5 .NET blogs for C# developers to follow in 2019

5 .NET blogs for C# developers to follow in 2019

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.NET is getting bigger and gaining more and more traction. With the next release it is going to bring C# to more platforms.

Microsoft is going to ship Windows with full Linux kernel in the WSL 2 which makes Windows the go to platform for all the various web developers. And it gives us powerful tools to make our jobs easier.

Now, more than ever, is the best time to be a C# developer. The .NET ecosystem is blooming and Microsoft is going in the right direction by focusing on developers (developers! developers!).

It is hard to keep up with all the changes so let?s look at a few blogs that are worth following in 2019. I?m not going to talk about the golden .NET icons like Scott Hanselman, Jon Skeet, or Eric Lippert. Instead we?ll look at the less known writers that are producing amazing content.

1. Don?t Code Tired

I?ve been following Jason for a while and he?s producing not just great articles but other amazing content. These days his blog is focused on Azure and testing, but he also writes about C# fundamentals and a bit about ASP.NET.

2. .NET Performance and Reliability

As the title of Adam?s blog suggests he?s focusing on performance, profiling, and the lower levels of C# programming. You will learn about different benchmarking tools, core concepts, and techniques for fast code.

His blog reminds me of another great writer of .NET deep dives ? Matt Warren and his Performance is a Feature! And it?s not a coincidence as both of them are contributors to BenchmarkDotNet and a few other useful tools.

3. Michael?s Coding Spot

Despite the fact that Michael?s blog is only 2 years old, he wrote more than most in a decade. He is publishing new content every week and recently covered topics like queues, jobs, deadlocks, and various debugging techniques. The articles are well written and super useful for every professional C# developer.

4. Christian Findlay?s Software Development

Christian?s blog is focused on GUI development and cross-platform user interfaces. He writes about various toolkit and frameworks, Xamarin, WPF, and mobile development.

He?s also into cryptocurrencies so there is a bit of behind the scenes from a C# developer point of view.

5. tabs ? over ? ? ? spaces

Ji? ?in?ura is a fellow Czech developer and he?s been writing about .NET for more than 12 years by now. You will find a wide range of topics covered in his blog. From core C# concepts, database, to Win32 API and others.

He?s also heavily involved within the Czech .NET community and speaks often at conferences.

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