20 Community Forum Website Templates

20 Community Forum Website Templates

Looking for a forum website template to build a community website? These forum website templates and WordPress themes are exactly what you need.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms have excellent progress in creating a sought-after community forum website. Many people love to connect to other individuals through chatting online. If you want to walk on the same path, you need a website theme that would help you through your needs.

We?ve narrowed down the template choices for you. It?s up to you to find out from the 20 categories the best option that would fit best to your site. In 2019 and upcoming 2020, you are probably looking for a slightly different and latest features.

The new features are the minimalistic design, Gutenberg-optimized, Light and Dark Version, WooCommerce functionality, and more. If your new website is all about community forum websites, then you need a Contact Form 7, and chat section.

Make sure it also has a Sign-Up and Login feature since that?s how social media works ? to connect more people and add more users to the platform. In that way, you?ll also be getting a higher chance of earning through your website. It would be better if a website template has WPML or multi-language and multi-currency plugin for better expansion of your site throughout the world.

Discy ? Social Questions and Answers WordPress Theme


Discy is entirely made for communities that want to connect with each other. They can ask questions and answer queries they prefer. It works the same as the forum in StackOverFlow, Quora, Yahoo Answers, and more. It comes in different pages. It has a detailed question page, first poll page, unique users, profile pages, badges system, and more. These are some of the crucial factors of your website.

Through the forms available, you can create questions with simple steps. You can write the categories your post is in to make sure it reaches right type of people to answer your questions. Your users are capable of managing the questions on the front end. On the other, you can also upvote other answers when you scroll down to your news feeds. Everything is perfect! If you are searching for a forum, make sure not to miss this out.

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Socialize: Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme


Are you looking for a multi-purpose community forum website template? Here it is! It is responsive and mobile-friendly to make it available to mobile users. You can include relevant content to multiple pages, such as homepage, posts, pages, and categories. The template has various advertisement areas allowing you to accept ads and monetize your website.

With its Contact Form 7, people can share their thoughts, tell about their feedbacks, and ask their queries to the admin. It also has WooCommerce integration in case you want to expand your site.

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Gwangi ? PRO Multi-Purpose Membership, Social Network & BuddyPress Community Theme


Create a stunning and online community website through Gwangi community forum website template. It is one of the most popular models in the market for its variety of plugins and features available. You can choose from the type of community you want for your website. The homepage layout includes Dating, Classic, Learn, Mentor, Nightlife, and Spiritual.

It has all the features to create connections to people from different places. This template has every needed plugins compatibility for better user?s experience and to cater to all your needs for a single website. You can also make money through the functionalities. It has Subscriptions, Paid Features Access, and Advertisement sections. These are all essential to monetize your website.

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Oppi ? Multi-Niche App Showcase WordPress Theme


You finally found the perfect social media template for you. Oppi is a versatile option for different types of websites, specially made for an app landing page. It has UX design for user?s robust experience, Elementor drag and drop feature for easy customization, and more.

With its Contact Form 7, it helps the admin and users to have better communication with each other. It is also one of the basic features community forum websites should have to allow the users to comment on each other?s posts. It has numerous Google Fonts for better typography, which makes the page more enticing to the readers.

The inner pages include Case Studies, Sign Up and Register, Blog, Integrations, Download, and more.

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KLEO ? Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme


Create an enjoyable and stunning community website by applying the KLEO community forum website template. It has everything you need ? from Visual Composer, Membership Ready section, RTL Compatibility, WPML as Translation-ready, SEO-optimization, rtMedia plugin, High-speed performance, WooCommerce, and more. You don?t have to look anywhere when this template is well-packed with functionalities you need.

More than that is the Social Media Marketing features it has. You can connect with people through Groups pages, Members pages, Forums, and Activity section. Its Premium Plugins included in the package is a bang for a buck! Individual plugins are not that trustworthy and might cost you a large amount of money. Thankfully, it also has free support and updates for your site.

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BuddyApp ? Mobile First Community WordPress theme


Create a beautiful web page for your community forum website by using the BuddyApp theme. It has a variety of Homepages, inner pages, and a lot more new features that work best this 2019 and for the coming year! You don?t need a coding skill to create a website; this template has complete blocks, elements, and features to make sure you have an organized website.

