5 Examples of Successful Public Relations Campaigns in 2019

5 Examples of Successful Public Relations Campaigns in 2019

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We asked PR and growth experts to share successful Public Relations campaigns in 2019 to our readership of startups and creative entrepreneurs. What have been outstanding campaigns, and what can founders learn from them? Which trends to they show in PR? Here are 5 success stories for your inspiration:


The Influence is a multifaceted branding agency with a strong focus on influencer marketing based in Los Angeles, CA.

The agency supported the #Aerobeachhouse, a three day initiative held in Malibu, CA April 26?28, 2019 with attendance by celebrities, influencers, media, bloggers, music artists and DJs on behalf of the clothing brand Aeropostale. Alexandra Lasky, President + Co-Founder at The Influence reports:

?Aeropostale hosted a Sustainable Beach House Retreat in Malibu celebrating the Aero x Repreve Eco Friendly Collection with celebrity guest DJ James Kennedy and talent such as Bella Thorne and Delilah Belle. Activities reflective of sustainability and environmental awareness targeted Gen Z and young millennials all weekend long. Both Bella and Delilah jumped in the booth to help James DJ, and enjoyed activities such as Rumble boxing and trampoline jumping and more during the eco-friendly activation.?

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?Following brunch on Saturday there was a panel on sustainability, fashion and the environment with keynote speakers Graham Hamilton, the Surfrider Foundation LA Chapter Coordinator, Sofia Lascurain ? a Style & Beauty influencer, and Mo Hedaya, Senior Marketing Director of Aeropostale. Guests engaged in denim jacket customization, trampoline jumping, oversized connect four and jenga, and checked out the latest Aeropostale x Repreve collection at the pop up shop beach side while overlooking the ocean. The day wrapped with a pool hang and chill session.?

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?We coordinated social posting, talent dressing, and talent/influencer/media/industry attendance for the event such as Bella Thorne, Delilah Belle, Skyler Samuels, Natalie Alyn Lind, Tyler Blackburn and many more, with DJ sets by influencers like James Kennedy and performance by Justine Skye.

We secured pre and post media coverage with continued placement opportunities for the brand. We staffed all three days of the pop up in the entirety, and secured sponsor support from Hint water, Glow Energy Drink, and My/Mo Mochi Ice-Cream.

Total Social Media Reach (as of May 2019): 199,872,704 million

Total Media Impressions: 483,491,248 million

Total Overall Reach: 683,363,952 million

Total Combined Ad Value: $6,321,116.56?


Brad Plothow, VP of Corporate Marketing & Communications at Womply, a software service for reputation management, shares about the success of their recent PR campaign:

?For startups and growth-stage companies, the biggest PR hurdle is convincing journalists, bloggers, and influencers that your company is interesting. One way to do that is to create newsworthy content that press and influencers can?t ignore. The convergence of PR and content marketing has been a talking point for some time, but too few companies are recognizing the tremendous upside here.?

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?Womply is a software company serving small businesses, and we use PR to generate interest, grow our brand, and make our company relevant online. Recently, we leveraged the data that powers our software to create a report that analyzes correlations between small businesses? revenue and their online review profiles. We published the report on our website, issued a press release, and had our small internal team pitch it to national, regional, and industry news outlets in phases over several months. The results have been tremendous for a small, growth-stage startup with no PR agency: 108 press placements, $350k in media value, 161 backlinks to our website, and thousands of page views to our site from traffic referred by our digital PR efforts. We?ve seen coverage in prominent tier-one publications like Forbes, in regional media like an hour-long segment on the Las Vegas NPR affiliate, and in industry trade publications that are vital to our business.?


