20 Best Notepad++ plugins for Developers

20 Best Notepad++ plugins for Developers

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20 Best Notepad++ plugins for Developers Sometimes working in notepad++, a situation can arise where we need to give the location of some folder in the notepad++.With explorer plugin, a window is opened on the left side of the editor where you can easily find any files and open them.This plugin can also give us the location of the file that is currently being opened.

Code Alignment

When we define a variable, we use the equal sign, but when we have to declare multiple variables, the equal sign can be annoying.The code alignment plugin aligns the code and provides us the ability to choose any sign for alignment.Sometimes, we need to have certain mini tasks done, but we must do them manually as there is no shortcut for them.Fortunately, this plugin lets us define our own shortcuts which will save us time and the struggle to perform these tasks.


This plugin is a life saver for a lot of people there, as it automatically saves your code.This plugin provides variety of options for automatically saving, like when you will like to get your code saved(after every 10,15 mins etc).This plugin makes sure that even if we forget to save our code and exit it, the plugin must have saved it and therefore we can get our latest code back without having to worry about it.


If you wrote the code in Markdown and you want to share it with someone, you will have to convert it to HTML before you can send them as the receiver might not have the software to read the markdown files.The NPPExport plugin converts markdown files to html or rtf(Rich Text Format).


When we want to copy selective code from some other file to our own code, without this plugin its very difficult as it involves a lot of struggle.With the Multi-clipboard a window is opened on the left side of notepad++ which contains all the history of your code which you have copied.You can easily chose the code which you want and then paste it.


This plugin lets you open two file exactly side by side so you can compare them and spot the differences or similarities depending upon your requirements.


This plugin checks for spelling errors in the document. This will make sure that whatever you share with someone which you wrote in notepad++ is completely free of spelling errors.


From the name you can easily guess that this plugin must be related with javascript, and yes it is!This plugin is very helpful when working in javascript.

It has number of important features:

  1. JSON: This viewer will display that selected JSON text in a separate window in a tree form.
  2. JMIN: This decreases the size of the javascript file, by removing whitespaces, comments and enters.
  3. JS Fomat: The JS format is used to tidy up the code by removing whitespace.

Finger Text

This plugin here is a real time saver as it lets you write same block of code multiple times.

Customize Toolbar

This plugin lets you customize the tool bar such as adding, removing or shifting menu items.The notepad++ doesn?t let you customize the tool bar by default, so this plugin is ideal for it.

Preview Html

When you change the code in notepad++, to see the changes you have made in it you have go to chrome and refresh the page to check it.With this plugin you can simply press Ctrl + Shift + H to bring up the preview, saving you plenty of time effort.


This plugin provides a FTP window with which we can manage those files and folders that are already available in FTP server(hosting).

Auto Indent

This plugin is a must for those programmers who are not good at indenting their code.This plugin supports C/C++ and php languages.Indentation is very important because it helps to improve the code readability.


This plugin provides you a lot of symbols to choose from.The symbols involve special characters and accents that can be accessed directly using keyboard.


This plugin lets you compile snippets of code and execute them and also provides the output after the execution.

TextFX Plugin

These plugin helps in closing of tags and will save your time in HTML and XML with auto close tag. This will definitely make web development efficient to some extent.

Function list

If you are writing a code that requires a lot of functions or methods and you need to check those again and again or you may want to see what functions you have made then this plugin is for you.It will give you the details of all the functions of your project.


Currently it provides the following functions:

  1. It flashes the Notepad++ screen when it detects any open files have been changed by other people;
  2. It prevents concurrent Notepad++ sessions from overwriting each other?s changes.


  1. Proper new line inside CommentDoc/DocBlock for C, C++, Javascript, PHP
  2. Proper new line for # comment in Ruby
  3. Indent after opening curly brace for C-like languages, CSS and proper indenting for closing curly brace
  4. Delete current line keeping the column
  5. Undo closed tab
  6. Switching tabs with ALT + LEFT/RIGHT
  7. Wrap selection with Open/Close tag THE LIST OF THE FEATURE GOES ON?


This adds a bunch of really accessible shortcuts for HTML/JavaScript editing.Great to find rogue HTML tags or ?entifying? strings.

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