50 Names to Call Your Significant Other

50 Names to Call Your Significant Other

Adorable names for every occasion.

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Sure, you can call your significant other by their given name, but sometimes you need to make thing interesting depending on either your mood or what your significant other is up to.

Here are some ideas.

1. Babe. A versatile classic. Can be used in all sorts of situations.

2. Babesy. If you are feeling cute.

3. Babarino. If you are feeling cute and tiny.

4. Babester. If you need to mix it up.

5. Honey. If they are sweet.

6. Sweetie. If they are like honey.

7. Sweetie honey pie. If you need something from them.

8. Pie. If you like pie and just want to make your significant other aware of that.

9. Blueberry pie. If you are feeling blue but are still thinking of pie.

10. Apple of my eye pie. If you feel like being silly but really want to drive the pie point home.

11. Love. Pretty standard but a good one. Might add a ?My? before it.

12. Lovah. When you?re in front of their parents.

13. Pigeon. If they fly around and shit indiscriminately.

14. Good-Looking. If they look good. Nothing too deep here.

15. Hero. If they open a jar for you or do the laundry or something.

16. Mr./Ms. Cutepie. You?re feeling formal but also adorable.

17. Brownie. Who doesn?t like brownies?

18. Darling. Who doesn?t want to be called darling?

19. Sweetheart. A reliable one.

20. Sweetness. A twist on the old reliable one.

21. Love of my life. It?s good to state the obvious sometimes.

22. Champ. If they are good at sports or just life in general.

23. Stud-muffin. If they are sexy and like muffins and are also fertile.

24. Stallion. If they like to run around and eat grass.

25. Lamb. If they are covered in soft and warm hair.

26. My sun. If they shine in your world brightly.

27. My moon. If you feel them pulling you towards them.

28. My star. If they died a million years ago and you?re just now seeing their light.

29. My supernova. If they have a dramatic and catastrophic destruction marked by one final very large explosion.

30. My universe. If you want to go big.

31. My cosmos. If you want to go bigger.

32. My Neil deGrasse Tyson. If they are an astrophysicist and also have a good voice for narration.

33. My big bang. If they created a whole new world for you.

34. Daisy. If they are pretty and smell nice like flowers but also you want to be reminded of how fragile and precarious life is.

35. Kitten. If they are hungry all the time and like to sleep.

36. Tiger. If they are fierce but also to cuddle.

37. Pumpkin. If they are versatile and good for either savory or sweet dishes.

38. Teddy-Bear. If they are a little squishy.

39. Angel. If they are a supernatural and non-corporeal being who serves as an intermediary between heaven and earth.

40. Horsey-poo. If they exude a gentle equine vibe.

41. Hot-stuff. Like a hot pocket only human.

42. Captain. If they take charge.

43. Lovemeister. If you are running out of ideas.

44. Lovenstein. See above.

45. Hun. If you are in a 50?s diner.

46. Hunk. When they don?t appear to be totally unacceptable.

47. Hunky-dunky. When you want to spout nonsense.

48. Sugar-Lips. When you want to go right up to the edge and you don?t care about the consequences.

49. Super-star. When they are a diva.

50. Romeo/Juliet. When there is a horrible but completely avoidable tragedy about to happen.

I think that pretty much covers it.

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