Joanne Jordan and Lorraine Gimblett are the founders of Food Shelter Public Relations. Whether launching a service or product, building a reputation, or reaching corporate sales initiatives, the team around Food Shelter PR knows a targeted marketing and communications campaign is vital for future success. Here, they are sharing with us their Philadelphia Grocery Co-op Day campaign with Weavers Way Co-op:

?Philadelphia is home to five grocery co-ops. We represent Weavers Way Co-op, the largest grocery co-op in the city with three locations. To capitalize on October being National Co-op Month, we worked with all five grocery co-ops, to create Philadelphia Grocery Co-op day. Part of our PR plan was to work with the Mayor?s office to have the day officially declared. Next, we pitched TV, magazines, newspapers and online outlets to secure over 50 articles to educate the public on; what grocery co-ops are, the large impact they have on the Philadelphia region and to encourage the public to become a members of their local co-op.?

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?The biggest trend we saw was that the media was interested in learning more about individuals than the co-op as a whole. Part of our PR strategy was to highlight local businesses and community members who have benefited from their local grocery co-ops. When we started to pitch stories using this angle, we received a lot of positive feedback and we were able to let the community tell the story of why the first-ever Philadelphia Grocery Co-op day was important.?


BX3 Capital is a business advisory firm that helps provide startups with guidance and capital raising. Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content Marketing at BX3 Capital, shares BX3?s best PR tips and how they pitched their experts within the discourse around Facebook?s announcement of the cryptocurrency Libra:

?What we?ve learned from conducting publicity campaigns: Seek out the sweet spot where your experts fit into the conversation, and join in accordingly. As the amount of media channels may be dwindling over time, it becomes all the more prudent to have a voice that stands out and reach the right audience. Considering startups often arise to benefit an unreached corner of a given sector, specialty messaging is where startups can really shine.?

This past summer, we distinguished ourselves as thought leaders when news broke that Facebook was gearing up to release its own cryptocurrency, Libra. Given how our partner has testified in front of Congress on matters relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency, we thought our experts at BX3 Capital needed to be part of the greater discourse. Accordingly, we took a two-pronged approach of media relations and thought leadership to enter the conversation by way of the unique angles we have to offer influencers.?

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?Beyond testifying in front of Congress, our partner has specific expertise in tax matters. As a matter of fact, has advised on cryptocurrency taxation and regulation members of Congress as they draft their bills. We pitched his thoughts to niche taxation publications, as well as financial publications.

Within a week or so, we received three placements in well-known trade publications. These placements were then syndicated across six additional channels. Our thought leadership piece, drafted for Medium by our VP of Content, a former financial journalist, was optioned by leading tech publication Hacker Noon, giving us an extra potential readership of more than 6 million readers. As the debate about Facebook Libra continued to unfold in Congress, a couple of weeks later we did follow-up outreach with media, resulting in a broadcast placement on Cheddar and a placement in leading cryptocurrency publication Cointelegraph, which in turn was syndicated across 11 publications.?


Bryan Clayton is the CEO of GreenPal which is best described as Uber for Lawn Care. The service provider has achieved an enormous amount of press coverage due to great PR ideas focused on their communities.

?Bootstrapping and growth hacking go hand-in-hand.

Growth hacking is leveraging your product to achieve business objectives. We needed to figure out a way to bootstrap our PR and leverage when our platform does to gain attention about our marketplace for lawn care services.?

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?Last summer we needed to figure out a repeatable way to leverage the activity inside of our platform to get exposure and free PR for our marketplace.

So our team began implementing a little program to get connected with our local community in Nashville Tennessee.

We have a few hundred lawn care professionals that utilize our system and we ask them to submit to us candidates that are in need of a lawnmowing for free because they are in a tough personal situation .

So once a month we will go and mow a strangers home who?s grass is gotten 2 to 3 feet tall because they are in a jam.

One person was facing foreclosure another was getting ready to be cited by the city , we also try to help out single moms more than anybody.

We have landed local media coverage in every market that we operate using this repeatable strategy for local earned media.

We simply didn?t have the $10,000 a month to pay a retainer for a PR firm so the do it yourself approach for PR can be done if you use a growth hacker myself.?

Thank you!


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