3 Fast, Free & Best Ways to Remove Watermark from Photos in 2020

3 Fast, Free & Best Ways to Remove Watermark from Photos in 2020

how to remove watermarkLeft Side is Original Picture with Watermark, Right Side is Watermark Removed Picture

Our goal is to remove watermark without degrading the quality of photo in best ways including free ones, in this article we shall see which are best tools to remove watermarks, look at watermark removed images from each software including online tools, steps to follow in-order to remove watermark so that you will get to know how good is each tool in removing watermarks, and final photos after watermark removal.

Softwares and Apps mentioned below can erase watermark without impacting background image. Due to sophistication of these tools, they can remove watermark more skillfully than a human hand.

Table of Contents

Real Pictures with Watermarks

Remove Watermark using Inpaint

Photo Stamp Remover from SoftOrbits

Remove Watermark for free in Pixlr

Watermark Remover WonderShare Photo Eraser

How to remove watermark in Photoshop

Watermark Remover from Apowersoft

Watermark Removers Online


Real Pictures with Watermarks

We will use real images which have watermarks on them and we shall answer How to Remove Watermarks? without impacting the background image.

Real pictures which have watermarks. First photo with watermark, this watermark is difficult to remove especially the logo part.

watermark remover from photoFirst Photo with Watermark on it

Second Photo with watermark

watermark remover from a pictureSecond Photo with Watermark on it

All software?s are shown rank wise taking all aspects into consideration such as photo quality, price, ease of use.

Remove Watermark using Inpaint


This is Best software so Rank is 1

I have also included other software?s which you can choose including free ones and online watermark remover?s

Inpaint Results

Watemark Remover? Inpaintremove watermark from GradImages

Steps to Remove Watermark in Inpaint

  1. Drag and drop a picture into inpaint or use ?File? button at the top to load an image into inpaint.

2. In the left side you see a red circle, click that icon. By Default Marker tool is selected which is on the left side, left side section tools will basically help you on how you want to draw to select the areas you want to remove. If you use marker tool you need to brush over those areas you want to remove and they will be highlighted in red. Maker tool was best tool for me.

There are other tools also just below the marker tool like Lasso tool, Polygonal lasso tool (instead of brushing like in marker tool you can draw a rectangle or polygon using this tool). Magic wand (this tries to do it in a intelligent way like the spell correction when we type a text in our messages, I did not find this magic wand helpful, better not to use it as it automatically selected regions to erase which I wanted to keep). Erase tool is useful if by mistake we highlighted red regions that we actually wanted to keep, then you can use this erase tool to brush around those highlighted red regions to correct it before clicking erase button at the top).

3. Now on the image brush over the watermark areas to remove the object, you can change the size of red brush at the top which says ?Marker Size? and change the slider position depending on your needs. Also there is green icon below the red icon on the left side, if you brush image areas with green icon then those areas will be kept, using green icon did not help me, In-fact it impacted image in a negative way so you can ignore green icon.

How To Remove Watermark from photo using InPaint Tool

Useful tip ? use press ?Ctrl? and ?z? at the same time to undo some of the red highlighted regions as it can save a lot of time.

4. Click Erase button at the top which is in green and it starts working on the image, sometimes it can be a bit slower.


  • Easy to use, its fast, effective in removing large and small unwanted objects.
  • This seems to be the best available one, does not work as expected for medium to complex watermarks as shown below

watermark remover

  • Inpaint costs $19.99 for a lifetime which is a reasonable price


  • In trial version you cannot save image so have to buy it
  • They have Online version which I have mentioned in watemark remover online and it does not work well so I had to use desktop version

Photo Stamp Remover from SoftOrbits


This is Second Best software so Rank is 2

Photo Stamp can remove watermarks. it can also remove date stamps, logos and others.

Photo Stamp Remover Results

Watermark Remover using Photo Stamp Removerhow to remove date stamp from photo

Steps to Remove Watermark using Photo Stamp Remover

  1. Click ?Add File? button or drag-and-drop your photos

2. From Toolbox on your right side, click pencil icon

3. Now on image, brush on areas you want to remove and it will be highlighted in red

4. Click ?Remove? to remove the watermark


  • Does a good job.
  • Easy to use, has decent features.


