6 Things I Learned about Dating Colombian Women

6 Things I Learned about Dating Colombian Women

I been living in Medellin (Colombia) for over two months now and it has been a revelation? again.

Wherever you are in the world, it ain?t as good as here (when it comes to women, prices and several other things).

Driven by the purpose of our exclusive adventure club for extraordinary gentlemen (it?s name is a secret), I travel the world trying to get the sweet and lowdown on the local dating scene. In the past year, this has taken me to Malaga (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Nairobi (Kenya), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Austin (USA), and for the last two months to Medellin, the city of the eternal springtime.

I learned many things in the past months? I?ll share with you the 6 most fascinating ones.

** Disclaimer: this is is just my experience, based on dating over 10 women (and having been intimate with several of them), and the conversations I have had with locals (men and women) and with expats who have been living here for a while.

** I like all your comments on this, but there is no need to remind me of the fact that I am generalizing, that it depends, that this is just my experience. All of this is true, and I am well aware.

So ? caveats aside ? these are the 6 Most Important Facts I Learned about Dating Colombian Women.

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  1. Colombian women are way hotter than Western women.

They are obsessed with looks (this is the #1 city in the world for breast and butt implants) and the way they present themselves. I just spent one month in Austin (Texas) ? my favourite city in the USA ? and met 1 (!) woman I had the hots for. In Medellin I seem to meet a hot (and beautiful) woman every time I go for a walk .

2. Colombian women are never bitchy.

They are not only hot; they are also beautiful? in the way they present themselves, in the way they carry themselves, in the way they interact with you. Grace is the word that describes it best. They do not have the same sense of entitlement many Western women have (acting as if they deserve success in romance, and it is a man?s job to take care of that), and they are always kind and sweet. Even when they reject you, they do it with elegance and care. Not 1 woman has ignored me here when I started talking with her. Every single one of them stopped and talked to me at least for a brief moment. They all smiled. They all talked. They all address me with ?usted? or ? si seor?.

3. Meeting women during the day is easy and delightful ? if you actually have the balls to approach.

The days of going out to clubs are largely behind me, but when I did, I noticed that most women go out in ?pareja? (couple). During the day however, all those beauties are walking the streets to or from work, getting lunch, or going to the mall (they LOVE their malls here). Like I said, no woman ever ignores you when you start a conversation with her. When you start talking, she will stop, smile and talk with you in the kindest, sweetest way. It?s almost heartbreaking how beautiful that is. Just tell her you are new to the city and she will care for you. Exchange whatsapp and take it from there. Better, go for an instant date. Why? See 6.

4. Money matters? a lot.

Money is an issue in all dating scenes, but here it is a little different. For example, on dates, it goes without saying that you, the man, pay for everything. That includes the transport she is taking to come and meet you. Because of #6, it is hard to figure out the importance is of your money for the woman in front of you. I met several women via online dating, and got the full range of straight up sugar babes (prepago) to women who want new experiences, looking for a man who can provide, or just prefer to date gringos because of how they care for their woman? Figuring out the role of money is part of the challenge, but if you are interested in genuine connections as I am, I advise against online dating in favor of meeting women during the day.

5. Sex is as common as hugging.

When a woman likes you, sex is a natural consequence. She will not make you wait. She will have no hangups. Sex is just a fun way to connect with and explore each other. Very playful and without the weight attached to it in many several other parts in the world. This time around in Colombia, this has struck me the most.

6. Dating is a shadow play.

Because they are so beautiful, because they are great seducers, because Colombians are proud and the last thing they want to do is bring shame to each other, because (find your own explanations) ?. you are in for a surprise at any time. ? This is after all the country of magical realism. ? I pride myself on having a better understanding of women (where they are at, whether she likes me or not, if there is another man in the picture?) than most men I know, but I have been really put to the test here in Medellin. It has proven much harder for me to understand where a woman is at, to get a height of her. For example, I hit if off with this gorgeous woman and is was just fire from the first moment. As soon as I saw her come out of the taxi it was just WOW ? and I saw she liked me, smiling, touching? we had a fantastic date? Man, for the first time in a long while, I really felt it in my balls, my heart ?this woman is truly fascinating to me ?. and that was the last time I saw her. She just disappeared. Did not talk to me for a week, then told me she liked someone more. What?!?I explained it to myself by saying there is an (ex-)boyfriend (back) in the picture, because there is no way she did not like that date, and there is no way another date topped that feeling; but she is gone, and I do not really know why. I have been surprised and very much intrigued by this shadow play.

Medellin is the city of magical realism and it is nowhere more striking than in the dating scene. I am fascinated by this place, and determined to understand it better.

Which dating scene has been most fascinating to you?

Hans Comyn

** If you are interested in internationalizing your love-style and/or improve the way you relate to the Other where you are right now, find me here.


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