

36. Would you hold it against me if I told you that you have a great body? Seriously, you?re sooo hot. I?d like to be right now touching your shoulders while you get rid of my pants.

37. The other day I had such a good time! I wish every day of ours were like that.

38. You?re just too hot.

39. I?m ordering food tonight. You in?

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40. You?re on my mind now, I just can?t fall asleep.

41. Tell me something: why do I smile like a dummy when you text me?

42. We go together perfectly like a spoon and Nutella.

43. I still don?t understand how you do it. You constantly take my breath away!

44. When can I see you again?

45. I gotta share something: you are definitely the most interesting person I have ever met.

46. Are you real? You are so dreamy.

47. Nobody else understands me the way you do.

48. Right now all I want is to be curled up in your arms and feel you embracing me.

49. I think my lips and yours should have a personal meeting. ASAP.

50. I want to eat together and just chillax.

51. I really miss you today.

52. A kiss burns 7 calories per minute. Want to workout?

53. How is your day going so far? I need to meet a certain handsome man later tonight.

54. How can you make me blush even when you are not anywhere near me?

55. All of my friends are now jealous of our relationship. They all want a man just like you!

56. When I?m scared, you always kill the spiders for me. Thanks for that.

57. When will we meet again?

58. I truly need a cuddle. Like, right now.

59. I love how you deal with my crazy self. It looks so effortless. That makes me wonder about you.

60. Help me here with a question. When someone is constantly on your mind, should you tell them about being infatuated or should you keep it a secret?

61. I just can?t believe that you are real. You need to come over right now, and prove to myself that you are more than a dream.

62. I think it?s the first time I met anyone with a smile as handsome as yours.

63. It feels like forever since we?ve last seen each other. Almost 30 minutes and I am already dying without you!

64. I am daydreaming about you since I woke up. When are you coming over to make all my dreams come true?

65. When I feel your heartbeat while you hold me, my world folds into that moment we are together.

66. You are the most beautiful person on the planet. I am the luckiest person because I get to kiss you every morning.

67. What would you prefer: women making the first move, or should I wait you asking me out?

68. I want you stop now sending me messages about stuff unrelated to how sexy you think I am.

69. I wanted give it another day to text you, but I needed to talk with you now.

And before getting started, here are some more tips on how to act while sending these text messages to make him want you more:

Less Is More

Don?t write too much. Write what you have. Essays because will bore him and make him lose interest in you.

Keep your sexy texts short! If you just started dating a guy or just considering dating him, he won?t be interested in your life story.

He is only into you at that moment.

Also, practice writing ambiguous texts and leave him space to ask questions. This is how you keep your conversation going.

When he runs out of questions, your texting session is over.

Be Confident

Waiting until he texts you first is a stupid rule that simply will not work.

Who says men don?t appreciate when women show some initiative?

Well, they do. Pull yourself together, find the courage, and text him first in a charming and flirty way.

Here is the most important thing: flatter him in that first text you send. Write something to get his attention and make him see you differently and confidently.

Know When To Drop It

Don?t push the conversation. It will only get more uncomfortable for both of you. You should feel when to end it.

If you realize he?s started sending shorter replies or taking him longer to answer, then he?s probably had enough.

Force the conversation is pointless.

Finishing the conversation is easy: keep it simple and wrap it all up to leave him wanting more. Keep him curious about what you will say next.

Be Patient

Being confident and making the first move applies only for texting. Don?t ask him out first.

If he truly is into you, he will make the first move. Especially when you already texted him first.

If you double it down and ask him out, you will come across as pushy and scare him off.

When everything goes well and smoothly, it?s a matter of time before he will ask you out.

Compliment Him by Texting him

Any man loves being flattered, even if they will never admit it. All of them love compliments just as much as women do.

After all, who wouldn?t appreciate an honest recognition of something you put an effort in? For example your clothing or being in shape.

Remind him how his arms are strong or how handsome he is. Just don?t overdo it, because it will feel you?re not being honest.

Just compliment him here and there and take it towards flirting. You will be on the right track to make him desire you.

Stay True To Yourself

Anyone will find it all out sooner or later when you pretend to be something you?re not. No one can fake being something they aren?t for too long.

Sooner or later your mask will fall. That will make him question everything about you.

So, the safest and proven way is to simply be yourself.

If he doesn?t like what he sees, then everything is already settled from the start. Stop waste your precious time trying to change his mind. It is never going to happen.

Use your time letting the right guy find you.

Now that you understand how to behave while you text someone you want to seduce and intrigue, it is time to move on to the texts that will make him look at you under a special light.

It is not about being kinky or dirty to grab his attention. They can be sexy, cute, and funny.

But, for what it is worth, we will cover each of these fields, so you will be ready for each situation that comes.

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