  • Expensive, price is $69.99
  • Cannot save image in trial version

Remove Watermark for free in Pixlr


This is third best software so Rank is 3

Pixlr is free but is very difficult to remove watermark using pixlr as we need to pick source at each and every point (every area or regions or bunch of pixels) which is impossible and it takes a huge amount of time and has steep learning curve so would not recommend it but I have steps below.

Pixlr watermark Remover Results

remove watermark for free???pixlr

Steps to Remove Watermark using Pixlr

This is complicated so please bear with me, Ideal tool to remove watermark in pixlr is clone stamp tool

  1. Launch the app and load your image
  2. Now from the left section of the Pixlr editor, click on ?Clone Stamp tool? icon [if you don?t see Clone Stamp Tool like it happened to me, you may have to click ?retouch? section depending on version you are using. In Retouch Section, hover over the icons to see the name of the icons and then click Clone Stamp tool]
  3. When you first click Clone Stamp tool by default under Mode, Source will be enabled. Now the complicated part starts, In Mode you can click ?Source? or ?Paint?. If you select ?Paint? then when you brush on image only those brushed areas will be removed. ?Source? means when source is enabled then when you click on image then this clicked region will be used to fill the deleted (?paint?) regions.

4 . To Save the image, Click ?File? ->?Save?


  • Its free


  • Its Complicated and very time consuming
  • It has a steep learning curve, even after learning it takes too much time and effort to get a below normal output because it nearly impossible to select source for each and every region.
  • This is not suited to watermark removal task .

So I would not recommend Pixlr.

Watermark Remover WonderShare Photo Eraser


This is fourth best software so Rank is 4

Photo Eraser Results, below watermarks in photos are added from WonderShare Photo Eraser tool, they are not the same watermarks that were in input photo

remove watermark using wondershare photo eraserhow to remove watermark using wondershare photo eraser

Steps to Remove Watermark using Wondershare Photo Eraser

  1. Load the image onto Photo Eraser

2. Select watermark Area on the image ? To begin with the process, you need to select the watermarked area using the marker tool. The area you want to erase will be highlighted in red.

3. After you select the watermarked area, click on ?Erase? button, it will process the image.


  • Can save image in trial version but watermark saying fotophire will appear.
  • Easy to use.


  • Expensive, Price is $79.99 for lifetime and $49.99 for 1 year.

How to remove watermark in Photoshop

This is fifth best software so Rank is 5

Photoshop is not suited to this watermark remover but it can be used to remove watermarks. It is very time consuming time and there is a learning curve as it is not straight forward.You need to use clone stamp tool and Healing Brush tool in Photoshop.

For Steps to Remove Watermark using Photoshop, click the below linkhttps://freetechtutors.com/how-to-remove-watermark-in-photoshop-cs6/

Watermark Remover from Apowersoft


This is sixth best software so Rank is 6

Watermark Remover Results

remove watermark using from Apowersoftwatermark removed photo from apowersoft


  • Can save only 3 images in trial version


  • Results are not good
  • Price is $29 yearly and $39 lifetime
  • In trial version users can mark only one rectangle on image which severely limits watermark selection areas.

Watermark Removers Online



WebInpaint allows you to remove watermark photo online but you cannot save the image as you need to pay, it is paid software so better going for desktop version is cheaper than online version. Since it?s online service, you don?t need to download or install anything on your computer but the drawback is its more expensive than desktop version so I would go for desktop version instead of online version.

Steps to Remove Watermark using online watermark remover tool named as WebInpaint

  1. Go to its official website: https://www.webinpaint.com/

2.Click Upload Image and choose the photo that contains the watermark.

3.Choose the Marker Tool. Using marker tool to mark areas that you want to delete and it will be highlighted in red color. You can adjust size of the marker tool2 by dragging the slider.

4. Click Erase button.

Select Download to save the photo to your computer. You?ll need to purchase credits to download files so this is paid software and there is no trial version.


  • Don?t need to install anything on the computer as it is online version.


  • Paid service, more expensive than desktop version.
  • You need to buy credits for online version.
  • Limited to JPG and PNG images
  • Maximum file size is limited to 10MB

Apowersoft online watermark remover like watermark remover from Apowersoft

Results were not good.

This is a online watermark remover just like desktop version of watermark remover from Apowersoft.



Seeing all the results of different software?s in removing watermarks and considering the price of each software, I would suggest first one which is Inpaint. If you find Inpaint cannot suit your needs or if you have issue like installation or some other issue then go for PhotoStamp Remover. Other than these two tools, rest of the tools won?t give satisfactory results.

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