It has Live Notifications, Live Customizer, Ajax Search, Live Chat, and more. These are all the base functionalities enabling your community forum website to work and let your users navigate freely. You can share your posts to community through the File Management section. Starting discussions through BBPress has never been this easy!

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Aardvark ? Community, Membership, BuddyPress Theme


Choose a versatile community forum website template that will bring convenience to your part. Aardvark is everything you need for your web page. You can from the different landing pages layout based on your preference and style. It is well-packed with trendy features to make your website more enticing to the audiences. It has various catchy elements to showcase your essential data on your page.

You can from its different page layout. You can either create a dating website or some plain community web page for connecting people. With the BuddyPress plugin, building community is now easier and faster. You can upload media, search profiles, and anything social media should have. You can also build online store and sell it with the organized community on your site. You have to check this out! It has everything you need.

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OneCommunity ? BuddyPress Nouveau Membership Theme


Developers made this template with blogs and community forum websites in mind. Good thing, you found this OneCommunity. You don?t have to look anywhere else. It has built-in inner pages for Events Manager, Users Profile, Members Profile, and more. Its core features include the Global LIKE button, Ultimate GamiPress Reward System, Live Notifications, Dark Mode, Paid Membership, and Dynamic Content Loading.

All of these are essential to make your website?s purpose work. It has RTL support for Arabic and Hebrew languages. It makes your site more available to people around the world. Through the AJAX Search Pro Plugin, users can search other profiles fast and easy.

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Monarch ? Innovative WordPress Community Theme


Monarch?s community forum website template has built-in features that will make your website stand out from the rest. From RTMedia, Forum Plugin, messages section, everything good falls into your side. It will make your site fresh and well-functioning, which is challenging to do without these pre-built plugins.

It works similar to facebook, twitter, and social networking sites. This theme creates a community and connection to people. Users can message each other, create forums, like posts, and more. Activities are limitless with the Monarch theme. It enables you to post image, audio, videos, and more. It is mobile-friendly and responsive making it more available to many users.

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Seeko ? Community Site Builder with BuddyPress SuperPowers


If you want to create a captivating social networking site, then you?ve found the right place. It has the perfect tool to bring convenience to you and your audiences. It will also help you to gain potential clients and convert them into real customers. You can create a community for helping people on finding their perfect match.

The essential plugins of this community forum website template are the Elementor Page Builder, Gutenberg Editor, and Live Front-end Header Builder. It has complete BuddyPress pages for connecting communities and boosting user?s experience. With its matching system, it makes it easier for the user to look for their partner based on their preference. Once they type all their personalities, habits, and liking, the system instantly brings them to a potential relationship.

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Besocial ? BuddyPress Social Network & Community WordPress Theme


Connect more people around the world through this Besocial theme. Expand the community and break the culture and language barrier of people from different countries. Buddypress has perfect features for users? engagement. It has extended profiles, private messaging, activity streams, notifications, user groups, and friend connections. These are the essential functionalities for a real community forum website.

Other features include User Blog Post, where users have the chance to write their blogs on your platform and share it with various people. The Social Media Sharing button also allows visitors to share content from other social media sites. It has MailChimp integration, Facebook Comments, and more.

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UnitedCommunity ? BuddyPress Membership Theme


Building a community is now more accessible through UnitedCommunity. It has all the features you need to create a well-functioning social network website. Visitors can create their account with the login/Sign Up section, and begin to start their journey of connecting to people around the world. It has modular layout enabling you to design your page with design block for better appearance. With its Intranet feature, it displays frontpage elements for members only.

The community has the option to chat with each other using the Ajax live messaging system. Users can create and edit their profiles to make it look good on the page. They can also receive notifications. It is well-packed with excellent functionalities. These are all essential to make a hassle-free navigating to all of your visitors and users.

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Thrive ? Intranet/Extranet/Community WordPress Theme


Thrive is one of the best options for your community forum website templates. You can build networks of people and bring them all together. It is also perfect for forums, events, projects, task management, eCommerce, and file sharing. It is well-packed with features to bring only the best functionalities for you and your user?s needs. It has sections for messaging, editing upcoming events, signup and login, and more.

It also brings private pages or sections for securing members. All the built-in plugins have essential functions. That?s why developers and teams curated and scrutinized, which are the most essentials options among them all.

