5 Depressing Side Effects Of Sexual Deprivation

5 Depressing Side Effects Of Sexual Deprivation

1. Higher Blood Pressure

Sex can be a great cardio workout. Having regular, pleasurable sex is fantastic for the heart and blood pressure. If you find yourself living a celibate life when you would rather not be, however, your blood pressure can start to rise. The stress that can accompany going without sex can exacerbate this symptom as stress can also cause your blood pressure to skyrocket. Perhaps it is time to hit the gym to get your heart pumping another way? Here?s some good news: if you stay in shape throughout your period of celibacy, you will have greater stamina in the bedroom when you start having sex again.

2. A Low Mood

Your mood can really take a nosedive when you have gone a long time without sex. Sex releases ?happy hormones? such as oxytocin, endorphins and seratonin which lift your mood and make you feel positive and happy. Going without sex deprives you of this boost. There are other ways to lift your mood, though, including eating chocolate, laughing and exercising. Go for a jog, call your friends over and rent a comedy film and buy yourselves a big box of chocolates to share (dark chocolate is the best). If you feel that you do not just have a low mood or a bad case of the grumps, but rather that you have sunk into depression, it is crucial to get professional help from a counsellor and/ or a doctor.

3. A Loss Of Perspective

Deprived of sex, we might start to overvalue it in ways that are not healthy. If we start having casual sex with someone, we might even start to see them as some kind of saviour figure who is bringing joy to our dull, grey life once again. This can put a huge amount of pressure on them, especially if they were just looking for a short lived bit of fun! Or, we might start to obsess about sex, finding ourselves heaving with envy whenever we hear that one of our friends is having sex when we are not. Keep your perspective on sex and do not begrudge others their own happiness. The last thing that you want is to become bitter, desperate and needy because you aren?t having sex right now.

4. Weaker Pelvic Floor Muscles

If you are not having much sex at the moment, it may be time to crack out those Kegels. No matter what your gender, sex can strengthen your pelvic floor which helps (among other things) to guard against incontinence in later life. Sex is not the only way to strengthen your pelvic floor, though it is probably the most enjoyable. A stronger pelvic floor will also increase your sexual prowess when you do find yourself in having sex with someone else again.

5. A Wider Waistline

Sex can burn over a hundred calories an hour. Having sex three times a week is thus as good as swimming once a week. If you haven?t been having sex for a while, you may find yourself piling on the pounds. Alongside the cardio benefits of sex, then, this fat torching ability of the sexual act is another reason to hit the gym if you are currently somewhat sex deprived.

6. But, Sexual Deprivation Can Lead To Major Self Improvement

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?Many people have lost weight, gotten in shape, and worked on their personality in response to a lack of sex. They made themselves better and more attractive so they could have more success in dating and getting into a sexual relationship. The urge to have sex was so strong that it motivated them to make major life changes they might otherwise never have made.?

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