5 Best Restaurants on 16th Street Mall Denver in 2019

5 Best Restaurants on 16th Street Mall Denver in 2019

Do you plan to visit Denver? Well, if you are planning, you should know the places, hotels, and the best restaurants in Denver. This article will discuss the best restaurants on the 16th street mall Denver. This list of top restaurants near 16 street mall Denver is organizing after a proper search. We reviewed the customer review available on Google. Check the list to the end and savor the taste of Denver foods.

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About 16th Street Mall Denver

16th Street Mall is a transit mall in Denver, Colorado. The mall is about 2 km long along 16th Street. The mall opened in 1982 from Market Street to Broadway.

It was designed by Pei Cobb Freed and Henry N. Cobb. The mall was later expanded to Union Station in 2002. 16th Street Mall is a commercial and commercial destination with four large department stores and a large number of offices. It serves as a nexus for businesses. This mall is also the main tourist attraction in Denver. Here is the list of the top 5 restaurants at 16th Street Mall Denver.

5 Best Restaurants in 16th Street Mall Denver

1. Rialto Cafe Denver

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Rialto Cafe is an American restaurant located near 16th Street Mall in the heart of downtown Denver. The restaurant offers delicious American foods prepared by experts. They are using fresh ingredients to prepare different dishes.

You can enjoy simple dishes like Rialto Burger, hot roasted chicken salad and more. When talking about prices, Rialto Cafe is very expensive. You can get food in any price range. It is one of Denver?s best restaurants in various categories.

Rialto serves American dishes three meals a day, and for a weekend brunch, Rialto is one of the city center?s pillars, located in historic Joslin Dry Goods Company, adjacent to the Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Denver.

You can enjoy the delicious dining experience at Rialto. Other famous Rialto dishes are grilled pork chops and roasted salmon with cherry and ginger chutney. You can also get a discount on weekend parking.

2. Shondiz Denver

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Shondiz is offering a different variety of Persian dishes such as Koobideh, Joojeh, Soltani, Barg, and Chenjeh. These dishes are prepared with high quality fresh ingredients such as genuine Persian saffron meat and halal.

Shondiz employees are well trained and professional and are ready to assist customers at any time. If you plan on visiting Denver, be sure to enjoy Persian Foods at the Shondiz restaurant at 16th street mall Denver.

3. Denver?s Maggiano

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The cuisine, generous family style, and special pasta make the Maggiano?s restaurant worth visiting. This restaurant is not the best place for those looking for a cheap meal. The price is high, but they are offering quality food. You will find the bread fresh and you did not have to wait long for the food to arrive at your table.

If you visit Denver, give this restaurant a try near the Denver Pavilion shopping area. You will love Italian food cooked here.

4. Henry?s Tavern Denver

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Henry?s Tavern, located in downtown Denver, near 16th Mall Street. This restaurant can easily cater to the needs of visitors looking for a large table. The quality of the food is excellent and the service is fast.

You do not have to sit long to wait for your food. If you are a vegetarian, this is the best restaurant in 16th street mall Denver. They are offering a comfortable environment and delicious foods.

If you plan on visiting Denver, be sure to try Spicy Sauce, Cucumber, Crispy Pickled Chili, Pickled Ginger and other delicious items.

5. The Hornet

Image for postThe Hornet restaurants in 16th street mall Denver

Hornet is one of the best restaurants in 16th street mall Denver, offering delicious American food. The restaurant offers fresh food prepared on its own seasonal organic farm.

You can choose a different variety of food from vegetarian to gluten free. The goal is to provide more organic food items to customers visiting the Hornet.

This restaurant is close to the Mayan theater, you can grab a bite to eat while watching a great independent movie. You can also enjoy free parking behind the restaurant.


I hope you will be able to find the best restaurants at 16th street mall Denver after reading this article. Be sure to try these restaurants whenever you visit 16th street mall Denver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best restaurants in 16th Street Mall Denver Colorado?

Here is the list of the top 5 restaurants at 16th Street Mall Denver:Rialto Cafe DenverShondiz DenverDenver from MaggianoHenry?s Tavern DenverThe hornet

What?s the best lunch at 16th street mall Denver?

There are several options to choose from. You can check out the restaurants mentioned in this article. You can also checkOther Canteen. It is an upscale, informal Mexican restaurant serving tacos, moles and more.

What is the best dining cafe on 16th Street Mall?

Rialto Cafe is the best place for 16th Street Mall Dining in Denver. Coffee has an American flavor. This is a great place for a late snack when compared to many of the places in 16th Street Mall.

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