Its new plugins are WPML, Poedit, Loco, and WG. So, you can expect a smooth and lag-free navigating experience.

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Community Junction ? BuddyPress Membership Theme


CommunityJunction is the perfect theme for your website to connect people. It has social network functionality which allows users to Sign In or Sign Up. This community forum website template has all the essential features to create a compelling website that serves its purpose. It has flexible Modular Layout enabling you to design your page the way you prefer it.

Your users can do private live messages, create their profiles, start forums, and join groups. They can upload videos and images through the functionality of rtMedia. It also has WooCommerce shop in case you want to create online store on your community website. You see, everything here is possible.

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Lynk ? Social Networking and Community WordPress Theme


Share your thoughts, images, videos, music, and more. Talking and sharing ideas with people is limitless. You have the chance to keep up with them and update them with your new happening in life. You e-meet people and befriend them fast. It allows your users to share, edit, or delete posts. It has a Community feature to connect people around the world.

Its Directory functionality is available to add your local business shops and companies. The theme?s Magazine layout is engaging to keep your users visiting. You can also create events through the use of its Event Calendar. It has social connections for better communication with your friends and family. With its email notification to users, it works similar to other community forum websites. You and your users can manage posts.

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Buddy: Simple WordPress & BuddyPress Theme


Create forums, connect to people, like posts, and more. You can even create a poll by using this Buddy community forum website template. It has full integration of the features needed for your website. Its BuddyPress plugin enables you to get full access to the communities? connection. It has Contact Form 7 that allows users and audiences to create comments, feedback, and more. It is one of the most essential features of this theme.

Rest assured, it has SEO optimization to make it searchable in the Google search menu. You can create unlimited sidebars to make a stunning look of your site. With its translation-ready plugin, people from different parts of the world connect from one country to another without the language barrier inhibiting the community from making friendships.

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Winku ? Social Network Toolkit & Corporate Responsive Template


Winku is perfect for Social Media News Feed, Landing Page, Image Feed, Video Feed, Chat Box, Image Album, Social Media Emoticons, Timeline, and more.

The developers researched how other social media network and community forum works and came up with great ideas to utilize in on this new template. It has Cool Emoji for chatting friends and acquaintances. With its Masonry Grid Layout, users will find it easier to scroll down and navigate thoroughly.

Users can create group page in case they want to start forums to talk about their similar hobbies, movies, music, and more. These are the vital section of your website to have a better connection with networks of people from different parts of the world.

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Uneedo ? Responsive Social Network Community Joomla Template


Your search is finally over! If you are looking for an affordable template that would not cost you 60 bucks or more, then you have to go for this community template. It is perfect for community websites with the purpose of connecting people from different part of the world. It is fully responsive and has a clean and modern design to catch the attention of the visitors.

With its various Google font, you can finally create excellent typography that is trending nowadays. What?s more, it offers free updates when new features or functionalities arrive. In this way, you don?t have to buy another template or add additional payments for new features.

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Workwise ? The Freelancer And Social Networking HTML Template


In Workwise, you can either create a freelancer or community website. What if I can say you can do both? You can create your freelancer page and help freelancers around the world to communicate with each other. It?s nice to have someone on the same boat as you. This template has the perfect features and functionalities to create a well-done web page.

You can choose from the built-in pages for your style?s preference. It has Profile, Signup or Login, Message layout, and payment sections. These are the inner pages essential to make your website work. It also has Forum pages where people in the network can share their thoughts about each other.

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Olympus ? HTML Social Network Toolkit


Create your community website and help the communities to reach out to each other. Olympus could help you with that advocacies. It has all the features you need, so don?t look elsewhere. Through its built-in elements, you can customize your pages with your preference of design. It has groups where people talk about their preferences and similar hobbies. You can create private or public groups depending on your users? likings.

Everything is possible with this template. It has complete social elements for your user?s convenience and excellent experience. You can use its 60+ different SVG Icons for better menu options and enhanced appearance of your website.

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That?s it! You have 20 multiple options for your community forum website template. You can create your website and build networks around the world. These themes are your partners for creating a compelling website. Trust me. Your success is only a few steps away. Keep on working on your website, and you will finally reach your ultimate goal.


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